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Drumming, well I have South American blood in me. Our guitarist Pete once said ‘you South Americans come out of the womb playing bongos, I swear’. It’s in our blood. Hahaha. My dad was a drummer and used to make me watch doco after doco on SBS about all the greats growing up as a child. Coupled with that, I grew up performing my whole childhood through Johnny Young Talent School which later turned into Dancing. I was particularly obsessed with tap dancing and used to do it all night in bed till my feet cramped up, so I feel my obsession started there. I was lucky enough growing up to always be around really great musicians and the thought of sitting on the sidelines cheering other people on was not enough for me. I wanted to be part of the action, man. So the boys used to always jam at our house and let me get up and play after they were done jamming. My ‘go to’ was ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath and ‘Let There Be Rock’ by AC/DC. That was my catalogue of songs for a very long time. Haha. After sitting in the shadows my whole life, I decided in 2015 it was time and I bought a kit. I went straight to Col Gillies aka Master Yoda. He is the godfather of Brisbane Drumming I.M.O and has taught most of the shop owners and drum teachers in this town. I told him I want to be ‘good for a girl’. He said I will make you play well as a drummer. I needed to hear that. I like to think of myself as a heavy groove drummer, well that’s the goal anyways.


Carmine Appice is my absolute favourite drummer of all time. He played for Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogert and Appice to name a few. He is also my dad’s favourite drummer and I heard about him my whole life almost as if he was a family member. He is the Groove MASTER and has been going for over 60 years. What attracts me most about his drumming is his offbeat groove fills and his showmanship. He knows how to lure you in and take you on a ride. He is too damn lit to quit and that mirrors my personality so I resonate with his spirit. Don’t believe me, watch this solo from Evil – Cactus. I’m not telling you how many times I’ve watched this in complete awe cos’ I’ve lost count obviously. Lol


Robby Staebler from All Them Witches. It’s like his drumming doesn’t follow rules. I feel the greatest thing any musician can ever achieve is creating their own signature sound. Rob Staebler has done just that. I can spot his drumming from a mile away because no one drums like him and if they do sound like him, I would say ‘hay such and such has the Robby Staebler sound’. He does this thing where he does triplets on the bass kick. It’s kind of like his signature beat. His drumming syncopates with the music so well that I still haven’t wrapped my head around his greatness. My friend Rob who sings for Laceration Mantra, who I call a mentor, told me once, it doesn’t matter about your skill level, how I spot a great drummer when I walk in a room is timing and dynamics. These words are a mantra that swing around my brain all the time and it was some of the truest and greatest advice I ever got about drumming. This is the vid that began my complete obsession with my favourite band All Them Witches. It’s not necessarily my favourite now I’ve deep dived, but it was the gateway to the Greatness of Robby Staebler.


Chris Dennis, or as I like to call him, ‘Chris Muthafkn’ Dennis’. He is a force of nature. Chris drums for Azrael, Veal, Tesla Coils (r.i.p) and probably more I don’t know about. Chris Dennis comes from the Gold Coast and is a drummer I can go watch all the time. I will never ever forget the first time I saw him play. Veal played Wallapalooza. I stood there with my jaw on the floor the whole set and couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I thought my god, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?! Yes he is a great drummer, but it wasn’t that that blew my mind. It was how he played. He was fucking ferocious and I’ve never seen anyone throw their whole body into drumming the way he does. He was drenched in sweat and he gave no fucks, he is so sharp on his movements it’s almost robotronic, like it almost feels like an optical illusion. I’ve never EVER seen anything like it. Watching him play made me think, fuck YEAH, I wanna play like that. I quickly started following his every move and made him become my friend hahaha. I asked for lessons and he helped me compose better drum tracks for a lot of our songs. The boss ass fill in ‘Heartquake’ is his, he gave it to me. I’m not gonna lie, I took it graciously, it’s fkn killer. I’m lucky enough now to call Chris my friend. Aka Sensai haha. This is some of his drumming from Azreal.

