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“YYZ” is the new video by Brescia, Italy singer-songwriter Gab De La Vega, who ended 2019 with the release of “Perfect Texture”, the first single to announce the new record “Beyond Space And Time”, his third full-length album, which is coming out on January 24th.

The song comes with a music video directed by Jaden D and edited by Bradley James Allen.

The song lyrics are deep, personal and reveal the ability of De La Vega to read his own as well as other people’s life, the world and the time we live in, evoking images that could appear familiar to many.

De La Vega comments:

“YYZ is about feeling lost and disoriented in life. It’s about the need to find your place in the world. The moments in which you have to make decisions that might change everything, without having a clue of what the outcome might be. It’s about the daily struggle to steer your own life and at the same time accept that you don’t have full control of everything that happens to you.

The song lyrics refer to a summer afternoon two years ago. I was walking in downtown Toronto, chasing my thoughts in the alleys of my mind. At one point I looked around and I realized my feet took me astray. I had to figure out where I was. I was kind of lost, literally… and metaphorically.”

The video was shot in Toronto in the summer of 2019. This is what De La Vega had to say about it:

“I decided to pay tribute to the city in the video. I love Toronto, it feels like a second home. Jaden, who directed the video, is my cousin and he’s from Toronto. We had this idea so we went around the city and I started busking, playing the song at some of the most and some of the least busy corners of the city. There are no actors in the video, only the people of Toronto. They were running late to hop on their train, they were shopping, they were groups of friends or couples chatting, they were regular people caught up in their regular lives on an ordinary summer day. We provided the soundtrack, but they were the protagonists. Some of them stopped to hear me play, even for a few seconds, others liked it and dropped a coin in the case. I tried to go along with the flow and become part of the play for that day, impersonating someone whose life is not different from anybody’s. I guess it’s just what we do, we live our lives, we play our scripts.”

The new album “Beyond Space And Time” was recorded and mixed by Simone Piccinelli at La Buca Recording Club in Montichiari and mastered by Grammy-nominated sound engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Jeff Rosenstock, Sun Valley Gun Club, Gouge Away…) at The Atomic Garden Recording Studios in Oakland, California.

Released by Epidemic Records and the German label Backbite Records.
Preorders for Vinyl and CDs are being taken from now at:

To celebrate the album release, De La Vega is announcing a first round of full band shows across Italy, while other full band and solo shows across Europe are being booked, beginning in March.

Upcoming shows:

7th February – Cremona, Circolo Arcipelago
8th February – Brescia, Lio Bar
9th February – Parma, Splinter Club
21st February – TBA
22nd February – TBA
23rd February – Chiuppano, Osteria Al Castello

European shows are being booked by Flix Agency and they will be shortly announced.


Artist: Glass Tides

Album: In Between

Date Of Release: 17th January 2020

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

1. Crawling

2. Somebody Else

3. Waste

4. Sympathy

5. Insecure

6. The Past Is Dead

7. Mirrors

8. Pointless View

9. Happy

10. In Between



If you have been keeping one eye on the Australian music scene over the past two years then there is a good chance that you have heard of Adelaide post-hardcore outfit Glass Tides. During that time the band have released two EPs that certainly caught a lot of people’s attention and have had the chance to open for bands such as Bodyjar and Spiderbait.

Now Glass Tides have released their debut feature album titled In Between and if you love albums that contain raw passion then you are simply going to adore this album. There is a unique rawness to this album, a rawness that shows a band that is willing to explore as they go on but also a band where the vocals reveal the pain of humanity with everything out in the open.

Smooth tracks like ‘Crawling’ are taken to new levels with stunning vocal work from Paul Bakker while the beautiful layers of ‘Somebody Else’ reveal a band that are much more mature than the fact that this is a debut album would allude to.

‘Waste’ is the kind of track that could see Glass Tides make it on the world stage and it is catchy as hell but still boasts are serious side that will draw on serious music fans. ‘Sympathy’ again sees the smoothness of the band return while the sound of the track itself conjures up memories of bands like Angela’s Dish and Kisschasy. Then there is the brilliant ‘Insecure’ that just continues to build in intensity while the vocals clearly portray the pain the song is written about.

Glass Tide’s aggressive side is revealed with ‘The Past is Dead’ while the beautiful ‘Mirrors’ and the haunting ‘Pointless View’ show the exact polar opposite. In Between then reaches the heights again as Bakker declares ‘take me away’ over and over on ‘Happy’ while that late 2000s vibe returns with the heartfelt title track that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on one of the soundtracks for One Tree Hill.

