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Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of French post black metal formation VOUS AUTRES to the Underground Activists sub label. The duo will re-release their 2019 record ‘Champ Du Sang’ via the label, as well as a new album at a later date.

The band comments: “VOUS AUTRES is very proud to join the Season of Mist family. We feel honored to be accompanied by such a good label with so much history, and are very grateful that their great people believe in our music. This is a beautiful opportunity to share our music such to a vivid and broad audience thanks to the superb work and professionalism Season of Mist has shown for many years now. We grew up with their bands, we’ve been influenced by a lot of those who came before and pushed Extreme Music further and further, and we aim to give such matter through all of our future collaborations.”

VOUS AUTRES is a two-headed Post-Metal / Black Metal Hydra who hails from Nantes, France. Still enigmatic about its very core, VOUS AUTRES creates a dark, ambient and tormented sound, blended into the everlasting retrieval of what seems forever lost to human’s inherent evil.

Digging deep into the wide spectrum of ardour it conveys, the band wore its raw medieval habits with its first EP Trente Pièces d’Argent and grew into an epic skin of biblical judge during ‘Champ Du Sang’, a powerful and transcendental second project. Always summoning the darkest and most sublime melody through its rooted despair, the duo battles with its own demons alongside powerful riffs and breakdowns that resonate with the tramp of the marching feet of a thousand-men army, ready to engage in a one-way fight against their enemy.

VOUS AUTRES is not just another French blackened doom sensation you have to keep an eye on, but a quantum leap into the epic proportions modern Black Metal can take.

Australian blackened death metal outfit EARTH ROT are now releasing a brand new live video for ‘Bestial Shadow Forest’, which was shot during their tour with FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and PSYCROPTIC in Tokyo back in 2017.

EARTH ROT comments: “While we can’t be bringing our live shows to you at the moment, we’ve dug up a live track from our previous album! Here’s ‘Bestial Shadow Forest’ from ‘Renascentia’ at a huge show in Tokyo from our 2017 tour with our friends Fleshgod Apocalypse and Psycroptic. Crack a cold one and enjoy a some Earth Rot while we’re all at home!”

Portuguese prog/death vessel opens its doors and streams an empty venue show tonight (20th March 2020) at 09:45 PM GMT  to make the most of this quarantine. They are set to play their latest conceptual sci-fi album The Far Star in its entirely. The livestream will be available on the band’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Emerging from the city of Paços de Ferreira, APOTHEUS place their exquisite sonic territory in the middle of melodeath and prog metal. The Portuguese group started to record some demos soon after their formation in 2008 and released the EP “A Quest to Remain” in 2011. However, they did not perfect their desired sound until the creation of their 2013’s debut full-length, titled When Hope and Despair Collide.

Fast-forward to 2019, after many national tours and other original works, Apotheus made an international breakthrough signing with Black Lion Records (Sweden) for the sophomore album, The Far Star. The quartet took a completely different approach with their first-ever conceptual album, blending melodies with the story and emotion. The opus unfolds the untold story of our ancestry — a painful journey of survival in the majesty of the cosmos, but also a delicate introspective about human nature. The Isaac Asimov inspired album reveals how the collision of two worlds resulted something new: a hope, a mission and a destination. Out since November 01st via Black Lion Recordseach track of this opus narrates a different chapter of this epic saga.



All gigs are off but DEVILSKIN will transport you ONSTAGE for their Homegrown 2018 performance!

Unlike a typical live-stream, you can view the concert in 4K 60fps using the YouTube App on a VR headset, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, or in a browser on your computer. We put you onstage and amongst all the action.

VR provides fans with a 3D view of the concert from ‘the best seats in the house’. If you don’t own a VR headset you will still get an immersive experience by tilting or dragging on the screen to manipulate your view.

The concert will be available on Devilskin’s Youtube Channel at 8pm Saturday 21st March 2020.

The concert was captured for VR using cameras and broadcasting systems created by New Zealand company Orbe.


Stepson – Brisbane’s most high-octane punk/hardcore outfit, are today announcing some details surrounding their highly-anticipated debut full-length album! The album, entitled “Help Me Help You” will be released worldwide in U.S. Summer/Australian Winter through SharpTone Records. Along with this announcement comes brand new music in the shape of new single and video ‘Run’! The Single will be available for purchase and stream at today, Friday March 20.

