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Summary:Riding across Manhattan in a stretch limo in order to get a haircut, a 28-year-old billionaire asset manager s day devolves into an odyssey with a cast of characters that start to tear his world apart.

Year: 2012

Australian Cinema Release Date: 2nd August, 2012

Australian DVD Release Date: 19th December, 2012

Country: Canada/France/Portugal/Italy

Director: David Cronenberg

Screenwriter: David Cronenberg, David DeLillo (novel)

Cast: Mathieu Amalric (Andre Petrescu), Abdul Ayoola (Ibrahim Hamadou), Bob Bainborough (Dr. Ingram), Jay Baruchel (Shiner), Juliette Binoche (Didi Fancher), Kevin Durand (Torval), Sarah Gadon (Elise Shifrin), Paul Giamatti (Benno Levin), Gouchy Boy (Kosmo Thomas), Emily Hampshire (Jane Melman), K’Naan (Brutha Fez), Zeljiko Kecojevic (Danko), Patricia McKenzie (Kendra Hays), Samantha Morton (Vija Kinsky), Philip Nozuka (Michael Chin), Robert Pattinson (Eric Packer), David Schaap (Arthur Rapp), George Touliatos (Anthony Abubato)

Runtime: 109 mins


Dave Griffiths’s ‘Cosmopolis’ Review:

Here we all were thinking that director David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method, Eastern Promises) had got all the alternative filmmaking out of his blood stream. Recently his films have been pretty stock standard, but oh boy does Cronenberg go back to his dark side with Cosmopolis, a film so arty it fails terribly.

Based on a novel by Don DeLillo Cosmopolis is set in downtown New York and follows billionaire businessman, Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson – Bel Ami, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1) who demands to be taken across town for a haircut from his favourite barber despite warnings from his Security Head, Torval (Kevin Durnad – Edwin Boyd, Real Steel) who says the trip will be virtually impossible due to most of the city being closed down for the arrival of The President.

As Eric’s driver, Ibrahim (Abdul Ayoola – Immortals, Look Again) slowly drives Eric’s luxurious limo across town the film documents Eric’s interactions with various people including his new wife (who only seems to be around at meal times), Elise (Sarah Gadon – Antiviral, Dream House), his ex Didi (Juliette Binoche – An Open Heart, Another Woman’s Life), business partner Shiner (Jay Baruchel – Goon, TV’S Being Human) and security detail Nina (Marcia Juan Garcias – newcomer)

Cosmopolis is a slow grind, largely due to the fact that there is very little story there in the beginning. In fact the film really only comes to life in the last twenty minutes during a tense standoff between Eric and Benno (Paul Giamatti – Rock Of Ages, John Dies At The End). This finale is beautifully scripted and both Giamatti and Pattinson rise the challenge,,, unfortunately the rest of the film lets it down.

Cronenberg’s script is just a dead weight. They idea they he could create a new language, in the vein of Shakespeare, was ill thoughout as it really does is alienate the audience from the film even more. The mere fact that the script has very little (almost no) characterization leaves the audience asking even more questions on what they are seeing on the screen… and in the end the film just falls on top of itself.

To his credit Robert Pattinson does put in a good performance, it’s just not convincing that he can actually understand what he is saying at times, but even he is outshone by Giamatti who puts in a brilliant performance that leaves the rest of the cast for dead.

Cosmopolis is just one big black hole. Cronenberg tries to tackle some big issues but makes the film so alternative it is virtually impossible to understand.

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Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

IMDB Rating: Cosmopolis (2012) on IMDb

Summary: When former black ops operative Tom Steele and his partner Manning are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long, an elite force of mercenaries assault the prison in search of the new arrivals. As the true identities of the women are revealed, Steele realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger than he had imagined.

Year: 2012

Australian Cinema Release Date: N/A

Australian DVD Release Date: 7th November 2012

Country: United States

Director: Keoni Waxman

Screenwriter: Richard Beattie

Cast: Steve Austin (Manning), Lauro Chartrand (Nathan), Bren Foster (Bradley), Gouchy Boy (Roach), Teach Grant (Max), Toby Levins (Davies), Aliyah O’Brien (Charlotte), Michael Pare (Chris Blake), Ian Robison (Warden Samuels), Sharlene Royer (MP Three), Zak Santiago (MP Fields), Steven Seagal (Tom Steele), Kimani Ray Smith (Ceasar), Steph Song (Samantha), Richard Stoh (Terrence)

Runtime: 98 mins

Classification: MA15+

Dave Griffiths’s ‘Maximum Conviction’ Review: If you’re looking for a good B Grade (okay maybe that should be C or D Grade) action film, then you can’t go past straight-to-DVD Maximum Conviction, which might not necessarily be gold but will certainly cure your cravings.

Maximum Conviction sees a crack squad led by Tom Steele (Steven Seagal – Born To Raise Hell, TV’S True Justice) and his partner, simply referred to as Manning (Steve Austin – Tactical Force, Knockout) sent in to a military prison with the orders to decommission it. However, things start to go wrong when two female prisoners, Charlotte (Aliyah O’Brien – A Killer Among Us, TV’S Eureka) and Samantha (Steph Song – Befriend And Betray, TV’S Endgame) arrive for ‘one night’.

As Steele and Manning prepare for the decommission and the transfer of the last remaining prisoners, which includes some high-risk prisoners, things start going really wrong. Steele becomes convinced someone is hatching a plan when he discovers a hidden message, Manning becomes wrapped up with a faulty rubbish track and Samantha begins telling guards that she has been wrongly imprisoned and that she is actually a Government agent. Everything soon starts becoming a lot clearer when the prison is raided by a group of ‘bad guys’ led by Chris Blake (Michael Pare – The Philadelphia Experiment, Snapshot ).

Director Keoni Waxman (Anna Nicole, TV’S True Justice) certainly seems to know his way around an action movie. For the most part the action sequences work quite well, although the tight budget means that many are just either shoot to kill or hand to hand combat, there is nothing that would have cost a lot to have filmed.

Likewise screenwriter Richard Beattie’s (Dark Universe, TV’S True Justice) script takes the low budget into account as well. Although he does give the film it’s major plus side, the rather intriguing storyline that revolves around whether or not Samantha is in fact a government agent. It’s just a pity that Beattie seems to return back to the same one liners so many times throughout the film.

Acting wise the huge surprise is Steve Austin who certainly seems to be one of the better wrestler-turned-actors. Sure he isn’t exactly performing Hamlet here but his performance is in fact credible. A minor disappointment however is Steven Seagal who seems to drag down some of the action sequences… his age is really catching up to him.

If you’re a diehard action fan you will enjoy Maximum Conviction just don’t expect anything great.

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Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

IMDB Rating:Maximum Conviction (2012) on IMDb