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Just as England recently announced a new King, California rock legends Steel Panther have crowned Spyder as the new R.O.L.E…Ruler Of Low End.

The story of Spyder and Steel Panther is like one pulled from any great American love story. If you have seen The Notebook or Jaws, then you know exactly what we mean. Spyder and the guys have known each other for decades. But it was in 2018 that Spyder did his first live show with the band. Little did they know that those shows would be a foreshadowing of what destiny had in store for their collective futures. In 2021, the band found themselves in a pickle, they needed a bass player.

An exhaustive search brought many submissions and fans were treated to a variety of bassists on different tours. The band had even considered a few well-known bassists to fill the void. Throughout the five-week European tour in the summer of 2022, it became quite evident to all four guys that this lineup was unstoppable. A few more months of touring together perfected the new lineup and now anyone that has seen the band recently knows that Spyder is the perfect addition for Steel Panther. In other words, Spyder is the chocolate to Steel Panther’s peanut butter.

We wanted it to be you. We wanted it to be you so badly. So, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but we want to do that because we want you. We want all of you, forever, you and us, every day. To us, you are perfect. You had us at hello. You complete us. We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” explains Steel Panther.

To coincide with the new bassist announcement, the newly whole Steel Panther are coming Down Under in October alongside Airbourne! More information on tickets and purchase links for all shows can be found at: http://mjrpresents.wpengine.com/steelpanther/.

Steel Panther will be hitting Powerstation in Auckland Monday 17 October, then will be joined for the Australian leg of the tour on Wednesday 19 October at Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Friday 21 October at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Saturday 22 October at Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane, and will finish in Melbourne on Sunday 23 October at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne!

Steel Panther has been hard at work at new material that will be released throughout 2022. More information for all things Steel Panther can be found at www.steelpantherrocks.com.

For the uninitiated, Steel Panther was formed in 2000.  Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon with four full-length albums, touring across the world, platinum-level You Tube status and high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, and FOX NFL Sunday.

Rolling Stone avowed, “There’s a reason Steel Panther have transcended their origins as a cover band playing the Sunset Strip,” while Metal Sucks declared, Steel Panther’s concept is genius…their songwriting is…preposterously snappy – and relatable.”

Tickets are on sale now for Steel Panther’s New Zealand date at Powerstation and Steel Panther and Airbourne Australian dates at http://mjrpresents.wpengine.com/steelpanther/.


When it comes to achievements there is very little that Canadian hard rock band The Wild! haven’t achieved. From playing at festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Sweden Rock through to touring alongside Godsmack, Steel Panther, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne the band have done it all.

At the same time they have also been recording some of the most infectious and catchy hard rock tunes that you are ever likely to hear. Now they are back with a brand new album called Still Believe In Rock & Roll and I recently had the pleasure of being able to catch up with frontman Dylan Villain to chat all about it.

“With this record I think a lot of what people are hearing opposed to the other ones is the attention to detail when it comes to the lyrics and melodies,” Dylan says as we begin to talk about the album in depth. “I really put a lot of pressure on myself, I really did feel a lot of pressure from all the people around me – from the team, from the fans – but also from myself to make a record that was better than good.”

“The last album we toured with for three years and it took us all over the world,” he says continuing. “We were incredibly thankful for that but as a result of that because of the momentum and gaining that fan base internationally I think created a lot of pressure to make something that was not only better than the last album but something that was great as a whole. We wanted something that would stand the test of time and get into people’s ears and would really make an impact.”

Setting themselves such a task gave The Wild! the opportunity to go out and try to do things a little differently. “We really didn’t leave any stone unturned,” explains Dylan. “We really explored ideas, lyrics and melodies – things like that. That did result in a lot of stress and almost obsession in making something great. I had very little sleep, I think I was getting about three hours sleep a night for about three months, but I just wanted it to be great, man, and I wanted to give everybody something great and I wanted to give ourselves a real shake at making an impact with something great. Like I was saying a lot of people just write some songs, throw them together and say ‘well there is your record, let’s head out on the road that will be good enough.’ But for us that wasn’t going to be the case because I really wanted to make something that was a cut above and I think we really did ourselves that justice and have put out a great record.”

