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The UK blackened sludge metal bandTIGGUO COBAUC have just released the new EP “Trial By Combat”  via Spectral Hound Records (EU, UK) and Xaninho Discos (South America).  

TIGGUO COBAUC is a band formed in 2018 in Nottingham UK and composed by Reno Ramos (Vocals, Bass), Luca Martello (Guitars), and Luis Barreto (Drums). The debut EP “Trial By Combat” – composed of 6 tracks for a running time of 30 minutes – displays ferocious vocal lines, raw guitars, and accelerated blast beats. The mature songwriting is influenced by the 80s-90s doom metal scene, 80s black metal, and some other personal influences. 

THRESHOLD return with their 12th full length album Dividing Lines, which is set to be released on November 18th via Nuclear Blast Records.
Dividing Lines marks the second album since the return of former vocalist Glynn Morgan, who reunited with the band on their previous effort Legends Of The Shires (2017)darker album than Legends Of The Shires, the band have described it as “Legends’ darker, moodier older brother”.
Get your first taste of the album with the single ´Silenced`, which comes with a stunning new video.

Richard West comments on the song: Silenced is about how we seem to be heading towards less voices, less artists, less venues, less platforms where everyone can be heard. People seem so scared to speak out or debate anything anymore. I know I sound old but I miss the good old days! When freedom of speech goes then society is lost.”

The video was filmed by Sitcom Soldiers in the UK who also filmed the band´s last video ‘Small Dark Lines’. The video portrays a boy coming up against a threatening foe, only defeating them by summoning a mighty scream (unsilenced).
Pre-order Dividing Lines here: https://bfan.link/dividing-lines
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Summary:  Two friends embark on a horror-fueled road trip and livestream the most terrifying night of their lives.

Year: 2021

Cinema Release Dates:  30th June 2022 (Australia), 3rd June 2022 (UK), 3rd June 2022 (USA)

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: UK, USA

Director: Rob Savage

Screenwriter: Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd

Cast: Seylan Baxter (Seylan), Amar Chadha-Patel (Stretch), Angela Enahoro (Angela), Annie Hardy (Annie Hardy), Faith Kiggundu (Young Angela), Edward Linard (The Groom), Mogali Masuku (Angela’s Mother), Jemma Moore (Gemma), James Swanton (The Parasite), Caroline Ward (The Bride)

Running Time: 77 mins

Classification: R18+ (Australia), 18 (UK), R (USA)


David Griffiths’ Dashcam Review:

The found-footage sub-genre inside the horror genre has always been a somewhat interesting prospect to explore. When done correctly I have found it is a type of film that can completely take its audience into the world that it is exploring and make them feel like they are right there alongside those that are fighting for their lives. But when done incorrectly it can feel like you are watching someone’s VHS footage that should be hidden away in an attack and never seen again.

With that in mind I actually found myself feeling pretty nervous when I sat down to watch Dashcam for the first time. Just to make things even more tense I found myself watching it in a cinema with just one other scary dude that actually looked like he could have been a villain in a Wes Craven film. But that was all pushed aside very quickly once Dashcam started because I soon found myself experiencing what happens when found-footage films work – yes this film conjured up the same feelings and emotions that I experienced when I watched The Blair Witch Project in a cinema for the first time.

Directed by Rob Savage (Host) Dashcam follows a moment in the life of Annie (Annie Hardy – I’m Here) a loud-mouthed, opinionated American who has found fame by hosting the world’s most successful in-car impromptu music show vlog. In other words Annie drives around in her car with her phone broadcasting her to her loyal fans while they feed her topics to rap about.

Tired of the mask-wearing mandates and lockdowns she is experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic in America Annie decides to pack up and head to the UK to spend time with her former band-mate Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel – Aladdin).

However that reunion does not go well with Stretch’s partner Gemma (Jemma Moore – Wonder Woman) soon becoming tired of Annie’s bad attitude and brash behaviour. Annie then in turn pisses off Stretch by going on an anti-mask rant when she is asked to mask up while accompanying him while he works.