In Between is the kind of album that shows that Glass Tides have a big future ahead of them. This is an album from the heart that is not going to disappoint.



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Alternative metal rockers Magg Dylan have revealed an uplifting new music video for their latest single “Naked Alone In The Tub“. The video was directed by Eric DiCarlo at Square Up Studios, and draws from the band’s personal experience with depression, alcoholism, and recovery.

Life is challenging because you never know when your perfect life can become a mess,” says guitarist Brucifer. “Making this video hit close to home emotionally, since Suzanne played the role of our hero.” Singer Suzanne De Iulio elaborates, “The song was written about a time in my life when I was very depressed. My nephew died from an accidental overdose, and one of the pictures I’m holding in the video was of him so those were real tears during filming. Filming this video was difficult for another reason as well… Since I am sober, it was difficult to pretend I was drinking wine in the video. We wanted to symbolize how some people use alcohol to escape from life’s struggles.”

The band will release their new full-length album entitled Amethyst on February 21, 2020 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Jonathan Dolese and Bruce Jordan. Pre-order or pre-save the new full-length album Amethyst at this location.

Amethyst features ten alternative metal anthems which showcase the band’s emotional raw energy. Highlights on the album include “Scarz” which was written about singer Suzanne’s personal experiences with bullying during her childhood, and as an adult in the personal fitness, and music industries. “Naked Alone In the Tub” was the most difficult song for Suzanne to release, as she didn’t want to share some of the darkest moments of her life as the lyrics talk about depression after life hands you a series of overwhelming blows. The third single from the album “Delusional” which goes in-depth about singer Suzanne’s past battle with alcoholism and her path to recovery. This band has been through a lot over the years, and their songs reflect the struggles, defeats, and triumphs which have given this album a life of its own!

Pre-order the album on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and stream the singles via SpotifyApple MusicDeezerPandoraYouTube, and more at

For more information on Magg Dylan, please visit them on FacebookTwitter, or Eclipse Records, and follow them on SpotifyApple Music or Deezer.

Magg Dylan tour dates (tickets)
Jan 11    Virginia Beach, VA @ Elevation27 w/ The Four Horsemen
Jan 18    Hagerstown, MD Suite 710 w/ Half Heard Voices
Jan 21    Memphis, TN @ Growlers w/ Hed PE
Jan 22    Jefferson, LA @ Southport Music Hall w/ Hed PE
Jan 23    Jonesboro, GA @ Furnace 41 w/ Hed PE
Jan 24    Longwood, FL @ Shovelhead w/ Hed PE
Jan 25    Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug w/ Hed PE
Jan 26    Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room w/ Hed PE
Jan 31    Destin, FL @ Village Door Music Hall w/ Hed PE
Feb 01   Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room w/ Hed PE

Five-piece punk band Spanish Love Songs have announced their third full length album, Brave Faces Everyone, which will be released on February 7 via Pure Noise Records / Sony Music Australia.

The band has released the first single off of the album, Kick, which is available to listen to and watch here:

On the forthcoming album, lead vocalist and guitarist, Dylan Slocum shares, “This album is us honing in on what we think makes our band resonate with people — namely, the feeling that you’re not alone. These are songs about looking outward and finding that, for all our differences, most of us are just trying to get by as the world is going to hell around us. We don’t have any grand ambitions beyond that — we just want people to feel acknowledged. There’s comfort in knowing we’re on the same sinking ship. We want the album to be a knowing nod and a way to make the world a slightly more bearable, even if it’s just for 40 minutes.”

The ten-track album, produced by guitarist Kyle McAulay at Howard Benson’s West Valley Recording, is steeped in the same detail-rich storytelling of Bruce Springsteen, The Menzingers and Manchester Orchestra. These songs represent the situations Slocum, McAulay, and their bandmates bassist Trevor Dietrich, drummer Ruben Duarte and keyboardist Meredith Van Woert experienced during 30-some weeks of rigorous touring during the album cycle of their previous record, Schmaltz.
“When you’re young, you just want to be heard,” opines Slocum. The singer and guitarist of LA-based punk quintet, Spanish Love Songs, is referencing his band, but he could just as easily be talking about himself. Since forming in 2014, Spanish Love Songs certainly have been heard, from legions of underground audiences at The Fest and South By Southwest to outlets like NPR, who hailed the group’s 2018 album, Schmaltz, as a “wellspring of big ideas, bigger riffs and the biggest possible feelings about love, war, fear and existential crisis.”