4. Igor Cavalera

Igor Cavalera, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb + more. I have always loved the Cavalera tribe and Igor’s style of drumming resonates with me on some otherworldly, ancestral, South American bloodline, tribal level. It goes without saying that he has his own signature sound. The Cavaleras created Tribal Metal and brought it to the mainstream thanks to the help of Gloria Cavalera, Max’s wife. I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but it’s mine. He, much like Chris Dennis, is a ferocious force of nature. I like watching people whose spirit emanates out of them as they play. We pour everything we have into our music, so I love watching people let themselves go live. Igor will always hold a special place in my drumming heart.


I first saw Mike Portnoy at a G3 concert. Dream Theater, Winery Dogs, Liquid Tension Experiment etc. I had never seen anyone drum like that. Prog drumming, WOW. To be really honest I was overwhelmed with greatness. I needed to go outside for a minute. My brain couldn’t compute what I had just seen. Mike Portnoy is one of the greatest prog drummers in the world and I fell deeply in love with his grooves after listening to Train of Thought by Dream Theater. I have deep divided into the world of Portnoy since and the greatest thing about him is he loves to collaborate and above all is the biggest fanboy ever of music. I highly recommend watching his MP Vinyl series. It’s killer. He’s one guy I’d love to have a beer with.


Irist! Remember the name, because these guys are one of the brightest sparks in the heavy music world at the moment. While the band only started out in 2015 even before the release of their debut album, Order Of The Mind, the band was being compared to the likes of Machine Head, Mastodon and Sepultura. I was recently lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a chat with vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho who was able to tell me not only about the new album but also about the band itself.

“The band actually had another vocalist before me,” he says frankly when we begin to talk about the history of the band which began in South America before re-locating to Atlanta. “They had put together an EP and then when the vocalist left I joined the band, then we put together three demos and sent them off to Nuclear Blast. Then we got signed and then we started to write Order Of The Mind from there.”

That leads me to ask how Carvalho ended up joining Irist after the departure of the first vocalist. “I was actually friends with Pablo and Bruno before any of that,” he answers. “I really felt like I was ready to do music fulltime but I actually just really loved the music that they were putting out while they were still trying to put a line-up together. I thought it was so unique and so interesting that I was like ‘oh man I really need to talk to these guys. I was taking their music so seriously at a time when I was really jaded because it felt for me that nothing was really changing. It just felt that they were trying to push music in a completely different direction and I think that was what really attracted me to want to join the band… and that is why I am here now.”

Knowing that Pablo and Bruno had come from very musical homes I ask Carvalho whether that was the same for him and he says, “Yeah my home was very musical as well. My Dad would walk into the house and there would be instantly music playing in the background – that was pretty much non-stop. My brother also played drums so from my very early teens I was always playing with him. We were into hardcore and even heavier stuff. I’ve been playing that for awhile now but I grew up listening to all kinds of stuff. We listened to a lot of Latin music because my family was from Brazil, but there was also a lot of punk, hardcore and metal there as well. It was just a very varied up-bringing when music was concerned.”

From there we begin to talk about the band signing to one of the greatest heavy music labels on this planet. “When I joined the band Nuclear Blast already knew they existed,” says Carvalho explaining all the steps to me. “They had heard the EP and they liked it but they hadn’t signed the band yet. When I joined the band they decided to send Monte Connor some demos to see whether or not they wanted to move forward with it.”

“After that we still technically hadn’t signed but they told us we were good to go,” he continues. “We felt more confident as a band and I think that we already had two songs written and there were a few more in the making. I think by the time they actually signed the band there were already six songs done but we were already writing with intent. The thing is when we write we like to spend a fair bit of time on each song, sometimes it was like a month or two per song – sometimes it might even be three before it was done.”

They say it takes time to let something good simmer and that is certainly the case with Order Of The Mind.



Hailing from Melbourne five-piece heavy metal outfit Armoured Earth have spent the last couple of years fitting all of the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle together. As it turned out one of those pieces was securing the services of former Frankenbok member Daniel White as a front-man. Now with all those pieces in order the guys are ready to unleash something special on the public – a brand new EP.

