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Monster Fest 2014b

Monster Fest, Australia’s leading celebration of international cult and horror cinema, announces the full program schedule of films, events, masterclasses and guests.

Between the 20th and the 30th of November, Cinema Nova, Carlton and Yah Yah’s, Collingwood will be hosting over 40 films, several parties, five days of masterclasses, trivia nights, VIP international guest ‘meet & greets’, exclusive filmmaker Q&A’s and much much more.

The 2014 trailer accompanying the highly anticipated festival guide introduces the key character for the festival, the beautiful and twisted ‘Monster Girl’.  Let the severed head of Festival Director, Neil Foley, introduce you to the delights of Monster fest 2014. You can watch and share the trailer below

For all sessions, guests, events and parties, have a look through our online festival guide, which can be viewed – HERE. Tickets for the strictly limited Masterclasses and Special Events at The Monster’s Lair (Yah Yah’s Bar) are available via the Monster Fest ticket page on Pozible ( Session tickets for all Monster Fest screenings are now available from the Cinema Nova box office website. The new Monster Fest website is also now live.

For the latest updates, information and competitions, follow Monster Fest on Facebook


Callum's Chance Gig Poster

The Tote Hotel is about to play host to a very special fundraiser indeed… a fundraiser that will see a four year old boy have a chance to battle cancer and live. So if you want to see some great live music and know that you are doing a good indeed make sure you check out the interview below and all the details for the Callum’s Chance Fundraiser.

WHAT:  CALLUM’S CHANCE – Fundraiser Gig
WHERE:  The Tote Hotel, 125 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Melbourne.
WHEN:  Fri 7th November, 2014.
LINE UP:  Battle Axe Howlers, Sun God Replica, Drifter, Peeling Sun
DOOR CHARGE:  $20 – All proceeds go toward to Callum Bloomfield.

You can listen to our interview with Michael Coughlan one of the organisers of the Callum’s Chance Fundraiser right here.

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

The nominations for the 2014 Asia Pacific Screen Awards were this morning announced in Brisbane, and the nominees are:



Asabini Nistam (I’m Not Angry)

Leviafan (Leviathan)

Biraninen Li Ser Keviri (Memories On Stone)

The Owners

Kis Uykusu (Winter Sleep)


52 Tuesdays

Klass Korrekzii (Correction Class)


Killa (The Fort)



Hezar-O Yek Siv (1001 Apples)

Bidesia In Bambai

Sanda (Sanda: Surviving)

Eau Argentee, Syrie Autoportrait (Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait)

Wukan: Minzu Zhi Guang (Wukan: The Flame Of Democracy)


Qingwa Wangguo (Frog Kingdom)

Maya The Bee Movie

Chang-Baek-Han Eol-Gul-Deul (On The White Planet)

Woo-Ri-Byul Il-Ho-Wa-Ul-Ruk-So (The Satellite Girl And The Milk Cow)

Kaguya-Hime No Monogatari (The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya)


Rolf De Heer (Charlie’s Country)

Andrey Zvyaginstev (Leviathan)

Im Kwon-Taek (Revivre)

Rakhshan Banietemad (Tales)

Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Winter Sleep)


Prasanna Jayakody (28)

Alexy Fedorchenko, Denis Osokin, Oleg Loyevsky (Angels Of Revolution)

Nima Javidi (Melbourne)

Shawkat Amin Korki, Mehmet Aktas (Memories On Stone)

Giancarlo Abrahan (Sparks)


Dong Jinsong (Black Coal, Thin Ice)

Zeng Jian (Blind Massage)

Mikhail Krichman (Leviathan)

Levan Kapanadze (Test)

Yerkinbek Ptyraliyev (For The Owners)


Liao Fan (Black Coal, Thin Ice)

Mahendra Perera (28)

David Gulpilil (Charlie’s Country)

Navid Mohammadzadeh (I’m Not Angry)

Cliff Curtis (The Dark Horse)


Ronit Elkabetz (Gett, The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem)

Nora Aunor (Justice)

Lu Zhong (Red Amnesia)

Tang Wei (The Golden Era)

Merila Zareie (Track 143)

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

Summary: It’s 1966, and John Lennon is on his way to Spain to shoot his first, and only, non-musical role in How I Won the War.  Antonio, played brilliantly by Javier Cámara, (I’m So Excited) is a school teacher in the small Spanish town of Albacete, who uses Beatles lyrics to teach his students English. When Antonio learns that Lennon is visiting, he decides to embark on a journey to meet his hero. In his travels, he comes across two runaways, Juanjo (Francesc Colomer), a 16 year old boy longing to escape his suffocating father, and Belén (Natalia de Molina), a pregnant 20 year old reluctantly planning a return home to her mother.

