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The Dives

We recently had a chat to Evan Stanley from The Dives about their brand new album. As Dave G chatted to Evan we asked him about how hard the band have had to work to get where they are and what exactley has gone into getting this new album out there.

You can listen to or download The Dives interview right here.


Dave G sits down to have a chat with Matt Heafy from Trivium about their brand new album – The Sin And The Sentence. Matt tells us about how the band wanted to make the greatest record they have ever made and how he recovered from blowing his voice out.

You can listen to or download our Trivium interview right here.


Diablo Blvd

Dave G chats to Alex Agnew from Diablo Blvd about their brand new album Zero Hour. Alex tells us about getting into a 1980s frame of mind to write the album and what is like juggling his comedy career with his music career.

You can listen to or download our Diablo Blvd interview right here.


World War Me2

Dave G chats to Stephen Krypel from World War Me about the bands eagerly antcipated self titled album. Stephen chats to us about how hard it was for the band to break into the Chicago scene and also about the hard work (and we mean hard work) that went into making this album work.

You can listen to or download our World War Me interview right here.

Walter Trout

We chat to blues legend Walter Trout about his brand new album We’re All In This Together, an album that sees him team up some of the greatest blues musicians of all time. Walter tells us how he managed to put together this impressive list of guests and how it felt to record in the studio with them.