“It has been an interesting time, man,” says guitarist Chaise Egan when I begin to talk to him about everything the band has gone through to get to the point where they are able to release this new EP. “Over the last few years we have been pretty stagment… we have always struggled to get a full line-up together to be honest. Not because of lack of trying but it has just been pretty tough to be in Melbourne with so many bands and to try and attract half-decent musos. That is basically the reason for the distance in between drinks but we got Dan from Frakenbok on board about a year ago and it all just came together and we’ve been sitting on the EP for about a year now. I have to say we are pretty happy with it to.”

Finding the right members for a band is always a tricky thing to do and I ask Egan how he feels the best way to go about it is especially when you are in a crowded market like Melbourne. “There has always been three of us in the band now for about eight or nine years,” he says. “We’ve had a few bass players over the journey but when our singer left about four or five years ago that was what really tripped us up a little bit, that put everything on the backburner for awhile.”

“Then about a year or two ago I reached out to Dan because I played in Scarlet Circus with him,” he says continuing. “But he was playing in Frankenbok at the time and he was working full time so he really only had a limited about of time and energy so we had to try and navigate through that. But then he left Frankenbok and it all just sort of started to fall together about a year ago. But yeah we did everything before that, we advertised on social media or that sort of thing. I harassed all my muso mates around Melbourne to keep an ear out for us and that sort of thing… just the usual sort of things.”

With the line-up now in place Armoured Earth were ready to start song-writing and Egan admits that the band member’s vast love of music has certainly inspired the sound that people will hear on the Ep when they give it a listen. “There are a shitload of influences,” he says with a laugh. “Our other guitarist Brendan Scott and our bassist Julian Lewis they have amazing playlists – it would blow you away the kind of music that they listen to. But we all love the classic bands – Pantera, Sepultura and Metallica, that kind of thing. Then Dan is a big death metal fan. So I guess what we have done is just bundle up our top ten influences and then just thrown them into the blender – then we just see what comes out.”

The other major change the band has seen with Dan White coming into the band is to their lyric writing. “Dan writes about ninety percent of the lyrics,” says Egan as we discuss the EPs lyrical content. “It is funny though every time I ask him what a song is about he says ‘well read it.’ I think though that he normally does have a bit of a theme in mind – there will be something going on socially or whatever it might be, but I think he also likes to keep it a little bit open to interpretation and I kinda like that stuff but that is how the lyrics are born.”

To finish off Egan has a special message to all of the band’s fans for this weird time we are going through. “Stay safe everyone,” he says. “The EP will be released on all the usual streaming platforms on Friday, the CDs are a few weeks away because of the shipping hold ups with the whole Coronavirus mess but please stay safe, try to give it a spin on Friday, hit us up on social media and Spotify and we hope that you enjoy it… and we are always open to feedback.”


Armoured Earth’s new EP will be released on March 27th.



The mighty Sepultura are back with their brand new album Quadra and boy is this an album with a difference. The world has been blessed with the music of these mighty giants now for thirty-five years with many believing their 1986 album Morbid Visions was a game changer when it came to the thrash genre.

Now in 2020 Sepultura have released Quadra an album that while full of original songs goes back over their career to date and seems to grab the different styles the band has presented over the years. When I had the opportunity to sit down with front-man Derrick Green and chat about Quadra he admits that was the idea that the band when into the studio with.

“A lot of times when we go into writing an album we usually like to go in a with a concept because it makes the process of writing a little bit easier,” he admits. “We become more focussed when we have an objective. So when we headed into this album we were looking at it as if it was a double album – so there was a Side A, a Side B, a Side C and a Side D. And with each side we wanted to have the elements – those elements of Sepultura that have existed in the past on each side.”

