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Patient Sixty-Seven – The meme-fiends who provide regular observation on the Australian and World-Wide metalcore community via their Instagram and Facebook feed are releasing their brand new single and video ‘Scattered’ on Friday January 28th. The track can be purchased/streamed at!

Patient Sixty-Seven are often spoken about online as “The underdog band who are set to explode who are proving themselves in the crowded world of metalcore that authenticity and heart matter above all else“.

The band have come from nothing, hailing from one of the most isolated cities in the world – to something – and now, armed with nothing but a passion for heavy music (and a few memes), they are determined to show the world what they’ve got.

Their most recent single ‘Wayfarer’ attracted praise from a range of sources. Wall of Sound said that it combined “a mesh of solid breakdowns and punchy riffs, this one manages to take you on a rollercoaster of aggression, ebbing and flowing inbetween the guttering vocal ranges that frontman Tom Kiely has unlocked here — it’s seriously one of his best ranges yet!“,

On the topic of the new single, vocalist Tom Kiely said that “Scattered is our band’s most ambitious effort to date. The song talks openly and honestly about the hurt, the pain – the burden it places on anyone constantly at war with themselves and their addiction.

The lyrics depict the ups and downs of trying your hardest to separate yourself from the struggle –
but only spiralling more. The chorus talks on wanting to give up, and let go of yourself and those
you love because you’ll never be whole. You’re looking constantly in the mirror for answers but
only problems seem to surface.

Sonically, Scattered pairs P67’s signature dual-vocal approach, bringing to the forefront a memorable chorus hook. The guitar leads shine throughout, while the heavy overtones of the songs verses showcase a newfound intensity from a band hungry and at the top of their game.

The Music and Lyrics on Scattered are written by Patient Sixty-Seven, and the track was Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Botha (Audax Studios), the Drums performed by Giuliano Macri. The Music Video was created/directed and edited by Elliot Charleston, with Additional thanks to Matt Fennell and Andre Di Biase and the Makeup for the clip was by Keely Knight.

Patient Sixty-Seven have amassed a hearty 4.5 million+ total streams and over 70k monthly listeners and have racked up stats like cover artist for Homegrown & Heavy, playlist spots on New Core, New Metal Tracks, Metal Covers, New Blood & More on Spotify, placement on Apple Music playlists Breaking Hard Rock & Heaps Heavy, featured as Tidal playlist cover artist on Rising Metal and hit the international radio waves on Sirius XM and idobi radio, and back home on triple J across Short Fast Loud & Home & Hosed + Rotation on triple J Unearthed and The Faction.

Patient Sixty-Seven are releasing ‘Scattered’ on Friday January 28th in all digital outlets and streaming platforms & can be pre-saved at!

After re-signing to Nuclear Blast in early 2021, the Finnish heavy metal sextet BATTLE BEAST are once again unleashing their full force upon the world in the shape of their brand new masterpiece Circus of Doom, which is being released today via Nuclear Blast.

In true BATTLE BEAST fashion, the 10 tracks blend true heavy metal with pop and rock-vibes, paired with Noora Louhimo’s unique voice.

To celebrate the occasion, the band also release a music video of their new single ‘Wings of Light’, that you can watch here:

Janne Björkroth comments about the relese: “We wanted to make an absorbing and interesting album that includes both lighter party songs and heavier stuff as well. It’s not a theme album in the traditional sense, but rather a versatile entity that sounds like BATTLE BEAST, but with new flavours and twists.
The album is named after its theatrical opening track, which is quite a massive song in many ways. It’s groovy and catchy, filled with fascinating details, wild orchestrations, big emotions, and many stories. In that way, the song reflects the whole album, and we think it’s an ideal title track. Like the song ‘Circus of Doom’, the whole album is filled with enchanting surprises and wild carnival atmosphere. Like a joyful day at the circus.

Circus of Doom was recorded at JKB Studios in Helsinki, Finland and produced and mixed by keyboardist Janne Björkroth, while the stunning artwork was created by Jan Yrlund.

Get Circus of Doom in the format of your choice, here:

After gathering over 1 million plays combined for their debut single ‘Shadowminds’, 2021’s biggest surprise in the metal scene, strikes back with another single & video.

Combining their forces as songwriting geniuses and having the “Rifflords of Sweden” united once more, they deliver with the new hit single “Feel What I Believe” what fans were craving for the past decade!

Jesper Strömblad of IN FLAMES (1990-2010), Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY),  Peter Iwers (IN FLAMES 1997-2016) , Daniel Svensson (IN FLAMES 1998-2015) and Niclas Engelin (IN FLAMES 1997-98/2011-) teamed up to shake up the Gothenburg scene!