Annoyed at their ‘libtard’ behaviour she decides to steal their car and head out into the night herself. But that soon takes a turn for the worst when she decides that her adventure will be doing Stretch’s food delivery driving job which leads to her having to give the mysterious Angela (Angela Enahoro – first time performance) a lift.

I found Dashcam to work on some pretty weird levels. To be honest I hated the character of Annie and everything she stood for. Her attitude was abhorrent and my hatred for her increased even more when she left her cat behind when she moved out. By the time she had shown her distain for Stretch and Gemma I was hoping that she would die a horrible death, yet for some strange reason I still found myself eager to find out what happened her.

In a smart move director Rob Savage and his co-writers Gemma Hurley (Host) and Jed Shepherd (Ghosts) soon have Stretch going along for the ride with Annie – that gives the audience at least one character that they care about so much that they don’t want to see get killed. In fact the writing team do a lot of smart things with this film. I loved the fact that the film was so damn creative, from the audience being able to see Annie’s audience messaging her on screen for most of the film right through to the fact that this is one found-footage film where the creative team hasn’t forgotten that just like the characters at hand the audience watching the film should also be kept in the dark about the horror they are experiencing.

The team behind this film also take a lot of risks that pay off throughout the film. I loved how graphic and realistic the car accidents look during the film and I love the fact that they keep the mystery around Angela and what is happening to her all throughout the film but allow enough pieces of information to drip-feed through to the audience so they can form their opinion on what is happening.

Acting-wise I have to say this film is brilliant. Annie Hardy and Amar Chanda-Patel are fantastic at keeping their natural style of acting going for the entire film. No matter what people’s thoughts are on found-footage films they have to admit that this style of acting is not easy – and here Hardy and Chanda-Patel take it to a whole new level.

Dashcam is a film for all the true horror fans out there. Some of the scenes throughout the film are pretty graphic but at the end of the day the story holds up and this ends up being one of the more intriguing films of 2022.

Dave’s rating Out Of 5

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UK heavy metal band LOATHE have been creating quite a following as they mix metalcore with a more traditional Nu-Metal sound. Now off the back of their well received 2021 album The Things They Believe and building a reputation as one of the best live bands in Europe they are heading Down Under to tour with While She Sleeps.

This week they caught up with Dave Griffiths to talk about the tour and what they are looking forward to doing while they are in Australia.

Take a listen to the full interview here:

Summary:  A look at both life above and below Antarctica.

Year: 2021

Cinema Release Dates:  23rd June 2022 (Australia), 15th October 2020 (USA)

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: UK

Director: Fredi Devas

Screenwriter: N/A

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch (Narrator (voice))

Running Time: 45 mins

Classification: G (Australia)


David Griffiths’ Antarctica Review:

I might be a cinema lover but I must admit that I do at times struggle with documentaries. Don’t get me wrong there are some grat docos out there but I do find that I struggle when I have to watch a doco on a subject that I care zero about and the doco is educating me with any interesting facts on the topic.

It is for that reason that when I often get an invite to review a doco I turn up with a lot of trepidation for what I am about to watch. I have found out over the years though that the one distributor that can always excite me with a doco invite is IMAX. See IMAX docos are normally different to everything else – they capture interesting topics in a spectacular way and are bite-size in length meaning that rarely over-stay their welcome.

IMAX’s latest offering, Antarctica, is no different. The doco quickly draws you in with spectacular footage captured by director, Fredi Devas (Seven Worlds One Planet), and his cinematographer Rolf Steinmann (Wild Arabia). The fact that the crew here were working in some of the most inhospitable environments in the world is not evident throughout the film as they capture some truly amazing moments both above and below the ice.

Narrator Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness) points out a number of times that Antarctica is still today one of the most unexplored parts of our planet yet here the crew behind Antarctica capture some never before seen moments and deliver some truly amazing facts.

