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Witchgrinder are celebrating 10 years since the release of their first full-length album “The Demon Calling” with a limited remastered vinyl pressing.

In what is a stunning package, the album will feature a darkly gold and black splatter vinyl and come with exclusive and rare behind the scene photos as well as never before seen promo and Live Photos. There will also be signed copies of the album available with each record also coming with a digital download code.

This week Travis Everett from Witchgrinder chatted to Dave Griffiths about the release.

Released through Rue Morgue Records.
This will be a strictly limited edition release shipping early 2023.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact sound for Melbourne’s very own HZED. Some have said that their style of rock conjures up memories of  Chrissy Amphlet while others say they have had the unique ability of capturing 50 years worth of rock all in one track. While a lot is said about them one thing remains fact – everything this band does sounds bloody great.

Resurrected from the ashes of guitarist Shano and drummer Sam’s old band Backyard Funk HZED took form when the remaining members got stuck into some serious writing for a rock project they had in mind. But they ran into a pretty major brick wall – they couldn’t find the perfect front-person for the band and that is when Shano thought of his sister, Michelle.

“I had been asking her to get back into the music industry for about a decade or so,” he explains. “She had stopped at about aged 18 or 19 and finally she said yes. It was a bit of a slow start because she hadn’t done anything for awhile but once she clicked in things really got started.”

Shano’s explanation makes Michelle laugh as she sits beside him “Let’s be honest he wasn’t asking he was harassing,” she says laughing hard. That laughter grows when I ask her what made her finally give in. “I really can’t say,” she says. “I just decided that I wanted to give it a shot and I thought why not. It was very scary but then things just started flowing and I haven’t looked back since.”

“Since we got Ads (the band’s new bass player) everything has just gone from being mediocre to the next level,” she says continuing.  “We are all writing together really well and just everything has been happening.”

Just as the band started to buzz though they soon found themselves with another obstacle in their way – COVID hit meaning that Melbourne went into lockdowns and the band couldn’t even get together to rehearse. Not to be deterred though they got stuck into writing and made sure each member had their own equipment to get the ball rolling. The result of some those sessions was the brand new single No Colour.

“The way that we write songs is that Shano will get an idea and he will put the track down, he’ll send it me and I will year or nah,” says Michelle when I ask about the origins of No Colour. “Then I will sit there, listen to it and get a vibe off it and then I will start writing the words for it.”

No Colour can be taken a few different ways,” she says continuing. “My way though is that it is about when you are down, when you are depressed, you are not happy and you are not feeling great about things and you don’t want to feel great about things when you are in that spot. That is why there is no colour – you don’t want things to be better, you don’t want it to get worse – you just want to stay in this spot that keeps you dull. That is my feeling and thought behind the no colour.”

For Shano it turns out that coming up with the original idea of the song was very natural indeed. “I’m one of those guys that will be walking the streets and then just suddenly hear something and it all starts flowing, but then when I sit down with my guitar nothing,” he says. “So I just sit with my guitar and play and play until something comes out that sounds good. Then when it sounds good I pull my phone out record it and just slap it down with the raw guitar.”

With the track finally in the can the band then decided that it was time to do something a little different to what they had done in the past. “We’ve all been in different bands but we have never released anything on vinyl before,” says Shano with excitement in his voice. “But that was something that has always been on my bucket list. I have always wanted to put something out on vinyl and the way it worked out was once we started working with Rusty and when it was reworked I realised that we just had to release it on vinyl because it was something that I wanted to keep forever.”

To finish off the interview I ask Michelle what she would like to say to anyone out there who is thinking about grabbing a copy of No Colours through Rue Morgue. “I would just say get on it,” she says with a laugh. “It is original, hard rock and that is what we are trying to bring out to everyone. We want it to be raw rock – the old school. Listen to – you’ll love it.”

No Colour is available from Rue Morgue Records right now.

One of the most ambitious projects of last year was the Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 album, and the great news is it was so successful that Rue Morgue now has Vol 2 well and truly on the way. Once again the album is going to be full of some of Australia’s most creative artists and one of the first people to put his hand up to be involved with the project was Mat Robins from Melbourne’s very own Cicadastone.

“You have to go with what is working don’t you,” says Robins with a laugh when I ask was he was so quick to become involved with Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 2. “John promoted the first one like crazy and it made a big impact around town so I really wanted to be involved with Volume 2 on as many levels as I could. So I got the studio involved, I helped find artists and I obviously thought that being involved, myself, musically was a good thing to do. I thought this would be a win-win for everybody.”

