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One of the most interesting films to screen at this year’s Monster Fest is the documentary Leap Of Faith: William Friedkin On The Exorcist.

This week on Subculture we caught up with the documentary’s director Alexandre O. Philippe about the film. You can check out the interview below.


Directed by Julia Parnell, New Zealand’s most prominent music documentary-maker, the story charts the incredible untold story of SIX60, a student band turned national phenomenon, achieving the unthinkable in a country of 5 million.


SIX60 defied all convention becoming the first Kiwi band to sell out New Zealand’s biggest stadium, only before filled by the likes of AC/DC, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, KISS, Stevie Wonder and Eminem – but the road to unrivalled success isn’t smooth.


Filmed over a tumultuous 18 months, as the band must reconcile between ambition and creative vulnerability, woven with jaw-dropping vision of their record-breaking concert and a unique Kiwi sense of humour, SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out presents a group of men confronting the true cost of never giving up.


Featuring all their hit songs, SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out is a story that will leave cinema audiences feeling closer to the band than ever before. The story of SIX60 is one inextricably linked to New Zealand and kiwi culture, but is also a story of love, compassion and never giving up.


“Any preconceived ideas I had of SIX60 were completely changed in the process of making this movie. Their stubbornness to achieve, whilst confounding critics and disproving experts, has virtually redefined what success looks like in New Zealand. But it is the brutal honesty they have shared that I hope will connect most with audiences” – Julia Parnell, Director.


A story of brotherhood, music and the love of a nation, ‘Till the Lights Go Out’ will do what SIX60 do best: unite people.


‘SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out’ in cinemas across Australia & New Zealand on November 26, 2020


On Friday, September 25, Disney+ will debut its next original series from National Geographic, “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” giving viewers an all-access pass to explore the magic of nature within Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT.

Narrated by the award-winning fan-favourite Josh Gad (“Frozen,” “Frozen II”), the eight-episode docu-series is the ultimate tribute to the parks’ magnificent array of more than 300 species and 5,000-plus animals and the herculean tasks their animal care experts undertake to keep things running day and night.

Since Walt Disney first introduced the world to Mickey Mouse in 1928, animals have been at the heart of Disney storytelling. We’ve ventured deep into the forests with Bambi; swung through the jungles of Africa with Terk and Tantour; stood atop Pride Rock with Simba; and swam under the sea with Sebastian. Now, through “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” Disney+ viewers peek behind the curtain of the most-visited theme parks in the world to explore Earth’s iconic animal kingdoms with Disney’s dedicated and highly-skilled animal care experts and veterinary teams as guides.

The docu-series introduces viewers to enchanting animals that have their own unique personalities and family dynamics, inviting fans of Disney, nature and animals to spend time with all the parks’ residents in brand-new ways, including the following:

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Hang out with the newest member of the gorilla troop, baby Grace, named after the GRACE (Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center) gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and help her dad and troop leader, Gino, celebrate his 39th birthday.

Harambe Wildlife Reserve
Meet animal keeper Rory and come face to knee with his best friend, supermom Masai giraffe Kenya; play fetch with black rhino Badru and his keeper, Katie.

Kilimanjaro Safaris
Swing past a day spa as keeper Nicole gives two hyenas a bath in the hopes that they’ll be as endearing to guests as they are to her; watch Dakari, the alpha male African lion, reign over his land; and meet Kinsey, the alpha lioness, who’s the real ruler of the pride.

Discovery Island
Stop by the love nest of Carri and Bones, an endangered vulture couple, as animal keeper Tricia sets the mood for mating and steps up as eggsitter.

Tiger Temple
Witness animal care experts employing extra creativity to keep critically endangered Sumatran tigers Anala and Sohni entertained.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT
Plunge in with some of the 3,000 ocean animals that call it home, including an injured wild sea turtle, Harry; rescued manatees Lil’ Joe and Lou; Darby, a pregnant spotted eagle ray; and aquarist Amanda, who is also expecting.



‘Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’ captures the spirit of these two world-famous parks and its animals and ushers that feeling directly into viewers’ living rooms,” says narrator Josh Gad. “Each episode, we get to know these animals intimately and are immersed in the magic of Disney, and it’s been a joy giving voice to this ultimate adventure.”

“Whether you have visited our parks hundreds of times, or you are being introduced for the first time through “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” viewers will get an unparalleled, all-new experience as they meet some of the most intriguing animals in our care,” says Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President, Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks. “I’m extremely proud of the work our team does to accomplish and deliver on Disney’s commitment to best-in-class animal care and conservation as we aim to live in harmony with nature and protect the wondrous wildlife on our planet.”