Driving across Spain in Atonio’s Fiat, the trio will learn more about themselves than they ever imagined, while pulling on your deepest heartstrings.

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 23rd October, 2014

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: Spain

Director: David Trueba

Screenwriter: David Trueba

Cast: Carolina Africa (Josefina), Celia Bermejo (Dona Mercedes), Antonio Caballero (Curro), Javier Camara (Antonio), Francesc Colomer (Juanja), Angel de Andres (Roberto), Natalia de Molina (Belen), David Dene (Michael), Manolo Escobar (Padre Manolo Ramirez), Rongelio Fernandez (Bruno), Ramon Fontsere (Ramon), Sergio Garcia (Nino), Ariadna Gil (Madre), George Harrison (himself), John Lennon (himself), Victor Madrigal (Quinto), Emilio Martinez (Ugena), Paul McCartney (himself), Paula Pascual (Majer), Leo Rodriguez (Javi), Tristan Rodriguez (Jesus), Violeta Rodriguez (Julia), Catalina Sagredo (Bebe), Jorge Sanz (Padre), Laly Soldevila (Piluca Martinez), Ringo Starr (himself), Olivia Trueba (Maribel), Alvaro Villa (Pajeulo)

Runtime: 108 mins

Classification: M




Greg King: You can check out Greg’s Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed review on

Average Subculture Rating (out of 5):  Stars(3.5)


IMDB Rating: Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed (2013) on IMDb


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Hector And The Search For Happiness

Summary: A psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness.

Year: 2014

Australian Cinema Release Date: 23rd October, 2014

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: UK, Canada, Germany, South Africa

Director: Peter Chelsom

Screenwriter: Maria von Heland, Peter Chelsom, Tinker Lindsay, Francois Lelord (novel)

Cast: Barry Atsma (Michael), Sebelethu Bonkolo (Baruti), Toni Collette (Agnes), Bernard Cuffling (Professor Niedorf), Jakob Davies (Young Hector), Veronica Ferres (Anjali), Bruce Fontaine (Malcolm), Chris Gauthier (Roger), S’Thandiwe Kgoroge (Marie Louise), Aiden Longworth (Jack), Hannah Longworth (Daisy), Tracey Ann Oberman (Pathetic Jane), Anthony Oseyemi (Marcel), Simon Pegg (Hector), Rosamund Pike (Clara), Christopher Plummer (Professor Coreman),  Jean Reno (Diego Baresco), Stellan Skarsgard (Edward), Chad Willett (Alan), Ming Zhao (Ying Li)

Runtime: 119 mins

Classification: M




Greg King: You can check out Greg’s Hector And The Search For Happiness review on



Dave Griffiths:

Human betterment has been the in thing for a few years now so it’s not surprising that it has crept into cinema with films like Eat, Pray, Love and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Now all the way from the United Kingdom comes Hector And The Search For Happiness with the unlikely pairing of Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike.

Based on Fracois Lelord’s best-selling novel the film centres around Hector (Simon Pegg), a psychiatrist who suddenly realises that he is being no help to his patients as he is not happy himself, actually he doesn’t even know what the meaning of happiness really is.

In a bid to answer the big question he decides to temporally leave his near perfect girlfriend, Clara (Rosamund Pike), and embarks on a worldwide journey to try and find what other people believe is true happiness.

Now to the credit of the filmmakers here, namely director/screenwriter Peter Chelsom (who normally makes fluff like Serendipity and Hannah Montana: The Movie), Hector And The Search For Happiness is a film that has some surprising twists and turns. Chelsom could have just taken the easy way out and have chosen to make this a film in the vein of Eat, Pray, Love and had Hector just swanning around some of the world’s most beautiful locations but instead he has Hector suddenly thrown into a world of Asian prostitution with nasty pimps, brutal warlords, drug kingpins and African refugee camps. Certainly I never came into this film expecting that I would suddenly be confronted with scenes that would leave me wondering whether or not Hector would survive, but that is exactly what happens with the end product here.

In fact there are few movies in the past that have mixed comedy and drama together as well as Hector And The Search For Happiness does. For Hector to be one moment talking about Tintin (yes a well placed little in joke at Simon Pegg’s expense) and then the next be begging for his life in an African cell with a gun to his head is as far as extremes can go. Remarkably it also works well throughout the film even if some of the early laughs do feel a little forced.

The suspense even to seems to life more and more as the film goes on. Not only do we have scenes where Hector’s life is at risk but there is a steady stream of suspense that revolve around Hector and Clara’s brief Skype calls which seem to start suggesting that the relationship may not last as long as the once happy couple would wish it to. In fact by the time that Hector is waiting on a Californian beach for his past love, Agnes, the audience is swept up into a very emotional ‘will they, won’t they’ state.