In a landmark move, Stepson are the first Australian band that SharpTone Records have signed for the world – therefore ‘Help Me Help You’ album is the first LP from an Australian band to be released globally through the label! ‘Help Me Help You’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Callan Orr of Avalanche Studios
 (Dream On DreamerYoung LionsHands Like Houses).

The band, who sport 30 000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 8,000 followers there, have dropped this new single ‘Run’ and it’s accompanying video, Produced and Directed by Crystal Arrow Films, today. The ‘Sin City’-inspired video, shot in stark black and white with splashes of colour, sees a bar patron, with demons of his own, exacting retribution on another bar patron for his behaviour towards women, all set to the backdrop of Stepson’s hometown, Brisbane.

Jayden Ridley, bassist/vocalist for the band, sais that ““Run” is the resolve of our protagonist featured in Never Mind Me / Come With Me and how they’ve dealt with the hardships of broken homes, damaged relationships and the lengths we go to to protect the ones we love. It is a darker endeavour featuring the trademark guitar melodies and complementary vocal harmonies developed over previous releases with some exciting new elements fans may not have heard from us before.

Stepson pride themselves on having high energy, honest lyrics and emotive music. Kicking everything off in 2014, Stepson have gathered an amazing following around Australia through hitting the road and playing every show they could, and always having time to meet fans. 2015 saw them release their sophomore EP titled ‘Echoes In An Empty Room’, 2016 produced one single (Never Mind Me) and a 3-track EP (The Beautiful Lie) and in 2017, they dropped single Come With Me. They went quiet from there to write was become ‘Help Me Help You.’

Along the way, Stepson have been given the chance to share a stage with acts such as Polaris, In Hearts Wake, I Prevail, While She Sleeps, Counterparts, Stray From The Path, Ocean Grove and Hellions.

Stepson’s debut album ‘Help Me Help You’ will be released into the world in U.S. Summer/Australian Winter through SharpTone Records. New single ‘Run’ is available to purchase and stream today, Friday March 20 at

Melbourne’s alternative rock outfit, Future Static, are back with their second offering, “Dead End”, from upcoming ‘Fatalist’ EP, due out Friday April 3! The new track follows a similar formula to the last track with its angry, fury-fuelled backbone and vocals that push boundaries Future Static are new to exploring.

Representing the first taste of a new era for Future Static, “Dead End” and previous single “Choke” are produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven, Better Half) with help from Darcy Handley (Terra) and come as the first offerings from upcoming ‘Fatalist’ EP, the counteracted response to their previously cathartic, clarity chasing EP ‘Want’. “Dead End” is written for anyone who is struggling to explain the way they’re feeling and escape the dread and darkness inside their head.

The new single premiered  onWednesday, and vocalist Bri Marsh explained the importance of the single; “It’s a bleak look at dark times that we hope encourages people to start conversation. The whole record is heavier than anything we’ve written before. Want, our previous EP, reflected on the breakdown of relationships and the cost of letting go. Fatalist is the breakdown of the relationship with yourself, arguably the most important relationship in life. It’s about the pain that comes from living in your own head.”

“Dead End felt like the right song to put out in the world right now. It’s a scary, uncertain place. We want to stand up and say that, especially in confusing times like these, it’s okay to be scared and angry and unsure. You’re not alone.”

Made up of Bri Marsh, guitarists Ryan Qualizza and Jack Smith, bassist Kira Neil and drummer Jackson Trudel, Future Static began as a project between friends in 2016, but their powerful attitude and genre fusing energy has been chipping away at the alternative music scene since, having played alongside Belle Haven, Stepson, Terra and Reside among others, marking themselves in 2020 as ones to watch.

The group released their single “Choke” a few weeks ago and had a massively positive response with a premiere on Triple M’s Hard N Heavy, triple j Unearthed love, Spotify playlisting on Homegrown + Heavy and Rock Out., a number of shares across social media and national publications as well as worldwide with a spotlight from Kill The Music. Last weekend the band headlined their single launch at Whole Lotta Love in Melbourne and sold the show out on presales alone!

Future Static are gearing up to release their biggest, boldest, heaviest release to date. Until then, “Dead End” and “Choke” are available now to stream and purchase at all good online outlets and streaming platforms!

Having stunned Australian crowds on tours with HALESTORM and SLASH Ft. Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators and appearing on Download Australian in 2019 DEVILSKIN are set to release their new album RED.

RED is the universal colour of passion, vitality, blood, danger, romance, anger, horror and love; everything evocative. Of all the colours, RED is a warning and a statement.

Recorded at Roundhead Studios Auckland mid-2019 with the award-winning team of producer Greg Haver, and engineer/mixer Simon Gooding; this is the bands most complex, complete and confident collection of songs yet.

RED will be released worldwide Friday April 3rd on all formats across all platforms, including a red vinyl, black vinyl, CD and a limited-edition box set.

The New Zealand four piece – also caught the eye of legendary international booking agent Steve Strange from X-Ray Touring (Alice In Chains, Machine Head, Rob Zombie, Eminem).

The response to the three singles so far from the new album has been nothing short of immense. Latest single CORRODE – released in January – has already amassed over 129,000 views on YouTube, gained radio airplay rotation on notable stations such as Kerrang, Rebel FM and Primordial radio and was selected for Spotify’s ‘Rock Out.’ playlist, further proof that RED is hotly anticipated.

To say that we are excited for people to hear these songs is an understatement” remarks bassist Paul Martin. “We can all say, quite honestly, that we have put our very best into this album, the songs, the production and the entire presentation, everything is how we wanted it, sincere. Bringing these songs to life in the studio was intense, but extremely satisfying. I think we have surpassed our own expectations and now it’s up to our friends to climb inside this album and explore this beast that we have built.”

DEVILSKIN have garnered a formidable reputation and a solid fan-base worldwide from their relentless touring schedule. A swathe of brilliant live reviews from Europe to USA to Australia are testament to the groundswell of support for this hard-working and focused New Zealand act.

RED starts with a sonic throat punch titled Do You See Birds and promises to enthral the listener with a tour-de-force of emotions and moods. From the epic and eerie Blood & Bone, the caged rage of Same Life, the visceral impact of The Victor, to the poignant beauty of Sweet Release, the resplendent grandeur of Bright Lights, the swagger of Be Like The River and the manic fury of Everybody’s High But MeDEVILSKIN have long been noted for their emotive song-writing and ability to touch peoples’ hearts, and on RED they have bared their soul with their finest performance yet.


Melbourne band Nothing Sacred are certainly not new to the scene. They have been around since the early 1980s and are a proud member of the Rue Morgue Records stable, so it is not surprising that they were one of the first bands selected to have a track included on the Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 compilation. Recently I was able to sit down with band member Karl Lean to chat about what being on the compilation means to him.

“I’ve known John for a long time,” says Lean and we start the chat by talking about how the relationship between Nothing Sacred and Rue Morgue started. “I’ve always had a massive amount of respect for everything that John has ever done, he is really focussed, he is really committed and he takes a lot of pride in what he does. He also puts a big emphasis on doing a good job. His photography work over the past decade has been outstanding.”

“So when Rue Morgue Records kicked off and they started to look at putting out original music under their own banner it just happened to coincide where exactly we were at. We came off the Metal For Melbourne celebration in 2017 in front of about 600 or 700 people at the Corner Hotel and straight after that we thought that we needed to follow up on it by putting something out… something new. So we started to write a new set of songs, we had already started to do some writing but we thought we should do some more. We had about six or eight new tracks and then we started recording and then we wanted to do something with them.”

It really did seem like the stars were aligning for Nothing Sacred. “We knew that vinyl was making a big comeback,” Lean explains. “And then Rue Morgue came around so I reached out to John and he was only too happy to give us an opportunity to talk to him. I guess it really is a case of who you know.”

That brings our conversation around to what people can expect to hear from Nothing Sacred on Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1. “Ah, our track is called “Final Crime,” says Lean. “Strangely enough this is not one of the newer songs that we have written. In the original line-up of our band way back in the 1980s we were finishing off album number two and for various reasons, some being industry reasons and some being personnel reasons we never actually got to finish that second album.”

