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Amali Ward

Make sure you tune to The Wednesday Motley Crew tomorrow morning when Dave and Greg chat to the delightful Amali Ward about her new album. We also talk to celebrity chef Ragini Dey about her new cookbook and to film director Jeremy Stanford who is about to launch his new film ‘The Sunset Six’.

Plus all our regulars will be back, Nick Gardener takes a look at the latest films out this week, Matt The Supercoach Advisor helps you pick up your teams, The Angry Young Man Adam takes a swipe at what has been annoying him all week… and of course Wazza gets past security again and talks about his latest adventures.

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Death Dealer

As a founding member of both Manowar and The Dictators, guitarist Ross The Boss needs no introduction. But it’s been a while since the metal masses heard from Ross, leading some to wonder if or when he would return. The wait is now over, as his newly formed outfit, Death Dealer, is ready to rock and take the world by storm, with their debut album, ‘Warmaster.’

“The Death Dealer sound is a mighty combination of five very talented, seasoned musicians,” explains Ross. “It’s classic power metal with the brutal edge of thrash, speed, and precision.” And when he says the band is comprised of talented and seasoned musicians, he’s not kidding, as Death Dealer also includes vocalist Sean Peck (Cage), guitarist Stu Marshall (producer and guitarist for such voices as Udo Dirkschneider and Steve Grimmett), bassist Mike Davis (Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden), and drummer Rhino (Manowar).

Formed last year via correspondence over the internet, as soon as work commenced on the material, Ross knew he had met his metallic match. “Well, after they sent the first tune over, I was blown away, then Stu and Sean tell me they want me to join this band, called Death Dealer. I say, ‘Who else is in the band? They say, ‘Rhino on drums.’ I’m in! Stu goes, ‘It was either you or we would have asked KK Downing to be on guitar.’ Wow!”

As evidenced by such tunes as “Death Dealer,” “Never to Kneel,” and “The Devil’s Mile,” for fans of authentic, no-holds-barred, manly heavy metal, ‘Warmaster’ is an absolute godsend. And soon, Death Dealer will be converting metalheads worldwide to their cause. “Our future plans? Obviously to put Death Dealer on the worldwide metal map, and to engage large crowds and render them shocked and satisfied.”

Death Dealer is: Sean Peck – vocals 
/ Stu Marshall – guitar 
/ Ross the Boss – guitar / Mike Davis- bass 
/ Rhino – drums

Warmaster is due for an Australian release on June 17. The package is a special hand signed DigiPak featuring an absolute swag of extras.
Check out the Album Trailer for it HERE
It is available for order from the bands webstore HERE

Much Ado About Nothing

Sharmill Films is thrilled to announce its latest acquisition, Joss Whedon’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s celebrated play MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The film is set for release later in 2013.

 Joss Whedon’s (The Avengers, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Cabin in the Woods, Toy Story) acclaimed modern re-telling of the Bard’s comedic play stars Whedon film and television regulars Amy Acker (‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’), Alexis Denisof (‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’), Clark Gregg (The Avengers), Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) and Nathan Fillion (‘Buffy’, ‘Firefly’, Serenity).

 Using the original text, adapted by Joss Whedon, the story of sparring lovers Beatrice (Acker) and Benedick (Denisof) offers a dark, sexy, funny and occasionally absurd view of the intricate game that is love.

 Much Ado About Nothing was shot in and around Joss Whedon’s own home in Santa Monica, California, while he was still working on the blockbuster superhero film The Avengers. Co-produced by Whedon’s wife Kai Cole, the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Australian theatrical release date will be announced soon.

The last major film version of Much Ado About Nothing was actor/director Kenneth Branagh’s large scale production 20 years ago starring Branagh and Emma Thompson.

Whedon’s fresh take on the play has received rave reviews and sold-out festival screenings overseas. Trailers for the film have gone viral online as fans of Whedon’s work and Shakespeare alike anticipate the cinema release.

Film Ink

While derided by fans of the source material at the time of its release, Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, about a man driven to insanity and murderous rage by a haunted house, is now considered a horror masterpiece. It’s one of those “classics” that has continued to grow in stature over the years, with Kubrick obsessives continuing to decrypt and contest its meaning.