Watch the video of this awesome uptempo banger here:

Get the single digitally here:

The band comments on the song as follows:
“Feel what I believe” is basically about how it felt growing up and discovering extreme metal in our late teens. Delving into something that was both frightening and alluring at the same time. And having that as the sole focus as you started playing in a band and in essence decided who you wanted to be. That confidence and laser focus is what still fascinates me I love that this somehow endured over the years. This is basically us at 19 screaming “How don’t you understand this?”. And even if people around us didn’t get it at the time at least they could see our passion for it and that’s what this song is about.
The video is also reminiscent of the videos we saw growing up. A bunch of long haired people in an abandoned warehouse playing loud music while trying to look cool basically. What we did here though is bring it to another level thanks to 
Theo Gabay and his amazing team. I love that it captures the vibe of us playing and really enjoying what we do. Also it looks spectacular. Enjoy!”

Trivium singer and guitarist Matthew Kiichi Heafy is delighting fans today by releasing the first single from his long-awaited and much-anticipated IBARAKI project.

Today, Ibaraki have shared the video for ‘Tamashii No Houkai’ featuring special guest Ihsahn of Emperor fame.

Stream the single here:

“‘Tamashii No Houkai’ means ‘the breaking of the soul’ or ‘soul collapse,” explains Kiichi. “It’s a Japanese term that didn’t exist before, but one we forged to reflect the song’s meaning.”

Kiichi, who is of Japanese heritage, continues, “‘Tamashii No Houkai’ is co-written by Ihsahn — the legend behind Emperor and a musician who has been a longtime influence and mentor to so much that I do in music. The writing of this song was the turning point for Ibaraki — it summarized everything from the past, present, and future of what I thought black metal was, is, and could be.”

Kiichi finishes, “‘Tamashii No Houkai’ is the perfect summary and representation of everything that Ibaraki is… and will be.”

IBARAKI were recently selected as one of the most anticipated releases of 2022 by Revolver.

IBARAKI — the name for a terrifying Japanese demon taken from feudal legend — is the end-result of Kiichi’s continued journey to find his voice. It’s personal, it’s deep, and its inspirations include everything from an adoration for the extremes of black metal and beyond.

It was Kiichi’s exposure to Ihsahn’s solo work that would inspire the gradual craftsmanship that would eventually become IBARAKI. It was also the beginning of a friendship and creative collaboration that would eventually compel Ihsahn to take a leap of his own into a newfound role as producer on the project. While much of the material for IBARAKI was assembled over months and years — as much a songwriting process as an exchange of ideas between friends — it wasn’t until the pandemic that the space was created and the idea could really flourish.

And ‘Tamashii No Houkai’ is just the beginning.

Heart Attack is an unpredictable groovy blend of modern thrash metal and their first new song, “Septic Melody”, marks Heart Attack‘s debut on their new label home Atomic Fire Records. The song tilts from unleashed thrash fury into soaring melodies and back again in no time. No wonder the French armada chose it as their first single. 

“We wrote the music for Septic Melody during the first lockdown, and we had a lot of rage and frustration to release,” states the band. The song is about the inner struggle and despair humankind can face when confronted with life’s trials or other happenings that crush the world around you. The masked characters are here to personify such misfortune and drive the principal character to madness in the music video. The video is filmed in the Roman Arena of Frejus (Southern France), built in the first century. “This arena has such a magical atmosphere with its native sound of the drums. Shooting the video there was so strong like playing live in front of a festival stage, it was incredible,” muses the band about the making of the video. 

Kevin Geyer, vocalist and guitarist, comments about the signing:

“When we heard that Atomic Fire Records was interested in signing Heart Attack, it was a great emotion for the band. We were really honored that such important people in the music industry believe in a band like us from the South of France. The Atomic Fire team made us feel confident. They are really excellent, responsive, and understanding people with a good sense of humor. It’s a pleasure to work with them and to feel so supported. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with them, and we are very happy with this collaboration.” 
Stream it here:

Heart Attack is a four-piece army consisting of Kevin Geyer (rhythm guitars, vocals), Chris Cesari (lead guitars, keyboards), Will Ribeiro (bass guitar, vocals), and Christophe Icard (drums). The band played prestigious Hellfest, shared the stage with Trivium and Opeth, or opened for Megadeth in Lyon, and their upcoming new album “Negative Sun” is the perfect amalgamation of roaring thrash metal and epic melodies to be released worldwide via Atomic Fire Records on June 10th, 2022

Heart Attack is for Gojira, Machine Head, and early Metallica fans searching for the definite riff that will help them drive for a long ride under the sun. Long live France, and remember where you heard it first!

Silverback Touring is pleased to announce the new dates, venues and line up additions for the inaugural Uncaged Festival which will now take place in March and April 2022 due to the ongoing covid situation.