Filmed across five months, the series incorporates cutting-edge technology, including custom-built GoPro enclosures, 18-foot cranes and underwater camera systems, to highlight the magic found in every crevice of the kingdom. “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” dives into the details of each park, unveiling the multifaceted aspects of animal care, operations and Imagineering. Viewers get up close to veterinarians working in one of the world’s most advanced animal health facilities as they solve a menagerie of medical mysteries and revolutionise the care they give to their animals.
Groundbreaking conservation remains a critical component of The Walt Disney Company’s mission, and “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” also highlights the parks’ commitment to protecting the magic of nature. Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has directed $100 million to support nonprofit organisations working with communities to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet. In addition, Disney Conservation Team Wildlife works hand-in-hand with the animal care teams to deliver best-in-class scientific programs to conserve wildlife in Disney’s backyard and beyond and inspire people from around the world to care for the planet through everyday actions. 


 Good news for Aussie motor sport fans: Stan has announced that the new documentary feature film Brabham will be available exclusively on Stan from Friday 7 August. A brilliant new account of a racing dynasty and the price of immortality, Brabham reveals both the making of an icon and a son’s quest to overcome conflict and fulfil a legacy.

Exposing the media’s role in creating sporting myths, Brabham tells a David and Goliath tale of a homegrown hero pitted against the giants of Ferrari, Lotus and Maserati. Jack Brabham remains the only person to have won the F1 Driver’s and Constructor’s Championships in his own car. Greatness, however, comes at a cost – the strain between Jack and his youngest son David portrays two generations of men determined to define themselves on their own terms. The challenges of family legacy and the determination to see the Brabham name reborn are key drivers to this dynastic drama, as the Brabham marque stands poised to challenge international motor sport once more.

“The story of Jack Brabham is not simply a tale about what it takes to get to the top of the game, in this case motor racing, it is an unflinching personal account of the tenacity and engineering prowess it took to turn, what was considered a fanciful dream, into reality,” says director and co-writer, Ákos Armont.

“Our aim has been to deliver an insightful examination, warts and all, of how Sir Jack managed to defy the odds and emerge as one of the great innovators of his generation and one of the most celebrated Formula One drivers in history.”

Featured in the documentary are never-before seen interviews with some of the world’s greatest motor sport legends and heritage racing personalities including; Sir Jackie StewartSir Stirling MossJohn SurteesBernie EcclestoneRon DennisMark WebberDavid Brabham and the surviving members of Sir Jack’ s 1966 Championship winning team. The frank insights and revelations of these participants offers a fresh look at the Brabham legacy and the birth of modern Formula One.

Taking the audience on a rollicking adventure of brazen youth, ingenuity and daring through depression era Australia, into London’s swinging 60s and on to the aftermath of the excesses of speed in the ‘deadly 70s’; the film follows one of the greatest stories of sporting success the world has ever known while ultimately asking the audience to consider the often fraught relationships between fathers and sons, the cost of fame and how the media creates sporting mythologies.

Brabham is directed by Ákos Armont (Aurora Films) who also co-wrote both the film and Harpers Collins companion book Brabham: The Untold story of Formula One along with renowned motoring author, Tony Davis. Armont and Antony Waddington (The Eye of the Storm) also co-produced, with Jonathan Shteinman acting as Executive Producer. Brabham was produced in association with Heckler and with the support of foundation partners the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Racing Drivers Club.

Watch and share the trailer here:

Brabham will premiere 7 August exclusively on Stan


Summary: A look at the rise and fall of alternative rock in the 1990s.