“So the album was recorded but never mixed and never mastered and never released,” says Lean continuing. “Of course back then we had different members and we even had different guitarists, but a couple of the tracks off that album have always been amongst some of my favourite tracks that we had ever written so we were keen to see them not completely wither and die. “Final Crime” was one of those tracks so we have dusted it off got the new band together – I should say we kind of have one new guitarist and one old guitarist because George has been with us off and on for thirty odd years but he has always drifted in and out as he works on other projects, so he is back on board so we recorded the track all afresh. So it is actually a new recording but it is a track that dates right back and we wanted to release it because a I think it is a quality track and b in our minds it is kind of the closing of a chapter.”

“Now we can look forward to doing new tracks with Rue Morgue,” he continues. “They will all be fresh new track so “Final Crime” felt like a nice bridge between the past and the present.”

One of the other reasons that Nothing Sacred wanted to be involved with this compilation was because they knew it was important for the local music scene. “One of the things that I love that Rue Morgue is doing things like this,” he says. “Pre the internet, pre the time when you could fire up a machine and find whatever you were looking for compilations were the main source with how people got exposed to things. The world is very different it is never going to be exactly like that again but I think with what John has managed to pull together this will be a great showcase of a variety of different things. So you may have come looking for one particular band but you may end up finding two or three others that really stand out to you. So I think it serves as a really valuable bridge, I think it is great that somebody is trying to bring this back together again and once again kiss life back into the idea of compilations… I love it!”

With bands like Nothing Sacred being part of Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 this is one album that you will definitely have to have in your collection.


LAMB OF GOD has released the music video for ‘Memento Mori’, the opening track on their forthcoming self-titled album due May 8 via Nuclear Blast. Fans were able to unlock a 10 second teaser of the song through an eerie Instagram Story filter released by the band over the weekend.

Watch ‘Memento Mori’ at:

Executed from a narrative treatment written by vocalist D. Randall Blythe, the ‘Memento Mori’ video features the band (guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell, drummer Art Cruz, and Blythe) performing the unrelenting album opener, from their upcoming self-titled new album (due May 8 worldwide).  Lyrically and visually, the message of both the song and video are extremely topical, offering hope at a time of societal and personal upheaval.

Pre Order LAMB OF GOD here:

There is a vast amount of indisputably real and depressingly negative occurrences happening across the globe,” Blythe explains. “Currently, at the forefront of everyone’s mind is the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is a very real concern, and proper precautions need to be taken by EVERYONE in order to protect those most at risk – the elderly, infirm, and immunocompromised. It is indeed a scary time, but in this hyper-connected age with its 24/7 never-ending news cycle of atrocity, outrage and lurid click-bait headlines (not to mention ill-informed lunatics running amok and spreading misinformation and panic on social media), it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that life is still carrying on, and good things do in fact still happen.”

Months before the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, I wrote ‘Memento Mori’ as a reminder to myself to not be consumed by the omnipresent electronic harbingers of doom that surround us – cellphones, computers, and television screens. While these devices can be useful tools, and it is important to stay informed, it is equally important to remain engaged with the real, physical world we with live in, not just digitally filtered representations of reality. I wrote the narrative music video treatment a few months ago to illustrate how warped and myopic our mental states can become when we fail to remain engaged with that reality – if all you pay attention to is catastrophe, then soon you will begin to see monsters everywhere you look. The actual monsters we used in the video are Sinisteria, a local Richmond, Virginia haunted house/dark performance troupe I met on the street at our annual Krampus Nacht parade. Richmond has a strong tradition of loud music and weird costumed monsters working hand in hand to make salient points (we are the birthplace of GWAR, after all), and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Music has always been there for me, raising my spirits during hard times, and it is my hope that this song’s positive message will do the same for fans of our music right now and beyond. The release date for the tune was set a good while ago, but the timing seems eerily prescient to me now. So enjoy the song and video, and then remember to step away from the screens for a bit – real life is waiting for you. We only get one shot, so don’t waste this day. Everyone be well, keep a cool head, take care of yourselves, and take care of EACH OTHER.”