As we talk more about Robins’ involvement with Vol 2 we begin to talk about how he and Rue Morgue founder John Rapitis went about finding artists for the project.

“There were some artists that were just so obvious because they were people that I have worked with,” explains Robins. “I would just be sitting there and think well who have I worked with. And then I would think well this artist was good that artist was good and I would just suggest those people and then I would get John to check them out.”

“Then there were some artists that John discovered himself,” says Robins continuing. “We would discuss those through Facebook and we would send each other links and stuff and more often than not he was on the money. In the end it ended up being quite an alternative style of bands and artists so I think it is quite cohesive what we have chosen.”

For a lot of music fans compilation albums were a big way of discovering new bands – you would buy a couple of new music magazines each month and suddenly have a goldmine of new artists to listen to, and that is something that Robins feels is important with Volume 2 – it is a way for people to discover new bands.

“I have always been a fan of the formula,” says Robins again laughing. “I grew up in the era of the cassette tape and I would have albums like 1985 On Fire and it would have bands like Crowded House and INXS and I loved all that stuff, but they were all big bands that you would see on TV so to see it on a more local level a it is great and b there are not many labels around town who are doing that these days at all. So it is definitely needed and it is exciting… it is great to be involved.”

The fact that compilations like Vol 2 allow artists to get their music out to a whole new audience leads me to ask Robins whether albums like this have just become even more important given that we are living during a time when artists can’t get out there to play shows to get noticed due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

“It is a definitely a way to do it, and it is definitely a good way to do it,” says Robins. “I think we will see an explosion of new music over the next six months and I think when it comes to the compilation album it really depends on the power of what the label putting it out can do. I think compilation play-listing will be the new standard but I think guys like John who are true to the vinyl format I think that is fantastic. It is such an art form to do – to create a vinyl record.”

To finish off the interview I ask Robins a simple question – why should everyone go out and grab a copy of Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 2?

“It’s pretty simple,” he answers. “Everyone should go out and grab themselves a copy if they love any kind of alternative rock music… I think they will find there are a lot of great gems on this record. Secondly supporting local music is a big deal and buying actual physical copies where the money goes to the artists is definitely better than streaming it and supporting a local label that is still getting off the ground in the big picture. John has come a long way in such a short period of time so if people buy the album it helps the label a lot more.”

Murders In The Rue Morgue Volume 2 is available for pre-order right now.

When it comes to albums it has been 33 years between drinks for Melbourne’s own thrash specialists Nothing Sacred. “It was never planned it just kind of happened that way,” says band member Karl Lean.

Planned or not that break never saw Nothing Sacred become forgotten. The band exploded onto Melbourne’s metal scene in the early 1980s and then set it alight with their 1985 Deathwish EP and that was followed up in 1988 with their Let Us Prey album… but then that was sadly it when it came to recorded music from Nothing Sacred – UNTIL NOW!!!!

The last couple of weeks have seen some big announcements for the new Nothing Sacred. First they announced a new album, called No Gods which will drop on July 16th, then they signed with Melbourne label Rue Morgue Records and to top it off for their fans released a very, very limited run of Deathwish EP boxsets.

“The company that are handling our European distribution didn’t have any Australian distribution,” says Karl as we begin to talk about  why the band made the decision to sign with Rue Morgue Records. “We released a single with Rue Morgue last year so it was a pretty easy step to just keep that relationship going that was already there. We’ve been really happy with John and I think that he has been really happy with us so it was just common sense to keep that relationship going.”

“So now we will go beyond that 7 inch vinyl release with him and it will go through to our album,” he says continuing. “We are so excited about it… we feel really great.”

Likewise the band say they are incredibly excited about the fact that their fans will soon get a chance to take a listen to the brand new No Gods albums, especially after the reaction to the first single released titled Final Crime.

“A couple of the tracks on the album actually date right back to the late 80s and the early 90s,” explains Karl as we begin to take a look at some of the tracks on the album. “We did actually record another album at the end of the 80s that never got released or finished. I think everything got tracked except for two tracks and we had started on the vocals and then everything went the way it does in bands sometimes… stuff happened.”

“So we wanted to go back and resuscitate a couple of tracks from that session,” he continues. “They were great tracks that we did back then and I think they are still great songs. So we pulled a couple of those out and we had all been writing throughout the years, but then four years ago we thought it was time to write even more tracks, polish it off and get it all done.”

