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Album: Unleash The Archers

Date Of Release: 21st August 2020

Label: Napalm Records


Track Listing:

1. Waking Dream

2. Abyss

3. Through Stars

4. Legacy

5. Return To Me

6. Soulbound

7. Faster Than Light

8. The Wind That Shapes The Land

9. Carry The Flame (feat Andrew Kingsley on vocals)

10. afterlife (feat. orchestration by Francesco Ferrini)



Imagination! It is probably something so many of us needs in 2020 as we try to escape a reality that for many of us has been something a lot harsher than we would ever have expected. That imagination is also something that fuels the creativity behind Unleash The Archers brand new album Abyss.

Once again the album sees the listener carried to the world of the Matriarch and the Immortal, the world that we were first introduced to on the band’s previous album – Apex. This time around the Immortal returns and the journey goes into space… once again revealing the amazing story-telling ability that the band has, led by Brittney Slayes original concept.

What makes that story come to life even more is the magnificent musicianship which comes to the fore on Abyss. There is a new found maturity to Unleash The Archers on this album. With that maturity seems to come the courage to be a little bit more experimental with their sound this time around. The result is an album where you never really know what you are going to get from track to track.

A preview of that is there on the opening track – “Waking Dream” – which opens with a gentle folk metal vibe that is then blown away by the amazing vocals of Slayes. From there the album meanders its way through the story touching on a number of genres as it does.

The faster pace of “Abyss” reaches an epic level that remains for most of the album while the band also gives a fair few nods to the bands that have inspired them over the years as well. “Through Stars” has a definite old school metal feel to it while the very theatrical “Carry The Flame” is a direct nods to bands like Scorpions.

What leaves you marvelling with Abyss though is the band’s way they marry the newfound metal sound with the old school. “Return To Me” sees Unleash The Archers deliver gruffer vocals that at times turn guttural. The track is sheer modern day brutality but also seems to capture that old school sound made famous by bands like Iron Maiden.

This really does feel like an album where everything comes together for Unleash The Archers. The work of guitarists Andrew Kingsley and Grant Truesdall on this album is nothing short of amazing. Their work on tracks like “Legacy,” “Soulbound” and “Faster Than Light” places them amongst some of the best guitarists in the world, while the band is brought together by the amazing vocals of Slayes which seem even stronger than ever.

Perhaps Abyss as an album is best summed up by its final track – “afterlife.” Like the album itself it is brutal at times and then drifts into a smooth folk metal sound that closes out the album and the story at hand. It is power metal perfection, just like the album it is on.

Abyss is a stunning album that I cannot wait to see brought to the stage. Stunning musicianship and a concept that really draws you in finds Unleash The Archers releasing their best album to date.


Rating (out of 5):


For a generation of people this year is one of the most unusual times that they will ever have in their lives. Now Canadian death metal merchants Kataklysm have delivered an album that is basically a soundtrack for the period of time we are in.

As I discover while chatting to frontman Maurizio Iacono that was not the design. He is as surprised as anyone at just how well this album encompasses what we are all experiencing. “Exactly, have you seen what is going on around you?” says Iacono with a strong laugh as we talk about the album’s soundtrack feeling. “The record was actually written last year, we actually started to write it about August of last year. We worked through for about four or five months and then by about December it was done.”

“I don’t know, man. I felt very filthy and very aggressive and I had a very dark outlook on things,” he continues as we begin to explore the topic even more. “That was last year so imagine now. I was feeling pretty shitty and I felt like I wanted to take the reins on this album and wanted to take it where it needed to go. I talked to my guitarist J.F. who is also the producer of the band. I told him to come up to Chicago, where I was living at the time and I said ‘I want to get this done… but I have a direction.’ Then when we started working on it we just went back and forth, because he is from Texas, and as we did that it just flowed like water… it was really easy as far as the idea went. Of course we worked hard on the album but it was just one of those things I needed.”

Hearing that the discussion turns to just how important song-writing is to Iacono. “I see song-writing as a therapeutic thing,” he says. “I needed this for therapy and I just went in there like it was a punching-bag and we made this record.

As we talk more about it Iacono happily talks about the ‘ideas’ that we really wanted to have come through on Unconquered. “I was having some experiences,” says Iacono slowly. “And those experiences were of a personal nature also in a business aspect. It was just all very negative and I had built so much anger inside of me that I just needed to release it and that was the idea was behind that. That idea was to go into lyrical content and this album is very Machiavellian, it is very Count of Monte Christo. It is like you are getting into a position where you are going to be hit and then you plan your revenge… that is very much what the album is about. Then there are also some songs on here about the aftermath… they are more reflective and sentimental. They have a very different approach. The album itself does have a very uplifting and positive message in the end.”



Champions in blending classic heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal, Canadian shredders STRIKER will unleashing their sixth studio album Play To Win this Friday, October 26 via their independent label Record Breaking Records.

Play To Win features 10 fist pounding shredtacular anthems produced by the band plus mixed and mastered by Hendrik Udd (Firewind, Powerwolf, Hammerfall, Delain).
The album follows their 2017 self-titled full length that the band supported with tours across Europe and North America with Sonata Arctica, Dark Tranquility, and Warbringer along with festival appearances at 70,000 Tons of Metal, Bang Your Head Festival (Germany) and more to add to their almost 1000 shows performed in their decade plus career.
That fifth studio album also garnered them a nomination from Canada’s JUNO awards, the country’s highest music prize, along with wins at the Edmonton Music Awards and Western Canadian Awards.
In support of the release of Play To Win, STRIKER launched a crowd funding campaign via their official website on August 9 – www.striker-metal.com
Striker is an Edmonton-based recording and performing heavy metal band that has grown immensely through their years in the industry. A classic mix of heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal, their music features powerful, clean vocals, catchy choruses, vocal harmonies, and impressive guitar leads.
Audiences are often floored by the energy of their live show, and their recorded material has been met with fantastic response by both fans and industry across the world. Striker has toured across dozens of countries as headliners as well as support for major metal acts. Gearing up for the release of their latest album the sky’s the limit for these Canadians!!

NUMENOREAN have entered  the studio of producer Josh Schroeder (GHOST BATH, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS, BATTLECROSS) in Midland, Michigan, USA to record the follow-up for their acclaimed debut album, ‘Home’ (2016).  The sophomore full-length of the Canadian post-black metal explorers will be entitled ‘Adore’.

Never judge a book by its cover – this adage might easily be applied to the debut full-length of NUMENOREAN. The Canadian post-black metal act has crafted a musical masterpiece that embraces beauty, harshness, brutality, and melancholy in equal measure and transforms those ingredients into breathtaking melodies and riffs.

NUMENOREAN have achieved far more with their debut than just following a musical path pioneered by DEAFHEAVEN, ALCEST, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, and DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT. This album challenges to delve deeper, to get lost in feverish dreams, while its haunting beauty beckons to again and again come… ‘Home’.

NUMENOREAN were founded by Brandon and Byron Lemley in Canada’s most northern major city, Calgary as a sole expression for the discontentment of existence in 2012. The brothers released a two song demo under the title ‘Demo 2014’ to strong critical acclaim. New members were recruited, who shared a closeness to sorrow, nature, and grief. Once their line-up was completed, each member contributed to the making of the forthcoming full-length, which was released on the 22nd of July, 2016.