Over the past six years, Spanish Love Songs have released two albums and an EP. With Brave Faces Everyone, the songs are character stories set in small-town America and anxious urban jungles alike, unfurling heartbreaking tales of addiction, depression, debt and death juxtaposed alongside looming societal bogeys like mass shootings, the opioid epidemic and climate change. They’re all at once personal vignettes and universal truths of life in the 2010s, the lines blurred between Slocum’s own experiences and those of his friends and acquaintances. It seeks to find balance between realism and optimism.

“If you sing something loud enough and long enough,” Slocum muses, “hopefully people are able to find some peace in that.” Brave Faces Everyone experiments with more traditional song structures and fewer forwardly caustic moments this time around haven’t dulled the band’s sound. If anything, they’ve accentuated the most important parts of it. When everything is loud and urgent, nothing is. But when Slocum’s voice swells to a roar on this new record, the undeniable power grabs you by the collar and forces you to pay attention — and that’s the difference between simply being heard and truly being understood.

Brave Faces Everyone will be released on February 7, 2020.


2019 has been a big year for father of desert rock John Garcia. The former Kyuss front-man returned to the airwaves with a new album after teaming up with The Band Of Gold. The critically acclaimed album then saw the legend himself return to the road for some live shows and only a few weeks ago it was announced that Garcia would be returning to Australia in January.

Subculture recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Garcia to find out what his Australian fans can expect from this brand new tour.

“I recently signed with a new Booking Agency and one of the prerequisites for him to pick me up and vice versa was that Australia had to be in the mix,” says Garcia as we start the interview by talking about the unique relationship that he seems to have with our country. “I try to get down to Australia at least once a year. Whether the shows do well or not I always try to get down there once a year because it is just a place I love to go, I have a tonne of friends down there and to be able to go down there and play music with The Band Of Gold for a live thing is bitchin’.”

The sad thing is though Garcia never gets to spend as long in Australia as he would like to. “ I would love to spend more time there,” he goes on to say. “But sadly I have an Animal Hospital here in Palm Springs that I help run so unfortunately I can’t be gone from my job nor my family and kids for that long. The plan was actually for me to play this string of shows and then fly my family down there to spend a little bit of time on the Gold Coast but unfortunately between my wife’s schedule and my son’s schedule it just didn’t work out this time, but I do get one day off in Byron so I am stoked about that… I plan on enjoying that day.”

That leads me to ask Garcia just how tough is it to combine touring with family and work life. “It is hard,” he admits. “It takes a lot of balance… and I mean a lot of balance. It is the same for the  rest of the guys, we all have normal jobs, we all have families, we all have kids…well Erin doesn’t have kids but he has pets that he calls his kids. So it is a lot of balance but really our families have to allow us to do this because without their support it would be very difficult.

Of course Garcia’s fans were very lucky this year with the release of his brand new album with The Band Of Gold and he says he is very much looking forward to playing some of the tracks off the new album on the Australian tour. “We want to come down there and play ninety minutes of music,” he says. “A good part of it will be playing songs off the new record but we will also be playing some songs off my first electric record as well. Of course I always throw in some Kyuss as well so it is always good to be able to go back and revisit some of these songs, it is always cool to play those tracks because they still make me smile, and if you have never seen Kyuss then this is about as close as you are going to get to seeing Kyuss. It is me with my band and I will show the songs an incredible amount of respect and we will get down there and do our thing.”

To finish off Garcia has a very special message for all his Australian fans. “ i just want to invite everybody who listens to this and reads this to come down and if you want some new rock and some old favourites come on down and we are not going to disappoint.”


You can listen to the full John Garcia interview above while all the tour details can be found below.




Brisbane alternative rockers Hey Geronimo have been making a name for themselves over the past couple of years with some killer sets at music festivals across the country. During that time the band have also dropped two critically acclaimed albums and have now followed that up with a brand new EP and single – both titled Waste Yourself.

To find out a little more about the EP and the band in general HEAVY Mag recently sat down and had a chat with Pete from the band.

“We actually first got together to do a Beatles tribute night,” he explains when we start to delve into Hey Geronimo’s history. “There were a few of us from different bands around Brisbane who got together and we had such a good time that we started a new band. That was a while ago now and now we have kind of evolved into a kind of art collective to be honest. We used to be a kind of party rock band but we have evolved into something a little more high brow now.”

“We’ve played quite a few festivals,” he says as we continue to delve into the past. “Probably the biggest highlight though was getting to play at Big Day Out when Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Killers were on the bill that was pretty cool. Even to just be playing the same day as those really great bands was just a really cool moment.”