Just like the band’s fans had not forgotten them over the years Karl says for the band themselves the magic of song-writing never dissipated either. “So we got together to start writing and to be honest the initial sessions went by really, really fast. We wrote four or five tracks in just a couple of weeks, so we ended up with about fifteen or sixteen tracks that we did demos of and we were experimenting with which ones to use and which ones not to use and in the end we just went with the ten that we liked the most.”

With the album set to be released in July Karl admits that the band does have plans for after that. They would love to book in some live gigs but are just waiting for the right time… and of course to see whether or not everything remains open.

“At the moment we don’t feel quite ready,” he admits. “We just have to shake out the cobwebs and make sure that we get around to doing it that we don’t embarrass ourselves. We had always loved playing live so we aren’t worried about it, we just need to get rid of those cobwebs, so I guess just watch out for the second half of the year and we will be out there.”

And to finish off Karl says there will also be some great goodies being released about the same time as No Gods drops as well. “Be prepared to give it a good listen,” he says as we begin to wind down the interview. “This album covers a lot of ground and I think we have a lot of different tracks on there. We like the coverage of the different feels on there – it is not a one dimensional album by any means. Look we are very happy with what is happening at the moment – working with John we have a great T-Shirt design that is going to come out with the album as well so we will be pushing that in about four weeks time – so if anybody wants to jump on and support us by grabbing that – that will be great.”

No Gods will be released through Rue Morgue Records on July 16th.

After a year of pandemic lockdown Melbourne artist Karly Jewell is brushing off the musical cobwebs and jumping headfirst into 2021. Not only has Jewell been able to announce that her latest track ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is set to appear on the new Murder In The Rue Morgue Vol II compilation but she has also been welcomed into the Rue Morgue Records family as they release the track on limited edition vinyl.

There is clear excitement as Jewell explains to me how the relationship with Rue Morgue began. “The producer that I work with, Mat Robins, works really close with John,” she explains. “John saw what I was doing with Mat but he had also seen a lot of what I had been doing over the last few years. He saw that I was always at it and had live shows all the time. I just tried to push everything that I was doing and he really recognised that so I was so thankful for that.”

Robins has been a huge help with a number of Rue Morgue artists over the past couple of years and Jewell tells me that he is brilliant to work with. “He is awesome to work with,” she says smiling. “I have worked with other producers and they all have their really strong points and they all have reasons that I like to work with them, but Mat and I have a friendship and we feel really connected through music.”

“I think also being friends with him means I always feel really comfortable in all situations in the studio,” she goes on to explain. “That means we are able to deliver each song because each song has different emotions and I can be like ‘hey Mat I am going to cry my eyes out’ and I can do whatever I need to to get that feeling for that song. He just puts me in a really creative space where I am completely comfortable which I feel is very important for artists because if you don’t the people or if a manager has put you in a studio with a producer that you don’t know so I guess you haven’t really got your guard up but you aren’t being your true self. But with Mat you feel that you can just be completely you and he is great to work with and he catches things. He works really hard and he just pushes you hard as well.”

As the interview goes on Jewell begins to tell me what Dancing With The Devil is all about and why the track means so much to her. “The track was really personal,” she says. “I wouldn’t say that i suffer from depression badly but it has been part of my journey. Things get rough and things happen in life and it is that realisation that it isn’t what happens it is you that lets that in. Even if it is depression I sometimes get lost in the dark and I write myself out of things.”

“Anybody that has that if they can turn that around and take that on as their super power then they are winning,” she says as we concentrate on writing to get yourself out of dark times in your life. “Depression isn’t always a bad thing it can be used as your strength and I guess I have had a meltdown where I have just been in my room for three days crying and I felt all that but then I was like ‘No.’ I started to write and then I realised that I was the boss, I’ve got this. Yes this will follow me forever and yes I will have to live with it forever but I am the one that is leading this dance. Depression is something that I have learnt to step aside from it and realise that it is just a feeling… that is how I look at it. That’s when I write and it really is trying to find something good from something bad and I will always write when I am in the dark.”

“With Dancing With The Devil the devil wasn’t supposed to be the devil,” she goes on to explain. “It wasn’t about anything evil, when people say we are fighting demons it is another word for depression so that is where the title came from – it is my devil, it is my depression. I was taught from a very early age that my guitar that was given to me was my diary and my grandfather said to me “when you have nothing at all you will always have music.” To me it is escape when I have nothing at all and I will always use that.”Dancing With The Devil is out now as a limited release from Rue Morgue Records.

