The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

Summary: Mary Shelley reveals the main characters of her novel survived: Dr. Frankenstein (goaded by an even madder scientist) builds his monster a mate.

Year: 1935

Australian Cinema Release Date: 22nd April, 1935

Australian DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date: N/A

Country: United States

Director: James Whale

Screenwriter: John L. Balderston, Josef Berne, Lawrence G. Blochman, Marton Covan, Robert Florey, William Hurlbut, Philip MacDonald, Edmund Pearson, Tom Reed, R.C. Sherriff, Mary Shelley (novel)

Cast: Reginald Barlow (Hans), Ted Billings (Ludwig), Colin Clive (Henry Frankenstein), E.E. Clive (Burgomaster), J. Gunnis Davis (Uncle Glutz), Neil Fitzgerald (Rudy), Dwight Frye (Karl), Gavin Gordon (Lord Byron), Valerie Hobson (Elizabeth), Boris Karloff (The Monster), Elsa Lanchester (Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley), Una O’Connor (Minnie), Tempe Pigott (Auntie Glutz), Sarah Schwartz (Marta), Ernest Thesigner (Doctor Pretorius), Douglas Walton (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Runtime: 75 mins

Classification: N/A

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