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What if Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain secretly wrote songs for Queens of the Stone Age and Alice In Chains? We don’t have the answer to this mysterious question, but maybe (just maybeThe Stone Eye can answer it for us…
Philadelphia sludge rockers The Stone Eye have revealed a new music video and single for the song “Witches & Raptures“. The video was directed by Stephen Burdick. Watch it right now at this location. “Witches & Raptures” is the first single from the band’s sixth full-length album South Of The Sun which is scheduled for a worldwide release on October 15, 2021 via Eclipse Records.
“In a nutshell, Witches & Raptures can best be described as a song about feeling trapped in the greater picture of everything around you” says lead vocalist & guitarist Stephen Burdick“Does that meaning come through in the video? Maybe… who knows! We picked the song as a single because we felt as though it was one of the most interesting pieces of music we have written thus far, whilst also retaining an element of pop-sensibility amidst the abnormal structure and harmonies. It is weird, but it’s catchy. When it came to working on the video, we sought out weirdness. Film some footage of us rehearsing, some footage of us being hooligans in front of the green screen and go to town in post-production!”
The new record, titled South of the Sun, is one of those gems that is familiar somehow, yet takes the listener on a journey mapped out in new pathways. Heavy with a layer of glorious weirdness, this album combines a raucous, dirty guitar sound with clever musicianship … vocals that are as hypnotic in harmony as they are diverse in range, and a rhythm section as daring as it is ornate and, at times, funk-a-licious. With thirteen mesmerizing songs altogether, the singles from the album certainly showcase the wide range of influences upon the band’s writing. For the first single “Witches & Raptures“, the band sings about being trapped in the big picture of the world around us and how servants eventually are consumed by their social masters after they have served their purpose. The second single “Catatonia” is more of an exercise in meditative songwriting designed to just lose the listener in the lyrics which represent such philosophical questions such as ‘who’s out there, what’s there?’.  The third single “Aleutian Summer” can be best described as a scene out of The Shining, going stir-crazy because you’re figuratively trapped in the middle of God knows where. They are soulful songs, and in their own way erotic, both perfect for rock, alternative, stoner, and even metal radio playlists as fuzzy stoner sludge wrapped up in a progressive, pop metal take on the rock genre.

To celebrate the limited edition deluxe release of the combined two-part “The Killing” EP series, Los Angeles based Alt.Metal band Zero Theorem has teamed with renowned producer Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Hell Yeah, In This Moment, Papa Roach) on a new mix of “Threat” that features Violent Idols, a group known for AEW star Jon Moxley’s theme song and collaborations with multiple hard rock heavyweights.  The result is a new dimension of intensity and imagination to the original while emphasizing a more industrial and electronic sound.  The band has also partnered with YouTube artist Goop Wizard to present a vibrant and psychedelic visualizer video that brings at different dimension to the listening experience.

Zero Theorem vocalist Caesar states: “Threat” is a direct warning shot aimed toward those with an inflated self-confidence or sense of superiority.  It’s been a crowd-favorite and effective closer in live settings, and we were excited to learn Violent Idols was interested in doing a remix for it.  Once we heard their take on the song, we felt it was a fitting finale to “The Killing” collection and a great bonus track for “The Killing Deluxe”.    

Caesar continues “Violent Idols have a unique approach to the electronic/industrial genre and how to blend them with hard rock and metal – which compliments some of our own experimentation and growth as a band.  Also, it was exciting to have another vocalist join with me on a song, and their front man V did an excellent job.  Pushing the boundaries of Zero Theorem and collaborating with others is definitely something I could see us continuing in the future.  The combination of the new song and visuals by Goop Wizard certainly takes the audience on a journey, and that was the goal”.

“The Killing I” EP was released in 2020 and spawned the hit “You“.  “The Killing II” EP followed in early 2021 and produced more popular songs including ‘Translucent‘; ‘Swarm‘, and most recently “Joke” – all of which landed on Hard Rock and Metal playlists on all major streaming services.  The band has been growing steadily since the release of their first EP, Ataraxis, in 2018. That EP yielded Top 30 BDS Active Rock singles “Area” and “Becoming” – both songs have more than 1 million streams each on Spotify alone.  Zero Theorem has accumulated more than 8.2 million audio streams of their music to date.  The band toured extensively throughout 2019, playing more than 80 shows, including opening for Nonpoint and Hyro The Hero, as well as a headlining club tour.  

The band is scheduled to open for Fozzy on the “Save The World” Tour starting in early September.  

Zero Theorem is:
Caesar – Vocals
Roy Lev-Ari – Guitar
Max Georgiev – Guitar
Eloy Palacios – Bass
Jake Hayden – Drums

For those that like their metal with a little bit of a harder edge one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2021 is Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s Bring Out The Dead. Many fans thought the band were long over-due for a new album and the band decided not to disappoint by dropping one of the best albums of their career to date.

Recently Subculture’s Dave Griffiths sat down with Zach Wager from the band to chat about the new album and what life is like in the USA in the middle of a pandemic.

You can hear our full interview below:

A pioneer of the industrial scene Julian Beeston has recently turned his attention to his new project Featured. The idea was to deliver a little bit of girl power by bringing in the best female vocalists from around the world to record Julian’s lyrics after his as normal brilliant beats.

As Julian talks to Subculture’s Dave Griffiths he chats about the project itself, why he chose the artists he chose to work with and what it has been like writing music for soundtracks in LA.

Take a listen to the full interview below:

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day CRIMSON RIOT have released a great folky punk rock infused new single and video ‘St. James’s Gate’ via Die Laughing Records. The track is now available on all digital platforms. 

The Punk Rock Power Trio from Las Vegas, NV bring you another Guinness soaked track to add to your St. Patrick’s Day playlist alongside Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Rumjacks, Street Dogs & The Mahones!

‘’There’s nothing quite like a good Irish drinking song and ‘St. James’s Gate’ is ours. It’s a feel-good tune about hanging out with your friends in the land of emerald hills and the home of Guinness Irish Stout. We haven’t been to Ireland yet but if we ever get the chance you may have to pull us out of there kicking and screaming. We hope this song makes you want to raise a glass with your best mates. Sláinte! – CRIMSON RIOT