Well after reviewing a lot of albums this year I have landed on my favorite 10.


Absolutely riveting.

9. SOILWORK – The Whisp Of The Atlantic

Soilwork said they wanted to do something completely different to what they had done before and they certainly did.

8. ME AND THAT MAN – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol 1

An album that I can listen to over and over again.

7. SEETHER – Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Seether bounced back to their best with one of the most underrated albums of 2020.

6. VARIOUS ARTISTS – Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1

In their short history Rue Morgue Records have made a name for discovering some of Australia’s finest talent and this just brought it all together on one CD.

5. BON JOVI – 2020

As a year 2020 left a bitter taste in our mouth but nobody captured the mood of the world quite like Bon Jovi on their 2020 album.

4. ELEPHANT GUN – Now To Survive

Great to hear these guys back and now they deliver one of the albums of the year.

3. AC/DC – Power Up

AC/DC proved they still have it with a brilliant album of what they do best – catchy hard rock.

2. MARILYN MANSON – We Are Chaos

Stunningly brilliant album… if you haven’t heard it yet go out and grab yourself a copy right now.

1. AMARANTHE – Manifest

This band has just been getting better and better over the past few years and now they have reached the pinnacle with this amazing album.

At times over the years it has felt like the compilation album is dead and buried. I still remember those days of buying the latest music magazine and then having to get past that sticky stuff (what the hell was that?) to get my prized sampler of new music off the front of the cover.

Well Australia’s very own Rue Morgue Records has brought the compilation album back as they deliver Murder In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 that delivers a killer lot of music from the likes of artists like Fierce Diety, Dan Brittain and Espionage. Another band on the album are hard rock outfit The Vendettas and I recently caught up with them to chat about their track that can be found on the compilation.

“We’ve been together now for about fifteen years,” says vocalist Steve Redden as we start to delve a little into the history of The Vendettas. “Band members have come in and out over that time but Jared the guitarist and myself have been writing together for about 10 years now. In that time we have also released two full length albums and an EP as well and the track that you will hear on Murder In The Rue Morgue is off our third album that we have recorded.”

It is that third album that has led to the relationship forming between the band and Rue Morgue Records. “We had just finished the album back in 2018,” explains Steve. “We had released our other two albums independently but this time we felt that the songs had a little bit more of a commercial sound to them so we wanted to get some help from some labels and some publishing licensing and stuff like that so we sent it out to John (the owner of Rue Morgue) and he listened to it the next day and he was emailing us back after he listened to each song saying how much he liked it. He had a relationship with Golden Robot Records so passed it onto them.”

From there the vinyl relationship that The Vendettas have with Rue Morgue Records has grown and grown to the point where their single “Face To Face” can now be found on Murder In The Rue Morgue Vol 1.

“So we picked the first track on the album, “Face To Face,” says Steve with a laugh. “I think that resinated with John in the very early days because that was the one song that he told us that he wanted for the compilation… he let us know that before we even discussed it.”

“It is a bit of different track for us,” he goes on to explain. “Previously the rock songs that we used to do were punchy and straight from the beginning to end but this one has got a nice long intro. It actually builds for like a minute and a half before any of the vocals even come in. We now like to open with the tracks as well because you can feel the vibe of the rock because the guitar starts and then the bass comes in underneath it and then you have the drums build on the toms and it is just something that you do sometimes think whether or not an audience will sit there for a minute or a half but it does work.”

I finish off the interview by asking Steve how important compilations and labels like Rue Morgue are in the current musical environment. “People like John are so important to the scene,” says Steve with admiration in his voice. “Trying to promote your own band is a tough thing to do and I have been saying to a few people lately that there are two parts to the Melbourne live music scene. There is the rock scene and then there is the rock family. I think it is so important to build that family side of things, so if John ever needs anything from us we will do it no worries because of what he has done for us and vice versa. That’s why I think that having bands on a compilation like this you do feel that sense of family because we are all promoting this together and then we started promoting each other’s shows and each other’s singles and I think that is really important.”

Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 is out now.


No Aussie music compilation is complete without some dirty bluesy rock, right? Well bringing that to the table on the Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1 album is Melbourne band Southbound Snake Charmers. This is a band who describe themselves as dirtier than a roadhouse bathroom and guaranteed to make you slither like a red-bellied black snake – and boy do they bring some magic to this album.

