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Nancy Rizk

Actress Nancy Rizk stops by to talk to us about not only production that is she is currently in… but. Nacy chats to us about new television series Emergency L.A., Counter Play and her new feature film She’s Not So Ordinary.

You can listen to or download our Nancy Rizk interview right here.


Hailing from Little Roch, Arkansas doom metal outfit Pallbearer have just released their brand new album Heartless. Dave Griffiths caught up with Brett from Pallbearer to talk about the story-telling in their songs and also how the band have evolved with their sound over the years.

You can listen to or download our Pallbearer interview right here.


With Canadian band Striker just releasing their brand new self-titled album Dave Griffiths caught up with Tim from the band and chatter about how the band came up with their unique sound and what the inspirations were behind this brand new album.

You can listen to or download our Striker interview right here.

FeatureDoctor Livingstone

French death metal outfit Doctor Livingstone have just released their brand new album Triumphus Haeretici so Dave Griffiths sat down with Rel and Reverend Prick to find out a little more about the album and what the band thinks about the hardcore scene in France.

You can listen to or download our Doctor Livingstone interview right here.


Dave Griffiths sits down and has a chat to the reclusive musician behind Ayreon. He chats to us about what exactly has gone into making his brand new album The Source, how he has created the ‘characters’ in the album and how he managed to get some many great metal singers to feature on the album.

You can listen to or download our Ayreon interview right here.

The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Logo

This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘The Death And Life Of Otto Bloom,’ ‘Loving,’ ‘The Eagle Huntress,’  and ‘A Cure For Wellness’. They also take a look at some of the films screening at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and the Alliance French Film Festival

This episode also contains interviews with Daisy Ridley, Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, Justin Kelly (Melbourne Queer Film Festival), Nacy Rizk (She’s Not So Ordinary, Counterplay, Emergency L.A.) and Jessica Pimentel (Orange Is The New Black).

You can listen to The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show or download it for free from our Podcast Channel – Listen/Download here.

Quinn Sullivan Interview

Teenager Quinn Sullivan is considered one of the best blues musicians in the world and is about to drop his brand new album Midnight Highway. Dave Griffiths chatted to Quinn about how he became such a talented musician at such an early age, what it has been like to meet some of his musical idols and what we can expect to hear on Midnight Highway.

You can listen to or download our Quinn Sullivan interview right here.

Justin Kelly

Filmmaker Justin Kelly is a guest of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. He has two films screening in the festival – the true life story I Am Michael, which was chosen to open the festival, and King Cobra, a true story of murder set against the backdrop of the gay porn industry, which has been described as “the Boogie Nights of gay porn.” Greg speaks to Justin about what appealed to him about these two true stories, about working with James Franco who stars in both films, and about his responsibility towards the real life characters who are still alive.

You can listen to or download our Justin Kelly interview right here.