Whilst the postponement of the shows is regretful, there are silver linings with Kiwi heavyweights, Shihad joining the festival in Sydney and Brisbane, in their first Aussie shows since the release of their acclaimed new album, “Old Gods”. The iconic You Am I and Tex Perkins (and the Fat Rubber band) also now join the festival on all dates as do punk legends, The Hard Ons. The festival also serves as a festival farewell to Twelve Foot Ninja frontman, Nik “Kin Etik” Barker who has announced that he is leaving the group at the end of 2022.

They join a line up featuring the who’s who of Australian rock including WolfmotherMagic DirtKilling HeidiBodyjar28 DaysTumbleweed and lots more. The line up also features a diverse line up of Australia’s next generation of heavy rock artists.

The new dates and venues are as follows:

Melbourne – Saturday 12 March, Reunion Park

Sydney – Saturday 23 April, Hordern Pavilion & Surrounds (indoor & outdoor)

Brisbane – Sunday 24 April, Eatons Hill (Outdoor & Ballroom) – Anzac Long Weekend

Tickets are on sale now and are limited to 5,000 tickets only.

Tickets on sale now from:

Existing tickets remain valid for the new dates and venues.

*Due to scheduling difficulties, Kingswood & The Superjesus will no longer be appearing at Uncaged.

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing Portuguese death / doom duo OAK, featuring band members of label mates GAEREA. The band will release their new second full-length later this year.

OAK comment: “Back when we first started, we wanted to trace the path of a true giant. Today, following its marks carved into the ground, we have come further than we ever imagined. We came face to face with a colossus and, looking up, we now know what “giant” really means. From now on, OAK is a Season of Mist artist and we are set to release our second album this year.”

Listen to OAK‘s debut album ‘Lone’ via Bandcamp here

Metalcore shooting stars BREATHE ATLANTIS are starting the new year off right with a bang and have prominent support in tow. The busy quartet around singer Nico Schiesewitz and guitarist Jan Euler releases their brand new hit single ‘Changes‘, which surprisingly also features Nico Sallach, singer and frontman of ESKIMO CALLBOY. The already fourth single ‘Changes‘ from the as yet unannounced album offers once again everything that makes the metalcore heart beat faster and also speaks for the successful change of the Essen-based band.

“‘Changes‘ was a single candidate for us from the beginning, it shows that we have matured in songwriting and perfectly reflects our new sound. That we could convince Nico Sallach to take part in the song was of course the cherry on the cake. We’ve been friends for years and have been on tour together quite often in To The Rats And Wolves times. I love Nico’s voice and it fits wonderfully to the mood and message of ‘Changes‘”, explains guitarist Jan Euler.

After IMMINENCE frontman Eddie Berg already made his guest contribution to BREATHE ATLANTIS on the track ‘Savior‘ the band now pulls another top-class feature artist out of the hat. Sallach’s band ESKIMO CALLBOY recently made headlines with high chart placements and the application for the German representation at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.
How the collaboration went down, singer Nico Schieswitz describes:

“After Jan Euler told us that Nico Sallach is in it, we were all beside ourselves. Of course we know Nico for a long time, but for us it is still an honor to get support from the singer of such a famous band. We met in the studio and worked together on the chorus and the arrangement and what can I say, we were done with everything within 4 hours, because Nico is an insanely good musician and our vibe just fit.”

“In ‘Changes‘ is shown how difficult it can be to maintain interpersonal relationships in the change of time and thus at the same time the persons themselves without some kind of problems. We all change, we have to, even if we want to evolve. And even without our intervention, sometimes it is the circumstances that transform our character without us noticing it,” describes singer Nico Schiesewitz. That change is sometimes difficult, but also necessary, should be well known to BREATHE ATLANTIS after the turbulent years. But with the current release it should be clear that the band does not have to hide from the international metalcore elite.

A success story that is hard-won and also demanded interpersonal decisions, as Nico Schiesewitz states: “Not always do 2 people change in the same direction, no matter how close, similar or the same they were at one point in their lives. ‘Changes‘ reflects exactly these ups and downs, the light and the dark sides of a relationship’s evolution, reminding us that we are all in flux and in the process our relationships can’t always hold up under these changes.”

BREATHE ATLANTIS have gained a lot of experience over the past few years; having played countless shows with big international bands like SUM 41, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, ATTILA, BURY TOMORROW, CROSSFAITH or SLAVES, plus excessive touring throughout the EU supporting ANY GIVEN DAY, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES, IMMINENCE and slots on top German festivals.  

‘Changes’ feat. Nico Sallach (Eskimo Callboy) 
is now available on all platforms.For Fans of I PREVAILBRING ME THE HORIZON and ARCHITECTS.