Year: 2019

Australian Cinema Release Date: TBA

Thailand Cinema Release Date: TBA

Australian VOD Release Date: TBA

Country: Australia

Director: Shaun Katz

Screenwriter: Shaun Katz, JB Sapienza

Cast: Steve Albini (self – Big Black), Martin Atkins (self – Public Image LTD), Aaron Beam (self – Red Fang), Josh Blum (self – Sugartooth), Jon Bunch (self – Sense Field), Joey Castillo (self – Queens Of The Stone Age), Jeremy Chatelain (self – Jets To Brazil), Jim Coleman (self – Cop Shoot Cop), Chris Connelly (self – Ministry), Tim Cronic (self), John D. Cronise (self – The Sword), Marston Daley (self – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult), Dave Dicenso (self – Cro-Mags), Aimee Echo (self – Human Waste Project), Neil Fallon (self – Clutch), Ted Gardner (self), Bryan Giles (self – Red Fang), Mike Gitter (self), Mike Graff ((self – Course Of Empire), Billy Graziadei (self – Biohazard), Derrick Green (self – Sepultura), Adam Grosman (self – Skrew), Ron Holzner (self – Trouble), Todd Huth (self – Primus), Marc Hunter (self – Sugartooth), Pepper Keenan (self – C.O.C.), Walter A. Kibby II (self – Fishbone), Garrett Klahn (self – Texas Is The Reason), John Leamy (self – Surgery), Mike Lewis (self – For Love Not Lisa), Brian Liesegang (self – Filter), Chad Lovell (self – Course Of Empire), Roy Mayorga (self – Stone Sour), Clint McBay (self – For Love Not Lisa), Peter Mengede (self – Helmet), Jamie Miller (self – Bad Religion), Michael Jerome Moore (self – Course Of Empire), James Moore (self – Downset), Jack Natz (self – Cop Shoot Cop), Alex Newport (self – Fudgetunnel), Phil Owen (self – Skatenigs), Zeke Piestrup (self), Petey Reichert (self – Rocket From The Crypt), Jesse Rhodes (self – Stegosaurus), Bryan Riche ((self – The Sword), James Robbins (self – Jawbox), Greg Saenz (self – My Head), Walter Schreifels (self – Quicksand), Brian Ares Schwager (self – Downset), Kelllii Scott (self – Failure), Craig Silverman (self – Only Living Witness), Shawn Smith (self – Brad), Laurel Sterns (self), Louis Svitek (self – Ministry), Matt Tecu (self – Dig), Texas Is Te Reason (themselves), Matt Wallace (self), David Wyndorf (self – Monster Magnet), Sean Yesult (self – White Zombie)

Running Time: 96 mins

Classification: TBC





Dave Griffiths’ Underground Inc: The Rise & Fall Of Alternative Rock Review:

Watching a music documentary is normally a very black or white experience. I normally find that either the documentary has been designed to do nothing else but promote or praise an artist or it is there to bring an artist undone like the infamous Kurt & Courtney. Rarely, do you ever get to see a balanced documentary that is willing to show the good and bad of its subject.

Going into Underground Inc: The Rise & Fall of Alternative Music I was expecting one of those black or white doccos. This was either going to be a film that concentrated on the positives of alternative music or it was going to focus on the unfounded negatives – alternative music leads to depression and suicide yada yada.

To my surprise though Shaun Katz’s film actually ends up being a concise and informative film that explores the world of the underground music scene during the 1990s… a time when the underground scene very much took over the charts and verged on becoming the mainstream.

As some of Katz’s subjects talk about back in the early 90s we saw one of the biggest changes the music scene had ever seen. One week Whitney Houston was the top of the charts and literally a week later Nirvana had taken that spot… and music as we knew it had changed forever.

With Underground Inc. Katz doesn’t swim in the shallow end of the pool. This isn’t a fan-made documentary where he wastes screen time chatting to groupies or ‘that guy that was once in the front row at a Nirvana show.’ Katz goes in deep and chats to the likes of Sean Yseult from White Zombie, Steve Albini who was the producer for both Nirvana and The Pixies and then chases down bands like Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop and Corrosion Of Conformity to get a really inside look at what the underground music scene was like at that time.

If you want a warts and all documentary about alternative music, then this is it. The film explores the highs – bands signing million dollar deals because suddenly alternative music was popular but he also explores the lows – bands who were snapped up in the alternative frenzy only to be left high and dry by record labels who had no idea how to market them. The result for many was devastating, band in-fighting through to some artists finding themselves more than $200,000 in debt to the label they signed with.

If Katz’s aim was to show the world that for every Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins there was an equally as good band who were over-looked but kept slaving away then it certainly achieved that. As far as the filmmaking style of the film goes it works brilliantly. There is no boring voice-over or lame re-enactments. Instead Katz lets the film flow by chatting to people who were there and not only witnessed the events they are talking about but also lived through them.

Underground Inc: The Rise & Fall Of Alternative Music is a must see for anyone who lived and loved music through the 1990s. This is one of the greatest snapshots of the era that I have ever seen and while it does glorify the music it also shows the dark side of the music industry and how signing to a major label is not always the blessing that artists expect it to be. This is one of the most important music documentaries of modern times.




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Today, Disney+ shared the trailer for its upcoming original series “Rogue Trip,” premiering exclusively on the streaming service on Friday, July 24.

“Rogue Trip”, led by ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff and his 28-year-old son Mack Woodruff, takes viewers on a father-son adventure to some of the world’s most unexpected places – roguish nations and territories mostly known for conflict, but each possessing a unique power to surprise, amaze and inspire. They’ll visit Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Ukraine. Along the journey, Bob and Mack will share raw, big-hearted moments when “going rogue” together changes their perspectives – not just on their own relationship, but on other people and places.

All six episodes of National Geographic’s “Rogue Trip” will be available to stream on Disney+ beginning July 24,2020.