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Frailmind are the freshest name in hardcore coming out of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Born out of several Brisbane bands in the hardcore/metalcore scene, Frailmind’s members shared a mutual love of modern hardcore – and a collective desire to explore new musical avenues! Today they are bringing their latest effort since their debut EP dropped in February this year – new single ‘I, Expire’.

The single (mixed and mastered by Tim Wheaton) will see its release into all good digital stores and streaming platforms on Friday September 18 – and all options for purchase/streaming will be available at

The single comes with an aggressive and hard-hitting clip, shot and edited by Andrew Vaughan (FANG).

Vocalist Keenan Kuz says that I, Expire was written “…with the idea of mental health and illness in mind. Lyrically this song puts into words the emotions, experiences, and journey of mental illness, that myself and many others have experienced in life. Specifically, putting trust into people that aren’t worth your time, and fighting through hardships growing up.”

“Mental health is a really important topic to discuss and tackle, as it often goes unnoticed and needs to be addressed.  Now more than ever people experiencing mental illnesses need support, considering the global pandemic is causing mass isolation.”

Mixing the rawness and aggression of hardcore with the groove of nu metal, Frailmind proudly wear their influences on their sleeves. This collective creative vision allowed the band to produce their debut EP ‘Mortal’ in a natural and organic way, playing to each members strengths to create a cohesive and aggressive piece of music.

Frailmind are: Keenan Kuz on Vocals, Cameron Yates on Bass, Sam Ballinger on Guitar and Jesse Dobbyn on Drums – collectively as musicians, their previous bands have shared the stage alongside Norma Jean, Kublai Khan TX, Chelsea Grin, Atilla, Deez Nuts, Make Them Suffer, The Plot In You, Aversions Crown, Polaris, Fit For A King and more.

Frailmind’s new single ‘I, Expire’ will see its release on Friday September 18 in all digital stores and outlets at

Scandinavia heads down under as Silverback Touring bring you two of Sweden’s finest Hard Rock exports H.E.A.T and CRAZY LIXX. This will be the first Australian Tour for both bands and the action takes place in April / May 2021.

Over the last several years H.E.A.T have established themselves as one of the leading bands in the melodic rock scene, both in their homeland Sweden and internationally. They have toured and performed front of thousands and thousands of fans around the world.

In April 2008, their self-titled debut album was released and became a massive vitamin injection for the genre and instantly received accolades from both fans and critics worldwide. The release was followed up by immense touring and H.E.A.T played with bands such as Alice CooperThin Lizzy and on big festivals like Sweden Rock.

Since that time H.E.A.T have released a further 5 studio albums that latest being this years H.E.A.T II and have established themselves as a major force in the hard rock world.

oining H.E.A.T are fellow Swedes CRAZY LIXXCRAZY LIXX carry the torch of Rock ‘n’ Roll with pride with their brand of Hard Rock and Hair Metal. Since their album debut in 2007, the band has been enthralling crowds with their unique brand of 80’s Hard Rock and stellar live show.

Their latest album Forever Wild is another sleaze metal gem that harkens back to the best of ‘80s rock, while also keeping a foot planted in the 21st century. Forever Wild further cements CRAZY LIXX as one of the leaders of the Scandinavian led ‘80s hard rock revival.

Rendering the pure nostalgia of 80’s Arena Hard Rock and ‘The New Wave of Swedish Sleaze’ CRAZY LIXX come packed with impressive guitar solos, memorable hooks, catchy choruses, big drums and genre defining riffs.