Aside from the pressure that Dylan put on himself and the band to really go above and beyond with this album he also admits that with fans right across the world now the band also felt pressure to get something out there for them. “I think that was all part of the part and parcel of the final product,” he says as we talk about the pressure from fans. “I like to pay attention to what is working with our songs especially when it comes to our live show and things like that. I think the result of that is you pay attention to what is working, gaining fans and gaining momentum you are going to end up feeling that pressure from fans and your fan base. You know in a way you are winning these people over and once you’ve got them you’ve got them but if you don’t deliver you are really letting them down.”

“Ultimately I just wrote what I think is just an honest record,” he says happily. “I just went straight ahead and I did a truthful record full of conviction because all this stuff I sing and talk about is all true, I’ve lived it and it is all real to us as people and the guys that we are in this world. We are not creating trends or writing songs that are the flavour of the week we just do this because this is who we are and we are lucky enough to have enough people that believe in us to give us a job. Yes there will be pressure and you can do either of two things. You can buckle and let that fear take you or you can push straight ahead and let it take you as far as you can go.”


Still Believe In Rock & Roll is out now.



There were probably some seventy-two year olds in Melbourne last night tucked up nicely in bed by 7.30. There were probably some others trying to work out whether or not they should wear the red or beige cardigan tomorrow. Then there was one seventy-two year old man named Alice Cooper. He was taking centre stage at Rod Laver Arena, rocking out like a man half his age with a hard rock that has to be seen to be believed… oh and he had some giant babies, masked psychos and a huge Frankenstein with him.

Yes as Melbourne can attest to this morning age has certainly not wearied Mr Cooper at all. Sure he isn’t jumping off speaker stacks any more but he can certainly still bring his audience one hell of a show… and that was something that we were all a witness to last night.

By the time Cooper hit the stage last night the audience was already pumped to the max. Victoria’s own Airbourne had already seen to that. If you have never seen the lads from Warrnambool live then you have really done yourself a disservice. How these guys aren’t already as big as their mentors AC/DC is beyond me. Their catchy tracks delivered with electric ferocity live is something any serious music fan must see.

Last night the lads certainly delivered. At one point they had Rod Laver Arena resembling London during The Blitz as air raid sirens sounded and search lights darted this way and that. The highlight of their set though was when Joel O’Keeffe left the safety of the stage during “Girls In Black”, ran through the crowd and then scaled the banister of level 2 all while still playing guitar and not missing a beat… you want showmanship – you certainly get it with these guys.

That showmanship then continued with Mr. Cooper himself. Not to be outdone he brought his very own Nightmare Castle set with him. A set complete with chandeliers, two levels and more fire torches then on the set of Survivor. But if you thought the set was impressive that was nothing compared to what happened when the music started.

Cooper is now at a point of his career where three generations of fans now turn up to his shows. A quick look around the arena last night and it was very easy to see those in their sixties still decked out in their early Cooper T-Shirts, people my age who also got into the legend’s music through their parents album collection and then the younger generation just as eagerly excited as their parents. There was even one primary school aged kid their last night wearing a jacket that not only boasted an Alice patch, but also patches for Soilwork and Kreator… respect young Sir, respect.

None of those three generations would have left Rod Laver last night disappointed as Cooper once again delivered the showmanship and brilliant live show that has seen him at the top of his game for 50 years. The true testament to how well the show engaged with the audience was that not only did the fans sing along with the hits like “I’m Eighteen,” “Poison,” “Department Of Youth” and “Schools Out,” but how that singing continued even with slower tracks like “My Stars.”

The last time I saw Alice live it seemed like the theatrical side to his show had died off a little, last night he proved that wasn’t the case though. Last night he had a masked psycho kill fans who ‘invaded’ the stage during “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask),” his bloodied bride appearing during “Rose On White Lace.” Then of course there was the epic performance of “Steven” and “Dead Babies” ending with Cooper being put to death before ultimately returning to the stage.