Soon our discussion turns to modern day events and we begin to explore where the brand new single ‘Waste Yourself’ came from. “Well PJ and I co-wrote this one,” he says. “We were both writing it at the same time but we both had a different idea about what it was about. His idea was that when you were with someone you would waste yourself on them and you would be asking them to waste themselves on you whereas the angle I was writing it from was that this dude was kinda depressed and he was literally just drowning his sorrows, so I guess it can be taken both ways but that was the angles that we were approaching it from when we were writing it.”

As our discussion goes on we soon learn that fans of Hey Geronimo may not have to wait too long for some new music as Pete is hoping that the band will head into some writing sessions during 2020. “I think we will be writing some new tunes to be honest,” he says when talk turns to the new year. “Hopefully we can record some new songs in the new year and maybe do something a little different. This EP is a new song with some old ones but I would say in the new year we want to record some new songs and maybe change the direction of the band a little bit to be honest… but we will see what happens, but yeah writing and recording new songs is the plan.”


Waste Yourself is out now.



Sydney alternative rockers Clouder have started to make an impact on the local scene with live shows alongside artists such as Tape/Off, Sketch Jets and The Lazy Eyes on the back of their 2018 debut single which saw them garnish radio play. Now Clouder and back with a brand new single and video titled ‘Stars & Clouds’ and have just announced a launch show on December 20th at Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar.

“Yeah I went to university with Luke’s older brother,” explains Clouder’s Borna Crvelin as Subculture chats to him about how the band started at uni. “He, I and another class-mate of ours got to together to create a song and that song just happened to be the very first version of ‘Stars & Clouds’ which is our most recent single. As we went through that process I asked Luke if he wanted to start a band and he agreed. So we went out and found the people, then we started to write, record and rehearse and that brought us to January this year when we played our first show… and it has been pretty good so far.”

Everyone that hears Clouder comments on the very 90s sound that the band has but Crvelin says that influence didn’t really come from what he grew up listening to. “I grew up listening to my Dad’s records,” he explains. “So there was some Pink Floyd, The Beatles and a lot of those classic bands. As I grew up I discovered more of the 90s sound but the band has been influenced by West Coast bands like Duster, Idaho and Low.”

People that turn up to the show on the 20th can also expect something a little bit different from Clouder as well. “We wanted to have a bit of a different approach with this one,” save Crvelin. “We’ve teamed up with Josh McBeek who has become a very good friend of mine and so as opposed to just getting some bands together in a bar or pub we have decided to make a bit of a night out of it. So we’ve got some people that I have met over the years plus some bands that I really like and we are going to put on a show of modern Australian alternative music and I’ve got the director who made the video for ‘Stars & Clouds’ and he is going to do a little side-show of his own personal work and have it on projectors in-between the bands so it will feel more like an art installation rather than just a bunch of bands.”


You can take a listen to the full Clouder interview below.


Almost 6 years after signing a Cessation of Touring agreement, the contract is off the table because a whole new generation of Crüeheads are relentlessly demanding for the band to come back together. Following the huge success of their NETFLIX biopic THE DIRT, Mötley Crüe has seen a massive surge in new audience. And the band best known for breaking the rules has destroyed their cessation of touring contract in true Mötley Crüe-fashion, by literally blowing it up.

After 35 years together on stage, and 30 years since the release of Dr. Feelgood, the members of Mötley Crüe parted ways without speaking to each other after their Final Show on December 31, 2015. Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy didn’t come together again until 2018 to participate in the making of THE DIRT movie, which unexpectedly brought them closer together again including seeing them head back into the recording studio after having gone in their own directions for several years. The fuse was lit.

Since playing Tommy Lee in The Dirt, so many of my fans have said how they wish they could’ve seen the real Mötley Crüe play live,” said Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly)  “I never thought I would see the day when this would become a reality.  But the fans spoke and Mötley Crüe listened!”

THE DIRT currently enjoys an audience score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. And its massive global success earlier this year saw Mötley Crüe’s popularity rush to new highs, catapulting the band’s music back to the top of the worldwide charts with the younger 18-44 demographic now representing 64% of the band’s fanbase. Moreover, in the six months following the release of THE DIRT, Mötley Crüe has celebrated a meteoric rise of almost 350% increase in streams of their music across all streaming platforms. However, most of the new fans have never seen any of the legendary live shows that Crüeheads have relished for close to 4 decades.

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Dr. Feelgood 30th Anniversary Deluxe Bundle will be released November 22
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