Hector And The Search For Happiness does have a fairly major weakness though. While Simon Pegg puts in a wonderful acting performances that shows that he can now be considered one of those actors who can really shine when it comes to putting in a dramatic role away from his normal comedic genre, a lot of the other cast is massively under used. On the back of Rosamund Pike’s Oscar rumored performance in Gone Girl she is completely wasted in the role of the highly strung Clara. Meanwhile even Stellan Skarsgard, Jean Reno, Christopher Plummer and Toni Collette only get to play one-dimensional characters that never get enough screen-time to really show what they are capable of.

Still Hector And The Search For Happiness is a highly enjoyable film. It does suck you in in a way that you wouldn’t predict when the film starts. Chelsom shows that’s he is an inventive filmmaker with some creative moments in which he makes Hector’s inner thoughts and his notebook sketches come to life on the screen. The film’s real mix of comedy and drama keeps its audience well and truly entertained while it also allows Simon Pegg the opportunity to show that he has the acting ability to be in films of real substance and not just the weaker comedies that he has been doing recently. Hector And The Search For Happiness is a thought provoking film that deserves more credit than it has currently been receiving.



Average Subculture Rating (out of 5):  Stars(3.5)


IMDB Rating: Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014) on IMDb


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One Eyed Girl

A group of young Australian filmmakers is celebrating after their film, ONE EYED GIRL won the Jury Award at this year’s Austin Film Festival in the Dark Matters category.

The South Australian psychological thriller is the second feature film to take out the Dark Matters Award, after it was introduced to the AFF program last year.

Now in its 21st year, the Austin Film Festival is known for its focus on screenplays with strong storytelling.

ONE EYED GIRL – written by Nick Matthews and Craig Behenna and directed by Nick Matthews – is a gripping story about a psychiatrist, haunted by the death of a former patient, who stumbles upon a Doomsday cult and battles to save a teenage girl from its clutches.

Starring Tilda Cobham-Hervey (52 Tuesdays), Mark Leonard Winter (Healing, Van Diemen’s Land) and Steve Le Marquand (Rake, Vertical Limit), ONE EYED GIRL will be released in Australian cinemas on April 2, 2015, distributed by The Backlot Films.

On winning the award, Nick Matthews said, “It’s a great honour to win this award at a festival that champions story, and genre filmmaking. To receive it in front of so many film and TV heavyweights, like Madmen creator Matt Weiner and director Jim Sheridan is a doubly amazing. I’m stunned, and immensely proud of my cast and our fantastic crew. We’re looking forward to sharing the film with Australian audiences early in 2015.”

Says Craig Behenna, “I’m very proud that our first screening of One Eyed Girl has had such an amazing response at Austin. This festival has a great reputation for being all about the craft of filmmaking and taking storytelling seriously. It also makes me think of all the people who have supported and worked with us right from the beginning. Without their care and commitment and love for this film, we simply couldn’t have done it. To win an award in Austin and to accept it in a room filled with so many great filmmakers and storytellers who had made some of the films like In the Name of the Father, In America and many others that have had a huge impact on me was a surreal and fantastic moment. We’re pinching ourselves a bit.”

Producer Dave Ngo, “I couldn’t be prouder of everyone who helped make this film. To win the Dark Matters Award seems so appropriate for such a dark and intense story. I can’t wait to return to Oz and celebrate with the team.”

And hinting that there may be another film in the pipeline, Ngo added, “Hopefully we’ll get to do it all again soon.”

Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay competition director, Matt Dy said of ONE EYED GIRL, “Screenwriters Craig Behenna and Nick Matthews have written a script that, on the page, would very likely read as multi-layered and thrilling as it is seen on the screen through the film’s rich, haunting cinematography.”

Attending Austin Film Festival on behalf of ONE EYED GIRL are producer David Ngo, writer/director Nick Matthews, writer Craig Behenna and actor Tilda Cobham-Hervey, who has been touted by Variety and Vogue magazines as one of the Top 5 ones to watch.

The Gambler

Paramount Pictures have just released The Gambler trailer and poster. The film which is directed by Rupert Wyatt and stars Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Jessica Lange and Michael Kenneth Williams will be released in Australia on the 5th March, 2015.


The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show

This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘Hector And The Search For Happiness’, ‘Living Is Easy (With Eyes Closed),’ ‘Whiplash,’ ‘This Is Where I Leave You,’  and ‘Fury′ . This episode also contains an interview with Simon Pegg, J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller, Jason Bateman, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, David Ayers and Bec Dakin (who has some very exciting news about how all the listeners can be part of new Australian film called the Tasmanian Babes Fiasco).

Also don’t forget that it’s not to late to the win double passes to see Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike’s new movie Hector And The Search For Happiness so make sure you check out last week’s show to see how they could be yours.

To listen to the show you can download it for free from our Podcast Channel – Listen/Download here.