Three decades on, Kubrick’s iconic images, no doubt permanently imprinted into the minds of many a film fan, remain just as potent and frightening. Recall the twins in the hallway, the woman in room 237, a manic Jack Nicholson hacking through the door with a swinging axe, and the horrifying reveal of the message “RedRum”. And in a new TVC for FilmInk, award-winning filmmaker, Julian Shaw, has recreated the latter scene, but with a cheeky twist.

“I’ve seen The Shining dozens of times, first as a teenager, and it’s a rare film I can watch from beginning to end and be held all the way through,” Shaw says. “The RedRum scene isn’t my favourite, I love Jack’s initial job interview and his scenes in the bar, but it’s an iconic scene.”

Shaw has meticulously replicated that scene shot by shot for the TVC, which actually proved a tougher gig than many may anticipate. “You can play the scenes side by side and the cutting points are identical,” Shaw says. “It’s a big production design job and a challenge mostly for the actors to hit their marks. I had printouts of each set up from The Shining distributed to all the crew so we were all on the same page. It’s actually harder replicating something, because you are answering to a higher power, whereas when you’re directing your own material you are more free to change your coverage.”

But while faithful to Kubrick, Shaw has included a couple of little gems for the observant film buff. “As the documentary Room 237 attests to, there are a great deal of symbolic items, intended or otherwise, to be found in the mise-en-scene of Kubrick’s films, so it’s important to consider exactly why you are placing any object in front of the lens. I’ve planted three references to films Shelley Duvall has been involved with inside the ad, so I look forward to hearing if eagle-eyed viewers can spot them.”

FilmInk’s TVC will play on SBS, World Movies and at various film festivals.


Lady Antebullum

To ensure fans can get their hands on Lady Antebellum’s fourth studio album ‘Golden’ as soon as possible, the album will now hit Australian stores and online retailers next Monday May 6. 

‘Golden’ follows the Gold selling ‘Own the Night’ and Platinum selling ‘Need You Now’ albums. In total, Lady Antebellum have sold in excess of 230,000 albums in Australia and last year played 3 sold out Sydney Opera House shows confirming their status here as one of the most popular country/pop groups of the moment.

The first single taken from ‘Golden’ is the Grammy winning trio’s seventh US Billboard Country Airplay #1 ‘Downtown’ which has also been their fastest selling US single to date in that country. Seen as a bit of a departure for the group, vocalist Hillary Scott was quite nervous about the song initially. “Most of what the world has seen from Hillary from a radio single standpoint is this very sweet kind of style like ‘American Honey,’” said Lady A’s Charles Kelley. “But, she’s got a lot of sass and a lot of grit to her voice, too, so it’s been really fun to bring that out of her.”

‘Golden’ also features ‘Goodbye Town’, co-written by ‘Need You Now’ collaborator Josh Kear. Charles explains, “There’s just something about this song that I think people can relate to. It’s like when you’ve been with someone a long time, you live in the same town and everything reminds you of that person.” “He sings the crap out of it” confirms Hillary of Charles’ impassioned vocal delivery of the track.

Lady Antebellum talk about making Golden’ HERE

Since its 2006 inception, Lady A have sold 11 million albums worldwide. In the US, nine of the band’s singles are certified Gold, with four surpassing the Platinum mark. Their single “Need You Now” went on to sell over seven million globally, achieving double platinum status in Australia and claimed five of the trio’s seven career GRAMMY wins, including the all-genre “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year.” .

Well it’s back! One of the finest film festivals in Australia – the 2013 Audi Festival of German Films.

German Film Festival

The Festival will be running from:

30th April- 14th May in Sydney  at Chauvel Cinema and Palace Verona

1st May- 15th May in Melbourne at Palace Cinema Como and Kino Cinemas

2nd May – 13th May in Perth at Cinema Paradiso

3rd May – 9th May in Brisbane at Palace Centro

4th May – 5th May in Newcastle at Tower Cinemas

7th May – 12th May in Canberra at Palace Electric Cinema

8th May – 13th May in Adelaide at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas

10th May – 12th May in Byron Bay at Palace Byron Bay

For our reviews of the films screening at the 2013 German Festival of Films please check Episode 30 of our The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show.


