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Aussie legends in the alternative music world Feedtime are back after a lay-off with a new album, Gas. Dave Griffiths caught up with Feedtime to see what inspired the comeback and to chat about the brand new album Gas.

You can listen to or download our Feedtime album right here.


Legendary US death metal outfit Suffocation have just delivered their brand new album …Of The Dark Light. Dave Griffiths caught up with Derek Boyer to talk in depth about the brand new album and about the US death metal scene in general.

You can listen to or download our Suffocation interview right here.

The Night Flight Orchestra pic

The legendary Bjorn Strid is back with the amazing Night Flight Orchestra. Dave Griffiths sat down and chatted to Bjorn about Night Flight Orchestra’s brand new album Amber Galactic and Bjorn tells us how they capture that amazing 1970s sound and what other music he loves from that period.

You can download our Night Flight Orchestra interview right here

Charlie Marsahll

Melbourne musician Charlie Marshall is about to launch his new album, Sublime, on the 17th June and joinging him will be none other than – Ross McLennan. Charlie chats to Dave G about how he incoporated science into his new album and how this very special show has come about.

You can listen to or download our Charlie Marshall interview right here.


On the back of the release of Avatarium’s brand new album Hurricanes And Halos Dave Griffiths caught up with Marcus Jidell to chat about the hard work that went into this new album and also how the band has achieved their unique sound.

You can listen to or download our Avatarium interview right here.