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It’s time to get kooky and spooky as Dave and Harley present a special Halloween edition of Subculture: The Podcast

Not only do you get all your latest pop culture news but the boys look at how The Lone Gunmen could be brought back and then they cast their own new Resident Evil and Cut movies. 

Oh… and they take a look at what is screening at this year’s Monster Fest.

Check out the latest episode right here:


In this brand new episode of Subculture: The Podcast Dave Griffiths and Harley Woods once again delve into their inner geekdom as they talk about Paramount’s plans for Star Trek before then exploring in depth how the Doctor Who universe could be expanded.

From their they jump onto The Casting Couch again and cast their own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.



In a brand new episode of Subculture: The Podcast Dave Griffiths and Harley Woods take a look at Rami Malick playing the brand new Bond villain as well as paying homage to the late Diana Rigg.

The boys also look at whether Australian TV show Ship To Shore could ever be brought back from the dead and then they answer a listener’s challenge by re-casting the DC villains.


In this new episode of Subculture: The Podcast Dave Griffiths and Harley Woods take a look at all of the news coming out of the world of Batman. They discuss Michael Keaton returning to the DC Universe and what DC animation they would love to bring back.

Take a listen below.


Dave G and Harley are back with a brand new episode of Subculture: The Podcast.

In this episode they discuss whether the cinematic world needs to forget about the US market and begin releasing new films post Covid. They are also look at the rise of Drive-In theatres like Lunar Drive In in Australia.

To top it off they dissect the last season of 13 Reasons Why and look at how Community could be brought back to life.

Yes, it is all your geek talk in one spot. Check out the new episode right here.