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The super talented Andrew McMahon is bringing his acoustic show to Australia. The show will see him perform tracks from Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin and the music he has released under the monikor Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. Dave G this week had Andrew on the show to chat all about the tour. If you haven’t got a ticket yet… grab it from

Now sit back and enjoy our Andrew McMahon interview.



It has been five years since Fozzy fronted by Chris Jericho toured our shores, but now with the band heading back to our great land Chris Jericho joined Dave G on air this week to let us know what we can expect from the tour and what life has been like since the last album saw the band’s popularity rise even more. Remember if you haven’t grabbed tickets to this amazing tour – do so right here –

Sit back and enjoy our Chris Jericho interview.


Trade Bait


Subculture Entertainment and 94.1FM’s resident football journo Dave Griffiths keeps you updated with all the 2018 AFL Trade Bait news right here.





Outgoing: Harry Dear (delisted), Jackson Edwards (delisted), Sam Gibson (retired), Curtley Hampton (retired), Ben Jarman (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Cian Hanley (retired)

Incoming: Nil


Outgoing: Alex Silvgani (retired)

Incoming: Nil


Outgoing: Nil

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Brendan Goddard (delisted), Josh Green (delisted), Jackson Merrett (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Michael Johnson (retired), Danyle Pearce (retired), Lee Spurr (retired)

Incoming: Nil


Outgoing: Aaron Black (delisted), Stewart Crameri (delisted), Ryan Gardner (delisted), Cory Gregson (delisted), Matthew Hayball (delisted), Timm House (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Michael Barlow (delisted), Josh Jaska (delisted), Matt Rosa (retired), Max Spencer (delisted), Mackenzie Willis (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Nil

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Cyril Rioli (retired), Ty Vickery (retired)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Harley Balic (retired)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Billy Hartung (delisted), Mitchell Hibberd (delisted), Tom Jeffries (delisted), Oskar Juncar (delisted), Gordan Naarriee (delisted), Daniel Nielson (delisted), Jarrad Waite (retired), Josh Williams (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Emmanuel Irra (delisted), Lindsay Thomas (retired), Jimmy Toumpas (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Ben Griffiths (retired), Shaun Hampson (retired)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Ray Coonnelian (delisted),  Nathan Freeman (delisted), Hugh Goddard (delisted), Koby Stevens (retired), Nathan Wright (delisted)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Kurt Tippett (retired)

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Nil

Incoming: Nil



Outgoing: Shane Biggs (retired), Kieran Collins (delisted), Nathan Mullenger-McHugh (delisted), Clay Smith (retired)

Incoming: Nil


Key Dates

Tuesday 2 October – Friday 5 October – AFL Draft Combine.

Friday 5 October – AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency Period Commences.

Friday 5 October – Victoria / NEAFL / Tasmania State Draft Combine.

Monday 8 October 10am – NAB AFL Trade Period Commences.

Friday 12 October 5pm – Close of AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency Period.

Saturday 13 October – South Australian Draft Combine.

Sunday 14 October – West Australian Draft Combine.

Monday 15 October 2pm – AFL Restricted Free Agency Matching Offer Three-Day Period Ends. 

Wednesday 17 October 8.30pm – NAB AFL Trade Period Closes (for exchange of players).

Friday 19 October 5pm – Application to Relist a Player Close

Wednesday 31 October 2pm – List Lodgement (1) ; Rookie Promotion to Primary List; Retained 2nd & 3rd Year Rookies; International Scholarship Player; Alternate Talent Player Nominations; Club Notification of Rookie Players Not Accepting a Contract of Offer; Nomination of Draft Eligible Father/Son; Northern Academy, Next Generation Academy Players Lodged; TPP Pre-Season Estimates (1).

Thursday 1 November – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (1) Commences

Thursday 8 November – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (1) Closes, Out of Contract Listed AFL Primary List Players Draft Nomination Form and Player Request for Removal from List Form Lodged with AFL

Friday 9 November 2pm – List Lodgement (2); TPP Pre-Season Estimates (2)

Saturday 10 November – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) Commences

Friday 16 November 2pm – NAB AFL Trade Period Closes (for exchange of selections only).

Friday 16 November 2pm – Delisted Primary List Draft Nomination Form Lodgement; Non–Retained Rookie Players Draft Nomination Form Lodgement; Players Not Registered or Played for Three years Rookie List Form Lodgement; New or Expired (after 3 years) Draft Nomination Form Lodgement, AFL Father-Son Bidding Nominations, Final Draft Nomination Form Lodgement.

Friday 16 November 5pm – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) Closes

Thursday 22 November 7pm – 9.30pm – NAB AFL Draft Selection Meeting (Round One), Marvel Stadium.

Friday 23 November 10am – 1.30pm – NAB AFL Draft Selection Meeting (Round Two onwards to conclusion).

Friday 23 November 1.30pm – 2.30pm – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (3)

Friday 23 November 2.30pm – AFL Club List Lodgement (3).

Friday 23 November 5pm – NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft Selection Meeting and NAB AFL Rookie Draft Selection Meeting.

Tuesday 27 November 2pm – Final AFL Club List Lodgement; Final TPP Pre-Season Estimates


Thanks to our good friends at Icon Distribution we have two copies of the delightfully funny Ideal Home to giveaway on DVD. For you chance to win a copy simply message us on our Facebook page and tell us which superhero does Paul Rudd depict on the big screen.

If you don’t win one of the two copies that we are giving away don’t despair because you can pick up a copy in stores on September 12th.

Thanks to our good friends at Icon Distribution we have two double passes to giveaway to the brand new family adventure – Belle & Sebastian 3: Friends For Life which hits Australian cinemas on June 28th.

In the final chapter of the trilogy, Sebastien (Felix Bossuet) will try anything to protect Belle from her previous owner.

So to enter private message our Facebook page and tell us what your favourite moment has been in this franchise to date.



Actor Christopher Larkin portrays Monty Green on the hit television series The 100. With him about to arrive in Melbourne for Oz Comic Con Dave G sat down for a chat with him. During the interview we talked about his challenging role on The 100 and what it means getting to come to a convention like this.

You can listen to our full Christopher Larkin interview below.


Christopher Larkin will be attending this year’s Oz Comic Con in Melbourne which is being held in Melbourne on 9-10 June. Tickets can be purchased here.