The great thing about this film is that it also doesn’t try to preach to its audience. Controversial topics such as climate change are looked at in the film but are viewed with science backing up what is being spoken about. The film shows what have been some of the things that have happened in Antarctica due to climate change but never speculates what caused it. Even better the film provides some answers to what we can do as humans to help our planet – including delivering some interesting facts about how whales could be one of the answers to help prevent climate change.

I found that with this documentary not only are you blown away by the visuals but you are also constantly learning something as the voice-over provides just the right amount of titbits of information when needed. As a nature lover what I learnt about seals, penguins and whales here is absolutely priceless. Be warned though if you are an animal lover this doco will make sure that you become totally invested in the lives of the creatures that you are watching on screen which then leads to suspense as Mother Nature throws some obstacles up against them.

It also becomes very clear while watching the film that the 3D only further enhances the viewing spectacle. When you add that to the amazing footage captured by Devas and Steinmann you soon feel like you are right there with them in Antarctica and that you can just reach out and touch whatever is in front of you at that time.

Antarctica is a truly stunning doco that needs to be seen on the big screen and in 3D to get the full experience. Like most docos I see at IMAX I simply can’t recommend this enough.

Dave’s rating Out Of 5

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At the beginning of 2020, the music world came to an abrupt stop; which for London UK post-hardcore heads Polar, meant a conclusive end to their unfinished tour alongside After The BurialSpiritbox and Make Them Suffer within their cycle of 2019’s acclaimed album »Nova«.
Filled with a sense of uncertainty in a world turned upside down, Polar (Adam Woodford, Fabian Lomas, Gav Thane & Noah See) took to work on brand new material that lyrically delves deep within the self, while musically treading new and experimental grounds.
Now armed with heavy new material and releasing their first bit and vital sign called ‘Dissolve Me’, the band are excited to take to the stage after years of musical and personal growth behind the scenes.
Dissolve Me is all about the red mist of anger that seems to be within everybody in today’s world. A loss of patience like the final straw has been had within all walks of life. A feeling of privileges and freedom having been taken away and this song is a vessel to release the anger inside.” – Adam Woodford (vocals)         Expect the unexpected.  

Polar are:
Adam Woodford | vocals
Fabian Lomas | guitar
Gav Thane | bass
Noah See | drums

Summary:  Legendary 20th Century war poet Siegfried Sassoon’s life-long quest for personal salvation through his experiences with family, war, his writing, and destructive relationships goes unresolved, never realizing it can only come from within.

Year: 2021

Cinema Release Dates:  9th June 2022 (Australia)

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: UK, USA

Director: Terence Davies

Screenwriter: Terence Davies

Cast: Joanna Bacon (Lady Cybil Colefax), Simon Russell Beale (Robbie Ross), Edward Bennett (T.E. Lawrence), Suzanne Bertish (Lady Ottoline), Tom Blyth (Glen Byam Shaw), Jonathan Broadbent (Robert Graves), Peter Capaldi (Siegfried Sassoon), Ben Daniels (Dr. Rivers), Olivia Darnley (Edith Oliver), Tim Delap (Geoffrey Keynes), Richard Goulding (George Sassoon), Jeremy Irvine (Ivor Novello), Geraldine James (Theresa Thornycroft), Gemma Jones (Hester Gatty), Edmund Kingsley (Rex Whistler), Harry Lawtey (Bobby Andrews), Anton Lesser (Stephen Tennant), Jack Lowden (Young Siegfried Sassoon), Calam Lynch (Stephen Tennant), Kate Phillips (Young Hester Gatty), David Shields (Alexander Fenton), Matthew Tennyson (Wilfred Owen), Daniel Tuite (Major McCartney-Filgate), Lia Williams (Edith Sitwell)

Running Time: 137 mins

Classification: M (Australia), UK (12-A), USA (PG-13)


David Griffiths’ Benediction Review:

Dave’s rating Out Of 5

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