“So currently what we say we play is psychedelic swamp groove,” says main man Chris when I catch up with to find out a little more about the band. “This band has taken quite a few forms, initially we were three guitarists playing really heavy kind of Delta blues stuff and then that evolved through to drums, then some sax and an extra singer.”

“Then at some point the original singer left and me and the other guitarist did the old rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to take singing lessons to become the singer,” he says continuing with a laugh. “I lost, obviously since I’m the singer. So I went and got singing lessons and then when we went in to record our new EP we started to hang around Music Land and there was a bunch of musicians hanging around there so we picked up a bass player and then became a four-piece.”

Despite that major change though the band were still evolving. “We recorded our first two EPs like that,” Chris explains. “We had a real dirty blues sound – almost like The Black Keys but heavier, that sort of sound. Then the guitarist left and we became a three-piece for two albums, one of which we just released and that had the single on it that we did with Rue Morgue “Through The Smoke.” With the latest stuff we’ve been told we sound like a heavier version of Credence so you can see why we are saying it is psychedelic swamp groove.”

Southbound Snake Charmers’ relationship with Rue Morgue Records all started with Chris’ radio show. “We’ve been doing it for about fourteen years,” he explains. “And I met John through another photographer, so he had been on the show before and when I saw that he had started the label up and he was putting out singles I thought ‘this looks pretty good, let’s try and jump on this early.” So I messaged him and told him that we had just put an album out and were keen to put a single out so we went through there.”

As we delve more into the band’s music Chris tells me that the track you hear from them on the Rue Morgue Records compilation is a little bit different to the to the other music that they have been playing lately. “It’s weird because it is not our traditional psychedelic swamp groove,” he says. “I had seen what John was trying to do with the compilation. He was heading towards one of those old compilations that you used to get with the magazines. That was what he was heading towards so being a very big Motorhead fan, especially the first era especially the first two albums where they were basically a blues band but very heavy, I thought I could do something there and that would fit with the compilation and it would still be true to what we do, so yeah we put out a song called “Bad Ass Blues.””

“I had actually been playing around with those lyrics since Lemmy had passed,” he goes to say as he talks about the very beginnings of the album. “But I didn’t want to be like everybody else and just quickly put out a Lemmy tribute song. I just wanted to do it for myself and write what I wanted to write and everything just seemed to land in the same spot when this came out so I thought ‘let’s do this now.’ So we did.”

As we begin to wrap up Chris has just one piece of advice for those people who still haven’t bought their copy of Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol. 1. “Don’t hesitate, just grab it,” he says happily. “This is going to give you a great taste of a palette of a whole bunch of stuff there. You are going to get a taste of bands that you may never have listened to before!”



One artist that couldn’t be more excited about having a track on the Murder In The Rue Morgue Volume 1 compilation is solo musician Grant Burns. Burns has made a name for himself over the years performing with bands such as Mason, Vulgod, Vespers Descent, Darkenium and Watercolour Ghosts and he released his solo album Chaos In Design with Rue Morgue Records last year.

“My journey with Rue Morgue all started when I was recording my solo album,” says Burns when I get a chance to chat to him about the new compilation. “I was recording it and I just wanted to do something with it. It was around about the time that Rue Morgue Records was starting and I’d had a few offers but I was like ‘nah that’s not for me’ and I kept going.”

“Then I contacted John,” he says continuing. “I contacted him mainly for his camera work and I said ‘would you mind doing some shots for this album that I have been working on’ and he said ‘yeah no worries.’ So I gave him all the stuff just so he get an idea of where I was headed and then he listened to it and he said ‘we’ve got to meet as soon as we can because I think we can do something.’ For me that was a really nice feeling when you have been working so hard on an album and I had no idea what to do with that. That was the start but then the great part was putting it all together, for me it wasn’t just about releasing a bunch of tracks that I had been working on so from there we just worked together to see how we would put it out and promote it and make it something tangible that we could put out there. Looking back to what it was like after it was released it was just basically…WOW!”

For those people out there who are going to be lucky enough to buy one of the limited edition Murder In The Rue Morgue Volume 1 compilation albums they will get something very special from the hands and mind of Grant Burns. “The compilation track is something that I wanted to do special just for that,” he explains. “It is just a one off track that I did just for the compilation, the reason being because after all the work with my single and my EP and everything that Rue Morgue have done for me when it came to the compilation I wanted to do something different. I wanted something that hadn’t been released because I wanted something new on there. I wanted it to be something special and I wanted to be able to thank John for the hard work that he had done.”

