[GIVEAWAY] Narcos Season 2 Giveaway

Narcos Season 2 Giveaway

Defiant Screen Entertainment is proud to present Season Two of the extremely successful and gut-wrenching TV series NARCOS.


Season Two kicks off with Pablo Escobar on the run following his prison escape. As he works to rebuild his empire, he unleashes a reign of terror unparalleled in both violence and brutality. The innocent victims of his ugly war begin to rise and so to do his enemies, as they work to outmanoeuvre the monster and ensure his downfall.


Wagner Moura says about the second season, that “it is much more dynamic, it’s less epic than the first one… but it’s more character driven and more focused on the drama of the characters.” He states: “Narcos was one of the most interesting experiences in my life as an actor and as a human being. I moved to Bogota, I lived there, I learned Spanish, I got to know a lot of great actors from South America… it’s been a great journey.”


Asked about his experience playing the biggest drug dealer in the world, Moura says: “Being Pablo Escobar was a hybrid at some point, a mix of the things that I knew of him, of the Pablo that I created and of myself, of my own feelings… it was a very intense time. I had to put myself in Pablo’s shoes in order to think, how would I react if I was him in these situations… it was a big challenge for me as an actor, but at the same time it was great. I really liked the second season.”


NACROS producer Eric Newman says about the authenticity of the show: “It is a unique story that you don’t really have to make anything up. In fact if we did make something up, people wouldn’t believe it. It’s so spectacular as it is. We’ve done a lot or research, maybe 15 years’ worth… I’ve always wanted to do a story based on the drug war.” Being asked about the show’s future, Newman said: “We plan on stopping when cocaine stops.”



NARCOS Season 2 is proudly released by Defiant Screen Entertainment

On Blu-ray &DVD August 30, 2017.

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