H.E.A.T and CRAZY LIXX 2021 Australian Tour Dates:

Thursday 29th April – Sydney, Manning Bar

Friday 30th April – Brisbane, The Zoo

Saturday 1st May – Melbourne, The Prince

Sunday 2nd May – Adelaide, The Gov


Tickets on sale now from:

Artist: Marilyn Manson

Album: We Are Chaos

Date Of Release: 12th September 2020

Label: Loma Vista Recordings


Track Listing:

1. Red Black And Blue

2. We Are Chaos

3. Don’t Chase The Dead

4. Paint You With My Love

5. Half-Way One Step Forward

6. Infinite Darkness

7. Perfume

8. Keep My Head Together

9. Solve Coagula

10. Broken Needle



I still remember the first time I ever heard Marilyn Manson. While at High School a friend slipped me a mixed tape that contained a couple of Manson’s tracks. One was “Irresponsible Hate Anthem” and suddenly I had discovered another artist that seemed to be turning my diary entries into music.

Of course like all Manson fans I weathered the storm of the whole ‘he’s not really heavy… you shouldn’t be listening to him’ crap and to this day I still believe that Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) is one of the greatest alternative albums ever made and I even have a soft spot for his more commercial The Golden Age of Grotesque.

Now comes Manson’s new album We Are Chaos and yes it seems even twenty-five years down the track Manson is still an artist that knows how to capture the mood of the world in an album. This isn’t just an album to listen to in 2020 this is the freakin’ soundtrack of 2020.

The album overcomes a fairly strange pre-amble (it is Manson so what do you expect) to fall straight into “Red Black And Blue” which captures the traditional Manson sound so well. From there Manson goes into “We Are Chaos” – a track that captures the mood and emotions of 2020 in a way that no other track has. He repeats that formula with “Broken Needle” which also serves to be the perfect closer for a deeply emotional and moody album.

As an album We Are Chaos makes a lot of twists and turns. “Don’t Chase The Dead” is pure old school Manson while “Perfume” is a creative despite its catchiness. “Keep My Head Together” captures more of an alternative rock vibe while the thought provoking “Infinite Darkness” has you seriously thinking about the line ‘you are dead longer than you are alive.’

There are some truly amazing tracks on the album as well though. “Paint You With My Love” sees Manson push his vocal boundaries and reach some amazing new heights and the beautiful instrumental sounds on “Half-Way One Step Forward” conjure up sounds normally only heard on folk metal albums. Then there is “Solve Coagula” which is clearly the best track on the album. Moody, blues like guitar mixed with Manson doing what he does best and capturing the inner thoughts of the disenchanted. ‘I’m not special, I’m just broken and don’t want to be fixed’ may well be some of the best written lyrics of this year.

Somebody had to step up and capture 2020 on an album and turns out that person was Marilyn Manson. Twenty-five years into his career and Manson once again shows why he deserves to be mentioned alongside artists like David Bowie and Iggy Pop for his creativity and the ability to capture the mood of his fans.


Rating (out of 5):


When I spoke to Mark Morton a few months ago about their brand new album he was excited and couldn’t wait to get out onto the road and tour it. 2020 had other ideas though and live gigs as we knew them are now a pipe dream. Don’t think that is going to stop Lamb Of God from delivering their new works of art to the world though because the band have decided to return back to their home town and stream the performances out to the world.

One show will see the band play their new self-titled album in full while the other will see them play through their Ashes Of The Wake album from start to finish. It is a format that has Morton excited. “It is really exciting, man,” he says with a laugh. “It is just great to be able have a way for our fans to access us and for us to reach our fanbase. There are people out there who want to check out the new album in a new exciting way… I guess you can call it a new way.”

“They will also have the chance to revisit the Ashes album as well,” he continues. “That is exciting as well because that album is kind of revered  by fans of the band. They see that as a classic from us. So it is just cool to be able to engage and have something to deliver during a time like this. It’s a pandemic and everybody feels challenged by that so this is a chance for the industry… not even just the band… to rebound and respond in anyway that gives the fans a chance to respond, it is a little bit empowering.”

You can listen to the full audio interview above.

For more information including tickets and merch bundles, visit at:

Out of Adelaide comes something brutal and something different. In a time when so many bands sound alike death metal outfit Descend To Acheron turn everything upside down with their killer new EP The Transience Of Flesh. To find out a little more about the band I sat down and had a chat with Descent To Acheron’s lead singer Andy Kite.

“Pete the lead guitarist and myself were in a previous band together called In The Burial and we decided it was heading in a different direction to us,” explains Kite. “So we left and started to write music for Descent To Acheron – that was back in 2013 and 2014. So Pete and I wrote the entire EP and then started to get people together by thinking about who we really wanted to work with.”

What eventuated was the band bringing together a virtual supergroup. “We thought Dave Haley from Psycroptic would be perfect so we enlisted his services. He flew out to Adelaide and just spent a week laying out drums. Then we asked a mate of ours who is an amazing bass player a guy called Matty P and then once the EP was recorded we decided to start thinking about who we could get involved to help us out when we played live… which isn’t always easy in Adelaide. There are only one or two guys who can play our stuff live in Adelaide and you have pretty big shoes to fill when you are following Dave Haley.”

As we talk more about the how the band’s sound has evolved over the years I ask Kite what were the lyrical inspirations to the EP. “I get inspired by the great sceptics and atheist minds of today,” says Kite. “There is a lot of stuff based on that kind of thing on there – there is science based stuff. It is not your typical gore and horror kind of thing. There are certainly some anti-religious sentiments on there but they are not general anti-religion things they are more specific based on specific people.”


The Transience Of Flesh EP is out now.



The first time I ever met Toby Rand was through a friend while he was getting ready for a gig with Juke Cartel. I learnt that day that he is one of the nicest guys in Aussie music and now he has teamed up with Garry Beers from INXS to form new band AshenMoon.

I recently caught up with Toby again to chat about the band’s new album Future Kings & Queens. Take a listen to the interview here:






Who said nothing good can come out of the Covid-19 lockdown? While you may be bored out of your mind that boredom will be eased a little this weekend as the almighty Behemoth live stream themselves playing in a Polish Church.

While the irony of such a thing makes this a spectacle that nobody should miss the fact that the band themselves seem bored to the back teeth having been lockdown themselves and are looking to unleash their fury means that this has the making of a gig that is going to go down in history.

With all that in the back of our minds though it came as a bit of a surprise when we spoke to frontman Nergal that he originally was not a fan of the concept.

“First of all I didn’t really want to do it,” he says after thinking for a second. “I mean I’m not really a fan of online shows. It is normally like drinking fucking tea and pretending you are in a band room. But somehow you are just not buying it.”

“In the terms of Behemoth and what we try to deliver I thought it would be something that was out of the question… that it would be something that we wouldn’t want to be part of. There’s a stream of bands who have tried it… and I understand that bands need to try and make a living and I am not disputing that and I am not saying it is wrong I am saying find your ways to make a living and pay your bills and taxes. It is part of the big business, it has to move on regardless but considering the character of who and what we are it wouldn’t work. So I was very negative about it from the start.”

With that kind of philosophy it seems even more surprising that the band ever said yes to the gig. But all that changed with one conversation. “But then our manager rand me up and he explained to me all about how this wrestler called The Undertaker had this match in a cemetery and when he just went off into the black on his bike and that kind of peaked my imagination.”

“I thought that maybe this was the occasion,” he says continuing “This is a very rough and difficult situation that we are having to all endure and it might actually be a reason to step out of the game and try to out do ourselves. That was when we started to think if we are going to do this it needs to be absolutely fucking spectacular, epic and something like you have never seen before. And fuck me that is exactly what you should expect. “

Expect it because that is what is going to be delivered!!!


Brooklyn black metal formation TOMBS are now announcing the release of a brand new album, ‘Under Sullen Skies’. The record is set for worldwide release on November 20, via Season of Mist.

The band are now also premiering the first track from their new album. The song “Barren” can be streamed at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

Pre-orders for ‘Under Sullen Skies’ available in the Season of Mist shop HERE.