“So what I did was I gave him the track as a thank you and then there would be something new on the album,” he explains. “Also because it is a one off track it gave me the opportunity to experiment a little bit so that was kind of exciting in itself because I had a few tracks and I wasn’t sure which one to pick. But I had all these different ideas where I could use different guitars and such because it is a one off and I could do whatever I wanted. So in the end I convinced Jarrod Moseley (from death metal outfit Destructor) to play drums on it, so this particular track is a lot more drum orientated which made it really fun, and because it was just a one-off we didn’t have to rehearse for hours or anything like that. It was just more like ‘come down to the studio and we will just go for it.’”

With Burns being so happy about what he was able to do for Murders In The Rue Morgue I asked him just how important compilations like these are to have out there. “This was hugely important for me,” he says with happiness in his voice. “I think the whole Rue Morgue thing and what it has done for me is quite a lot so in a sense it has helped create my main music entity and has helped me to reach out to entire new audience. So for me to be able to be on this compilation at all is just another way for me to reach other audience members that weren’t potentially there before. I think there is also a bit of a community feel there as well, I mean you are a part of a family with the Rue Morgue compilation. You are not just thrown in there it is something that Rue Morgue have put together and we are all in it together and I don’t think that anyone else who is on that compilation wouldn’t lend a hand whenever something came up. So yeah, it is a bit of a community as well.”

So for all music lovers out there do the right thing and get behind the community and grab yourself a copy of Murders In The Rue Morgue Volume 1.


It has been a strange couple of months for Melbourne hard rock outfit Riff Raiders. First there was the success of the release of their double A-Side through Rue Morgue Records and then just as they were hitting the stage to promote the release of their brand new album Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream the tour came to a grinding halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But fans can still rejoice. Yes, they are stuck at home but they are able to enjoy what is one of the finest rock albums to be released this year in the form of Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to front-woman Jenni Powell about the creation of the album.

“We changed our line-up about a year ago,” says Powell as we begin our discussion about the massive line-up change that the band went through while they were in the process of recording the album. “We well and truly into the recording process at that point and I think that was the alarm bell particularly for Marty (Powell – the band’s guitarist) who is the producer/songwriter. His visions for the songs just wasn’t coming to profusion with the tracks as they were being recorded so it was a really difficult situation because the guys we were playing with we loved dearly but in the end the songs had to be the winners which made the decision really hard.”

And while changing members was a really hard decision to make it also meant putting the creation of Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream on ice as well. “That was a really hard decision to,” she admits. “We had to shelve everything and start everything again, particularly with the drums because they just weren’t sounding right. We did use one track on the album though with the original drummer, so he’s still on the album and been heard on the radio a few times recently. But it was a tough time because I am a people pleaser and maybe that is the role of a front-person because I want everybody to love me and I want everybody to be really happy, and I was always like ‘that sounds really good’ and ‘yeah that sounds awesome’ but Marty really knew and he was right… the songs are the best they can be now, so it was tough but fair decision in order to change that all up.”

The amazing thing about Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream has an album is that it is an album full of infectious rock tracks with no filler so I asked Powell how Marty goes about his song-writing technique.”They really are all Marty’s babies,” says Powell honestly in reference to the tracks on the album. “He and I are partners in life and in music so he will show me ideas along the way and ask me ‘how does this sound?’ and ‘this doesn’t sound too much like this band or this other song, does it?’ and I’ll always answer honestly and be like ‘that sounds good’ or ‘yes that does sound a little bit like this or that.’ But really the process for him is to be locked away in his music room and then being inspired by things. It really is his process and it is really nothing much to do with us until he brings an almost fully-formed song to rehearsal.”

“That was even more so this time because they were all pretty much done,” says Powell continuing. “The writing process really didn’t involve the new line-up and we probably collaborated a little more on “Light” which is quite a personal song and even now I struggle to sing that song without getting a lump in my throat because it is something that is really dear to us because we are singing about our kids essentially. So yeah, the song-writing process is really just a lot of stuff that is in Marty’s head and there are things like “Stepping On A Cloud” which is very different to anything that we have ever done before because it has Marty on vocals, I do have an appearance on it though, and that track was inspired from when the band when skydiving together a year before when we played at a sky-diving festival so I always get that euphoria of what it was like to jump out of a plane together when I listen to it or am performing it. It’s been an interesting write.”

There is no doubt out Rock ‘n’ Roll Daydream is one interesting ride that you will want to listen to over and over so make sure you grab yourself a copy when the album is released next week.