Category: Documentary

Summary:  Explores the impact that the original Mad Maxfilms had on Australian cinema and the fandom that it created.

Year: 2022

Cinema Release Dates:  TBA

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: Australia

Director: Eddie Beyrouthy

Screenwriter: Eddie Beyrouthy, Phil Lambert

Cast: Gwen Benech (self), Dale Bensch (self), Adrian Bennett (self), Luke Buckmaster (self), Jared Butler (self), Bertrand Cadart (self), Caterina Dorsey (self), James Dorsey (self), Jim ‘Tank’ Dorsey (self), Xavier Durand (self), John Dynon (self), Leo Fatseas (self), Alan Finney (self), Peter Frasca (self), Erin Free (self),Bjoern Friedetzky (self), Rob Glanzman (self), Nicholas Heath (self), Ares Innit (self), Spud Innit (self), Paul Jonstone (self), Neil Joiner (self), Jeff Krayden (self), Jean Knight (self), Michael Lehmann (self), Simon Lloyd (self), Helen Loflin (self), Ines McLeod (self), Ian Mitchell (self), Yoshiaki Murata (self), Faye Murman (self), Eric Pernoud (self), Peter Price (self), Roby Della Ricca (self), Steve Scholz (self), Giorgio Scialino (self), Rob Sheean (self), Tomokiyo Shiraishi (self), Sensei Tom Shull (self), Jeremy Summerrell (self), Chelsea Van Duyn (self), Julien Vieux (self), Roger Ward (self), John Wren (self), Derek Wyness (self), Melvin Zed (self)

Running Time: 93 mins

Classification: M (Australia)


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Filmmaker Kevin James Barry has been a fan of legendary punk outfit The Briggs since he was a teenager, so who better than to make a doco about their reunion tour.

This week Dave Griffiths sat down with Kevin to talk about the resulting film – Gridlocked: On Tour With The Briggs.

You can take a listen to the full interview right here: