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Harley is a creative talent who has lived in an amazing world inside his head since childhood (and a slightly less amazing one in the “real world” – wherever that is). Obsessed with creativity and storytelling he developed an interest in theatre, performing and writing early on and went on to study Professional Writing & Editing, where he met David Griffiths and others who formed Subculture Media / Subculture Entertainment.

In past years, Harley has also studied and dabbled in filmmaking and media, multimedia and drama.

In 2001 he started helping out with the production of “Sonic Screwdriver” – the fan club magazine of the Doctor Who Club of Victoria and quickly became the Art Director. As Art Director of the ‘zine he helped with editing and created the layout and design and the majority of the artwork included in the issues during his tenure. He was also responsible for comic strips and occasional articles printed therein and was the regular reviewer of Doctor Who related media being released at the time.

More recently, Harley has leased himself out as a freelanced artist, writer and editor. He is currently working on comic strips for release online and is developing comic book ideas (both solo and with David Griffiths) and productions for TV, film and audio; all the while dreaming of recording his music to one day release to the world.

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