Hotel Lux

Summary: This satire follows the remarkable events experienced by a comedian, impersonator and cabaret actor, Hans Zeisig (Michael Herbig), and his encounters with communism. The film opens in 1938 with Zeisig stranded on the roof of the Hotel Lux in Moscow, and then flashes back to how he got to be there. The parody of Hitler and Stalin that he and Siggi Meyer (Jürgen Vogel) present in a cabaret in 1933 is hilarious but also prescient. Their act is looked upon as seditious by the emerging Nazi regime. Zeisig’s flight to Russia and his impersonation of Hitler’s astrologer for a bemused group of Russians leads to an incredible series of events. Can he survive this outlandish situation?

Year: 2011

Australian Cinema Release Date: 18th April, 2012

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: Germany

Director: Leander Haubmann

Screenwriter: Leander Haubmann, Uwe Timm, Volker Einrauch

Cast: Uwe Dag Berlin (Hubert Kessel), Sebastian Blomberg (Karl-Heinz Muller), Greata Bohacek (Marlene), Matthias Brenner (Wilhelm Pieck), Jaymes Butler (Joe), Sibylle Canonica (Frau Platten), Robert Dolle (Johannes R. Bacher), Valeriy Grishko (Josef Stalin), Michael Bully Herbig (Hans Zeisig), Steffi Kuhnert (Lotte Kuhn), Juraj Kukura (Wassili Urlich), Jurgel Mikol (Fritz Petter), Johann Adam Oest (Valetti), Josef Ostendorf (Mama), Friedrich Karl Praetorius (Jan Hansen), Thekla Reuten (Frida von Oorten), Alexander Sendorvich (Jeschow), Thomas Thieme (Georgi Dimitroff), Gennadi Vengerov (Upit), Jurgen Vogel (Siegfried Meyer), Axel Wandtke (Walter Ulbricht), Daniel Wiemer (Herbert Wehner)

Runtime: 110 mins



David Griffiths: Stars(3.5)

Dave’s Review:

If you like your comedy on the absurd side then you’ll certainly enjoy Hotel Lux, a film that somehow manages to combine Nazis as well as Stalin with laughter.

Set in the 1930s Hotel Lux introduces us to Hans Zeisig (Michael Herbig – Zettl, Vicky The Viking) who is known to most of Berlin for his hilarious cabaret show depicting Hitler and Starlin, along with his close Jewish friend, Siegfried Meyer (Jurgen Vogel – Mercy, The Coming Days).

However, with the political landscape changing Meyer joins the Resisstance which leads to Hans meeting (and being very attracted to) Frida (Thekla Reuten – The American, Day One).

Hans decides to flee the strife in his homeland and head to Hollywood where he will make his name as an actor but instead he soon finds himself staying at the Hotel Lux in Russia where only his acting abilities can prevent him from being murdered by the real Stalin (Valeriy Grishko – Belyrr Tigr, TV’S Raskol.

Some will label Hotel Lux just too far-fetched and outlandish, but who says a film has to always remain in the realms of sensibility? Yes Hotel Lux does become a little outlandish but with the comedy working a treat the audience is hardly going to complain.

Actually, director/screenwriter, Leander Haubmann (Dinosaurier, NVA) does a fantastic job making sure that while the film is largely a comedy it does not make light of what the German or Russian people went through… that in itself shows what a good writer Haubmann is.

The other standouts in Hotel Lux are Michael Herbig and Thekla Reuten. Herbig puts U.S. comedic stars like Adam Sandler and Jack Black to complete shame with a performance that can only be described as hilarious. He is well supported by Reuten who is a star on the rise.

Laugh-out-loud funny Hotel Lux is one of the funniest comedies that you will see this year.

Average Subculture Rating (out 0f 5): Stars(3.5)

IMDB Rating: Hotel Lux (2011) on IMDb

Other Subculture Media Reviews of ‘Hotel Lux′: Nil.



The Good The Bad The Ugly

This week Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films – ‘Antiviral’, ‘Haute Cuisine’, ‘Song For Marion’ and ‘Iron Man 3′.  This episode also features interviews with the stars of Iron Man 3 – Robert Downey Jnr and Gwyneth Paltrow as they talk about their experiences working on the film. Dave and Greg also talk to Robert White, the star and creator of new Australian science fiction show ‘Progeny’. And just to top off this bumper episode the boys take a look at the best and worst ‘comic book movies’ of all time.