An Alice Cooper show though is just a glorified Dracula’s performance though. No, Cooper has surrounded himself with one of the finest bands in the world. When you have Nita Strauss, Tommy Henriksen and Ryan Roxie delivering the goods like they did last night on guitar and then joined by Glen Sobel who delivered a literal ground-shaking drum solo on “Black Widow Jam”, then your band is something pretty special.

Perhaps though my highlight of the night was Cooper himself picking up the harmonica and playing soulfully alongside his band as he brought a haunting sound to the very catchy “Fallen In Love”. If there was anybody out there dumb enough to suggest that Cooper’s time is up, then that was the time that showed it certainly isn’t.

Cooper last night showed Melbourne that there is still life in ol’ black eyes yet. A stunning band, entertaining theatrics and tracks that had people singing along all night, that is all you really want from a show like this. Perhaps Joel O’Keeffe best summed it up last night when he said “As long as I’m still alive, as long as you’re still alive, rock ‘n’ roll will never die!”

Airbourne Breakin' Out Of Hell

With Airbourne’s latest album Breakin’ Out Of Hell due for release from Spinefarm Records on September 23rd Dave G decided to catch up with Ryan O’Keeffe to chat about the new release.

When we spoke to Ryan he was enjoying a beer on Sunset Strip in L.A, but he took the time to tell us about the recording of this new album and what fans can expect when Airbourne tour Australia in January.

You can listen to or download our Airbourne interview right here.



Saturday 7th January 2017Summernats CANBERRA http://www.summernats.com.au/

Friday 13th January – The Metro Theatre SYDNEY


Saturday 14th January – The Triffid BRISBANE


Friday 20th January 2017 – Trak MELBOURNE



Australia has form when it comes to producing great rock music.

ACDC, Cold Chisel, The Divinyls, Rose Tattoo, Beasts of Bourbon, The Scientists, Bored, The Mark of Cain, Magic Dirt, Silverchair, Jet, Birds of Tokyo, Wolfmother and Airbourne are just a few of the bands who have led and continue to lead the way, locally and internationally today.

Adelaide bred three-piece outfit Tracer are hoping to earn their spot on that list soon.

Two EPs and years spent honing their live shows saw them picked up by the Mascot Label Group and introduced to the European rock scene.  Their 2011 debut LP, Spaces In Between gave yet more hints about the band’s potential and was quickly followed by three successful European tours and the Best New Band award at the 2012 Classic Rock Awards.

With their new album El Pistolero due to be released here on July 5th, the hard rocking outfit have well and truly started to fulfil their potential.  Produced by the legendary Kevin Shirley (Silverchair, Cold Chisel, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden) El Pistolero is on track to make Tracer the rock band that everyone is talking about  in 2013.

Mexico is the spiritual home of El Pistolero.  Taking inspiration from the cinematic stylings of Robert Rodriguez’s classic film Desperado, the Tex Mex vibe works well with the classic rock, stoner and grunge sounds on the album.  From atmospheric strings, heavy and sweaty rock, stomping drums and driving riffs, El Pistolero takes aim with gleeful macho abandon delivered with high calibre skill.

Great reviews and strong airplay support has further raised the band’s profile in Europe, but now the trio are looking forward to coming home.

Tracer return to celebrate the Australian release of El Pistolero and will be joining another of the great Australian rock bands The Angels, on the road for a number of shows in July and August.


supporting The Angels


Friday 12 & Saturday July 13

The Governor Hindmarsh

59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh SA

Ph: 08 8340 0744


Friday 19 July
Souths Juniors

558 Anzac Pde, Kingsford NSW

Ph: 02 9349 7555


Saturday 20 July

Wenty Leagues

50 Smith St, Wentworthville NSW

Ph: 02 8868 9200


Friday 26 July

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

20-26 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park NSW

Ph: 02 9559 0000


Saturday 27 July


101 Meadows Rd, Mt Pritchard NSW

Ph: 02 9822 3555


Saturday 3 August

The Esplanade Hotel (Gershwin Room)

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda VIC

Ph: 03 9534 0211


Friday 23 August

Victoria Point Sharks Club

325 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point QLD

Ph: 07 3207 7865


Saturday 24 August
Racehorse Hotel

Cnr Warner St & Marine Pde, Booval QLD

Ph: 07 3282 1222