“So the first side – Side A – were more geared up towards the thrash elements of Sepultura’s past,” he goes on to explain. “Side B has more of the tribal elements, a mixture of that kind of leading to Machine Messiah. Then Side C is more of the experimental and instrumental phases of Sepultura and then the D side is the more melodical side. So that was the idea that we had in mind, all leading to the idea that Andreas Kisser our guitarist had because he came up with the title Quadra which is Portuguese for ‘the playing field that has four sides’ and then within this playing field you have rules, so Quadra is kind of what each person is born into, so it is a metaphor for the various parts of the world that people are born into, and the laws that you abide to or don’t. And of course there are repercussions for that. Then of course there are people that are struggling to get out of their quadra as well. ”

With that framework already in mind when the band went in to work on the album they also discovered that the term ‘quadra’ also had a lot deeper meaning for Sepultura as well. “We are a four piece,” says Green thinking for a moment. “So the number four has a deep meaning for us. We were also reading a book about taking the four elements of the Arts – namely arithmetic, geometry, music and astrology. And then there is numerology in which the number four is significant because when that number is manifested a lot of powerful things are happening in the moment, and that is how we felt as a band. When the four of us are together on stage there is a moment that is happening that is very powerful.”

“That also happens for us in the studio,” he admits again after thinking for a moment. So we went in that direction from the very beginning before anything was even written and we were able to have a lot of time to work on the album. We made sure that we had that time by not doing a lot of festival tours like we normally do in the summer and we became really comfortable in the writing process which really helped in the creation of this album.”

For Sepultura fans out there Quadra is a very special album indeed as it captures the true sound of the band in a way that many haven’t heard before. Green tells us that some versions of the album also feature the Endurance documentary that he band worked on as well.

“You can actually grab a copy that has the Endurance documentary of Sepultura as well,” he explains. “It has been out on Netflix in Latin American for awhile now but now it is great because it will be obtainable for everyone when they buy the album. I think it is with the Deluxe version of the album, so we are really excited about that. Check it out and check us out when we are in town.”

And for the hardcore Sepultura out there a little birdy called Derrick Green assured us they hope to be hitting all the Aussie towns in 2021.


Quadra is out now through Nuclear Blast.



The Sepulnation is alive and well! Following their crushingly successful 2014 Australian Tour, Brazilian Metal IconsSEPULTURA unleash a heavy metal hurricane upon the Sepulnation in May 2018. Now as a huge bonus to metal fans on the far North Coast and the Gold Coast Sepultura and Death Angel have announced a new show on Thursday 17th May atThe Northern in Byron Bay. Tickets are on sale NOW at: https://metropolistouring.com/sepultura-death-angel/

Armed with their finest album in decades ‘Machine Messiah’, SEPULTURA emerge into a troubled world with extraordinary songs guaranteed to lift the spirits of any loyal metalhead. SEPULTURA are legends and are responsible for the existence of several of your favourite thrash metal bands today!

The band’s total command of the stage is cemented in place by blistering live performances that have remained a constant threat to all contemporaries. It’s a forgone conclusion that audiences will to erupt to Roots Bloody Roots, Territory, Refuse/Resist, Arise, Attitude, Ratamahatta and so many more! Just reading those song titles paint a picture of you losing your shit in a circle pit – this is the power of SEPULTURA!

Joining Sepultura in this headlong rush into mayhem are one of the most influential Thrash Metal bands ever – DEATH ANGEL. A peek through a time portal to the Bay Area Scene in the 80s would reveal Metallica’s Cliff Burton at the front of the stage at Ruthie’s Inn banging his head to Death Angel’s inventive style, and speedy, complex arrangements. But who needs HG Wells when you can see the real thing here and now at a venue half an hour from home? Buzzsaw speed riffs, double kick drum bedlam, and scorching vocals are just a few of the elements which define the uncompromising urgency that is DEATH ANGEL. Three decades into their celebrated career, DEATH ANGEL remain as hungry as ever.

With the critically acclaimed double barrel blast to the system delivered by SEPULTURA and DEATH ANGEL, metal fans will be electrified with horns in the air euphoria. We kid you not. This is the shit!

SEPULTURA (With specials guests Death Angel) Tour Dates

Tuesday 15th May – MELBOURNE, 170 Russell

Wednesday 16th May – ADELAIDE, The Gov

Thursday 17th May – BYRON BAY, The Northern

Friday 18th May – BRISBANE, Eatons Hill Hotel

Saturday 19th May – SYDNEY, The Metro Theatre

Sunday 20th May – PERTH, Capitol


From: https://metropolistouring.com/sepultura-death-angel/


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