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Melbourne classic rock champions, Riff Raiders have just released their second album,
Rock N Roll Daydream!

The album features eleven rock anthem tracks that successfully showcase and match the vocal range of powerhouse frontwoman Jenni Powell with Marty Powell’s song-crafting, guitar and production talents.

Rock N Roll Daydream comes hot on the heels of their recent Double-A side single Best Day Ever / Loaded Gun which was released with accompanying twin videos.

New single, Samantha Jones, tells the true story of a fan who left a vinyl copy of Riff Raiders first album on a train, and the awesome efforts Sammy J went to to get it back to him. Yeah, she’s doin’ it right!

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It has been a strange couple of months for Melbourne hard rock outfit Riff Raiders. First there was the success of the release of their double A-Side through Rue Morgue Records and then just as they were hitting the stage to promote the release of their brand new album Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream the tour came to a grinding halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But fans can still rejoice. Yes, they are stuck at home but they are able to enjoy what is one of the finest rock albums to be released this year in the form of Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to front-woman Jenni Powell about the creation of the album.

“We changed our line-up about a year ago,” says Powell as we begin our discussion about the massive line-up change that the band went through while they were in the process of recording the album. “We well and truly into the recording process at that point and I think that was the alarm bell particularly for Marty (Powell – the band’s guitarist) who is the producer/songwriter. His visions for the songs just wasn’t coming to profusion with the tracks as they were being recorded so it was a really difficult situation because the guys we were playing with we loved dearly but in the end the songs had to be the winners which made the decision really hard.”

And while changing members was a really hard decision to make it also meant putting the creation of Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream on ice as well. “That was a really hard decision to,” she admits. “We had to shelve everything and start everything again, particularly with the drums because they just weren’t sounding right. We did use one track on the album though with the original drummer, so he’s still on the album and been heard on the radio a few times recently. But it was a tough time because I am a people pleaser and maybe that is the role of a front-person because I want everybody to love me and I want everybody to be really happy, and I was always like ‘that sounds really good’ and ‘yeah that sounds awesome’ but Marty really knew and he was right… the songs are the best they can be now, so it was tough but fair decision in order to change that all up.”

The amazing thing about Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream has an album is that it is an album full of infectious rock tracks with no filler so I asked Powell how Marty goes about his song-writing technique.”They really are all Marty’s babies,” says Powell honestly in reference to the tracks on the album. “He and I are partners in life and in music so he will show me ideas along the way and ask me ‘how does this sound?’ and ‘this doesn’t sound too much like this band or this other song, does it?’ and I’ll always answer honestly and be like ‘that sounds good’ or ‘yes that does sound a little bit like this or that.’ But really the process for him is to be locked away in his music room and then being inspired by things. It really is his process and it is really nothing much to do with us until he brings an almost fully-formed song to rehearsal.”

“That was even more so this time because they were all pretty much done,” says Powell continuing. “The writing process really didn’t involve the new line-up and we probably collaborated a little more on “Light” which is quite a personal song and even now I struggle to sing that song without getting a lump in my throat because it is something that is really dear to us because we are singing about our kids essentially. So yeah, the song-writing process is really just a lot of stuff that is in Marty’s head and there are things like “Stepping On A Cloud” which is very different to anything that we have ever done before because it has Marty on vocals, I do have an appearance on it though, and that track was inspired from when the band when skydiving together a year before when we played at a sky-diving festival so I always get that euphoria of what it was like to jump out of a plane together when I listen to it or am performing it. It’s been an interesting write.”

There is no doubt out Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream is one interesting ride that you will want to listen to over and over so make sure you grab yourself a copy when the album is released next week.



Melbourne’s very own Riff Raiders are hitting 2020 with a bang. Aside from heading out on a tour that will see them headline the Kilmore Rock Festival the band also have their vinyl Double A-Side single landing on February 18th through Rue Morgue Records and then release their brand new album Rock ‘N’ Roll Daydream in March.

The band’s debut album Live Like You Mean It was released to critical acclaim and won the band a legion of fans. When we recently sat down to interview Riff Raider’s very own Marty Powell he admitted that it was something that was weighing on their mind as they worked on the new album. “I didn’t feel pressure when I was writing the songs because that felt like a bit of a break-through,” he says. “We were doing a lot of shows and we felt like a band on a run so the songs were coming from excitement and adrenalin so that worked really well.”

“But when it came to recording them we really wanted to approach them differently,” he admits. “I started the album about a year ago and like what happens with other artists – I just wasn’t happy with it and that is why the line-up of the band changed. That was so we could make it as good as we good.”

As we talk about the events that surrounded that moment we talk about what a drastic decision it was to make. “It was a really important decision to make,” agrees Powell. “The guys we were playing with were great at that level but musically if we wanted to go to that next stage we had to do something, and it was pointed out by the producer we were working with at the time. But yeah it was painful. But I thought if we are going to go to all this trouble and we have the best batch of songs that we can come up with then we really have to do them justice.”

“So we decided that we needed a different rhythm section,” he continues. “I think different is a better word than better, we just needed a different style and then I worked with a different producer that pushed it to a whole another level again. But we didn’t rush into it. We did a lot of shows with the new line-up to break in the band again, which I think you can hear on the recordings. It held things up but it also made things better. It also gave me the opportunity to define the songs a bit more and by re-recording them we were able to give everything a second go. That really helped.”

The work of the line-up is clearly evident on the Double A Side that is about to be released by Rue Morgue and they are both tracks that Powell are clearly proud of. “You’ve got Loaded Gun and Best Day Ever,” he explains. “They are the lead tracks off the new album – Rock ‘N’ Roll Daydream. There are two very different sounds of the band on show with these tracks.”

“Loaded Gun has that classic kind of slide, kind of a classic rock sound to it,” he says continuing. “The other track that is there is still rock but I guess it has more of 90s kind of vibe to it… it is a bit more fun. We really wanted to show different sides of the band. It is all rock, the title of the album pretty much explains that, and we aren’t ripping anything off but when I write the songs I always try to think about what kind of rock music I like which is all different styles. So when you listen to the album you hear those different styles as well, and the idea is that this kind of music has been around for a long while so we just try to do songs in this genre. It isn’t exactly re-inventing the wheel but putting more wheels on sale I guess is the best way to describe it.”

The one thing that really strikes you about these two tracks is the catchiness of them Walk away after listening to Best Day Ever and you will be humming it for the rest of the day. “We’re all about hooks,” says Powell laughing. “It’s not even about what we do in the studio, it’s about how we write the track and then arrange it with the band. You get to do that in the studio as well but when you see us live it is there as well. That comes back to that classic type of song-writing, it is heavy but you still want to be able to whistle the tune. That was The Beatles concept – is the song memorable? Playing that kind of music though can be difficult, take Loaded Gun for example, you are holding it back a bit. It’s like AC/DC when you get a band to groove like that it is quite powerful, but that is hard to achieve just smashing away and doing what you like. There is restraint there but you also want that hook side, so you try to go for both.”

Whatever the recipe is that Riff Raiders are working on it obviously works because both Loaded Gun and Best Day Ever are something very special indeed.