Regarding the music, Mark Morton adds “I had been sitting with the music for the intro and the post chorus for quite a while.  I was trying to develop those two parts as separate songs altogether and was a little bit stumped, particularly with the intro piece. Me, Willie and Josh Wilbur (producer) were doing demos in the studio and the idea came up to try to mash those parts into the same tune and everything just took off.   It was one of those times where once I knew what we were trying to do, the riffs just kind of fell out of me like they were writing themselves. It’s always a crazy feeling when that happens. Vocally, Randy heard the intro and said he instantly got a throwback Sisters Of Mercy type vibe from it and he took off from there.”

The music video for “Memento Mori” follows fast on the heels of “Checkmate,” the first new music from LAMB OF GOD in roughly five years. Both songs are set to appear on the band’s eighth studio album, which was produced by longtime collaborator Josh Wilbur (Gojira, Korn, Megadeth, Trivium).  Lamb of God will be the band’s first record with Cruz, who sat behind the kit with LAMB OF GOD in 2018 and became an official member the following year.  The new album also features guest appearances from Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Chuck Billy (Testament).

LAMB OF GOD propelled heavy metal into the new millennium two decades ago with their genre-defining New American Gospel. They followed with 2003’s “As the Palaces Burn”, which made the Rolling Stone list of the Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. “Ashes of the Wake” (2004) was the first LAMB OF GOD album to be certified gold by the RIAA, followed by “Sacrament” (2006), which debuted in Billboard’s Top 10. “Wrath” (2009) earned the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hard Rock, Rock, and Tastemaker charts and was No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Those No. 1 positions were repeated with “Resolution” (2012). VII: “Sturm Und Drang” (2015) debuted at No. 3 in North America, No. 2 in Australia and in the Top 5 in several countries.


Sacramento’s own Dance Gavin Dance have unveiled “Strawberry’s Wake,” the second single from their highly-anticipated ninth full-length studio album, Afterburner. To stream the song and pre-order the record click HERE. The accompanying music video for “Strawberry’s Wake” was released over the weekend, which follows the five-piece as they board Swan Air for an epic journey in the “friendly” skies.

Afterburner will be released on Friday, April 24 via Rise Records. The LP was produced by the group’s frequent collaborator, Kris Crummett, (IssuesSleeping With SirensMayday Parade) and Drew Fulk a.k.a. WZRD BLD (Lil WayneMotionless in WhiteBad Wolves). The album is a landmark mission statement that encompasses DGD energy past, present, and future. It’s a killer and dynamic demonstration of what the quintet does best, and is equal parts aggressive, melodic, and unrestrained.

On Saturday, April 25, Dance Gavin Dance will play their hometown Sacramento for Swanfest, the one-day festival headlined and curated by the band at Papa Murphy’s Park. Labelmates Crown The Empire and Issues, along with Animals As LeadersKnocked Loose, Movements, Fall Of TroyI See StarsVeil Of MayaHail The Sun, Covet, Tillie, Royal Coda, Eidola, and Wolf & Bear will join DGD on this year’s lineup.

Rejecting tired formulas at every step, Dance Gavin Dance merge progressive rock and post-hardcore with thick groove, brilliantly combining experimental music with hooks and a warped sense of humor. 2018’s Artificial Selection crashed into the Billboard 200 Chart at No.13, on the strength of the love for fan-favorite predecessors like Acceptance Speech (2013), Instant Gratification (2015), and Mothership (2016), and just as importantly, the band’s mesmerizing and unforgettable live performances.

In the heady tradition of Frank Zappa and Nirvana – people who made serious art without ever seeming self-serious – DGD is a band that does what they want, how they want, confident that the audience will keep up. Dance Gavin Dance are Tilian Pearson: Vocals, Jon Mess – Vocals, Will Swan – Guitar/Vocals, Tim Feerick – Bass and Matt Mingus – Drums.

Dance Gavin Dance’s ninth full-length studio album, Afterburner, will be released on Friday, 24th April via Rise Records and BMG Australia – and is available now for pre-order at Singles ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Strawberry’s Wake’ are also out now for streaming and purchase on all digital outlets and streaming platforms.