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When it comes to albums it has been 33 years between drinks for Melbourne’s own thrash specialists Nothing Sacred. “It was never planned it just kind of happened that way,” says band member Karl Lean.

Planned or not that break never saw Nothing Sacred become forgotten. The band exploded onto Melbourne’s metal scene in the early 1980s and then set it alight with their 1985 Deathwish EP and that was followed up in 1988 with their Let Us Prey album… but then that was sadly it when it came to recorded music from Nothing Sacred – UNTIL NOW!!!!

The last couple of weeks have seen some big announcements for the new Nothing Sacred. First they announced a new album, called No Gods which will drop on July 16th, then they signed with Melbourne label Rue Morgue Records and to top it off for their fans released a very, very limited run of Deathwish EP boxsets.

“The company that are handling our European distribution didn’t have any Australian distribution,” says Karl as we begin to talk about  why the band made the decision to sign with Rue Morgue Records. “We released a single with Rue Morgue last year so it was a pretty easy step to just keep that relationship going that was already there. We’ve been really happy with John and I think that he has been really happy with us so it was just common sense to keep that relationship going.”

“So now we will go beyond that 7 inch vinyl release with him and it will go through to our album,” he says continuing. “We are so excited about it… we feel really great.”

Likewise the band say they are incredibly excited about the fact that their fans will soon get a chance to take a listen to the brand new No Gods albums, especially after the reaction to the first single released titled Final Crime.

“A couple of the tracks on the album actually date right back to the late 80s and the early 90s,” explains Karl as we begin to take a look at some of the tracks on the album. “We did actually record another album at the end of the 80s that never got released or finished. I think everything got tracked except for two tracks and we had started on the vocals and then everything went the way it does in bands sometimes… stuff happened.”

“So we wanted to go back and resuscitate a couple of tracks from that session,” he continues. “They were great tracks that we did back then and I think they are still great songs. So we pulled a couple of those out and we had all been writing throughout the years, but then four years ago we thought it was time to write even more tracks, polish it off and get it all done.”

Just like the band’s fans had not forgotten them over the years Karl says for the band themselves the magic of song-writing never dissipated either. “So we got together to start writing and to be honest the initial sessions went by really, really fast. We wrote four or five tracks in just a couple of weeks, so we ended up with about fifteen or sixteen tracks that we did demos of and we were experimenting with which ones to use and which ones not to use and in the end we just went with the ten that we liked the most.”

With the album set to be released in July Karl admits that the band does have plans for after that. They would love to book in some live gigs but are just waiting for the right time… and of course to see whether or not everything remains open.

“At the moment we don’t feel quite ready,” he admits. “We just have to shake out the cobwebs and make sure that we get around to doing it that we don’t embarrass ourselves. We had always loved playing live so we aren’t worried about it, we just need to get rid of those cobwebs, so I guess just watch out for the second half of the year and we will be out there.”

And to finish off Karl says there will also be some great goodies being released about the same time as No Gods drops as well. “Be prepared to give it a good listen,” he says as we begin to wind down the interview. “This album covers a lot of ground and I think we have a lot of different tracks on there. We like the coverage of the different feels on there – it is not a one dimensional album by any means. Look we are very happy with what is happening at the moment – working with John we have a great T-Shirt design that is going to come out with the album as well so we will be pushing that in about four weeks time – so if anybody wants to jump on and support us by grabbing that – that will be great.”

No Gods will be released through Rue Morgue Records on July 16th.


Melbourne band Nothing Sacred are certainly not new to the scene. They have been around since the early 1980s and are a proud member of the Rue Morgue Records stable, so it is not surprising that they were one of the first bands selected to have a track included on the Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 compilation. Recently I was able to sit down with band member Karl Lean to chat about what being on the compilation means to him.

“I’ve known John for a long time,” says Lean and we start the chat by talking about how the relationship between Nothing Sacred and Rue Morgue started. “I’ve always had a massive amount of respect for everything that John has ever done, he is really focussed, he is really committed and he takes a lot of pride in what he does. He also puts a big emphasis on doing a good job. His photography work over the past decade has been outstanding.”

“So when Rue Morgue Records kicked off and they started to look at putting out original music under their own banner it just happened to coincide where exactly we were at. We came off the Metal For Melbourne celebration in 2017 in front of about 600 or 700 people at the Corner Hotel and straight after that we thought that we needed to follow up on it by putting something out… something new. So we started to write a new set of songs, we had already started to do some writing but we thought we should do some more. We had about six or eight new tracks and then we started recording and then we wanted to do something with them.”

It really did seem like the stars were aligning for Nothing Sacred. “We knew that vinyl was making a big comeback,” Lean explains. “And then Rue Morgue came around so I reached out to John and he was only too happy to give us an opportunity to talk to him. I guess it really is a case of who you know.”

That brings our conversation around to what people can expect to hear from Nothing Sacred on Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1. “Ah, our track is called “Final Crime,” says Lean. “Strangely enough this is not one of the newer songs that we have written. In the original line-up of our band way back in the 1980s we were finishing off album number two and for various reasons, some being industry reasons and some being personnel reasons we never actually got to finish that second album.”

“So the album was recorded but never mixed and never mastered and never released,” says Lean continuing. “Of course back then we had different members and we even had different guitarists, but a couple of the tracks off that album have always been amongst some of my favourite tracks that we had ever written so we were keen to see them not completely wither and die. “Final Crime” was one of those tracks so we have dusted it off got the new band together – I should say we kind of have one new guitarist and one old guitarist because George has been with us off and on for thirty odd years but he has always drifted in and out as he works on other projects, so he is back on board so we recorded the track all afresh. So it is actually a new recording but it is a track that dates right back and we wanted to release it because a I think it is a quality track and b in our minds it is kind of the closing of a chapter.”

“Now we can look forward to doing new tracks with Rue Morgue,” he continues. “They will all be fresh new track so “Final Crime” felt like a nice bridge between the past and the present.”

One of the other reasons that Nothing Sacred wanted to be involved with this compilation was because they knew it was important for the local music scene. “One of the things that I love that Rue Morgue is doing things like this,” he says. “Pre the internet, pre the time when you could fire up a machine and find whatever you were looking for compilations were the main source with how people got exposed to things. The world is very different it is never going to be exactly like that again but I think with what John has managed to pull together this will be a great showcase of a variety of different things. So you may have come looking for one particular band but you may end up finding two or three others that really stand out to you. So I think it serves as a really valuable bridge, I think it is great that somebody is trying to bring this back together again and once again kiss life back into the idea of compilations… I love it!”

With bands like Nothing Sacred being part of Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 this is one album that you will definitely have to have in your collection.