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When it comes to comedians that make me laugh I must admit that comedians that are natural story-tellers often have a huge advantage over those that aren’t. Until recently I couldn’t pin-point what it was that made it that way – but recently I was able to put my finger on it… it is because they are more natural with their style and with their delivery.

Last night I was lucky enough to see one of those natural story-telling comedians work their magic in the flesh at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. That comedian was Kenyan born, but now proud Aussie, Vincent Tshaka who I must admit so far takes the prize for the comedian that has made me laugh the most at this year’s festival.

Tshaka natural story-telling ability won me over from the very beginning and I very quickly came to realise that listening to him talk isn’t like watching a comedian up on a stage it is like sitting down and chatting to a friend… that is just how natural he is.

With his show at this year’s comedy festival – Australianised – Tshaka takes the audience on a laugh filled conversation of what it has been like for him since he arrived in Australia from Kenya. He tells brilliant stories about getting used to fast food in Australia and points out all of those quirky sayings that we have as Aussies that have tripped up over the years – things like “oh yeah, bring a plate.”

When it comes to audience interaction I don’t think I have ever seen a comedian that does it so well as Tshaka. He frequently will ask an audience member a question such as “where were you born” or “are you two married” but he does in such a natural way that it feels like a genuine conversation and the result is the audience feels comfortable – even when he asked a young vegan why she became a vegan you could tell the audience member was completely ease – there were certainly no deer in headlights moments within the audience when he turned his attention to them.

I guess the one thing left to say about Vincent’s show is go and see it now at the Meat Market because it is very obvious that he is the next big thing in Australian comedy. It might take a year or two but I am predicting that Vincent Tshaka will be having his own comedy television specials and be performing at the Arts Centre in the future. This is one show not to be missed at this year’s festival.

To book tickets to Vincent Tshaka’s remaining shows please go to – https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/australianised