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When a band is made up of members of other bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Napalm Death and Susperia you now the term super-group is something that probably should be used. That is certainly the case when it comes to Insidious Disease who have been toiling away over the past few years on their new album After Death. Silenoz found time away from the band and his heavy Dimmu Borgir schedule to talk to us about the new album.

“Yeah it was 2011 about a year after the release of Shadowcast when we started dabbling with some new ideas,” explains Silenoz as we begin to talk about the creation of After Death. “Obviously we haven’t spent seven or eight years working on the album – it has been on and off but a lot of the ideas on this album are from 2011 and 2012. As far as the song-writing process goes I think this has been a good thing for this album because when you spread your song-writing process over so many years it is bound to end up having good variety. That is definitely the strength I see of this album.”

He laughs slightly as we talk about having the process last for so many years. “There is a downside to it as well,” he adds. “The downside of it is that you can keep going back and wanting to change things. We all had to agree very early on that when we decided a song was finished that we would leave it be… we didn’t want to go down that rabbit-hole of wanting to change things all the time because that way you could really fuck things up royally. But yeah it feels good now being able to go back and listen to the album now that it has been away ourselves for awhile. The strength, at least from my perspective, is the variety.”

After Death will be released through Nuclear Blast Records on the 30th October 2020.


When it comes to busy drummers nobody is busier than Dirk Verbeuren. As if  being a member of Megadeth and Soilwork isn’t hard enough work  he is also the stick-man for Norwegian death metal legends Cadaver who are about to drop their first album in 16 years.

“It all kind of accidentally started when Anders and I met back in 2014,” says Verbeuren as we begin to talk about the founding days of the new album – Edder & Bile. “I was filling in and playing for Satyricon whom I didn’t know that he played bass for at the time. Then when I was realised I was like ‘wow that is Anders from that band Cadaver that I loved when I was a kid.’ Then we sat down and he played me some more of the recent demos that he had been working on and he turned to me and said ‘why don’t we try and turn this into an album.’

Of course that magic didn’t happen overnight but the band kept working on it until they were happy with what they had. “Over the years we kept working on it,” he goes on to explain. “Some of the things we discarded and somewhere along the way we even changed the direction that we were going in but eventually it all came together and the touchstone for me was that there was a joy there because I got to work with Cadaver and they had a huge influence on me when I was a teenager so I kind of wanted to bring that raw energy from their early records. I followed the band their whole career but it was probably that early impact that has the biggest influence on you and I always thought that Hallucinating Anxiety was a masterpiece of a death metal album.”


Edder & Bile will be released through Nuclear Blast Records on November 23rd.