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Multi-platinum UK rock icons The Darkness will be returning to Australia & New Zealand this October, playing shows in 
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland & Wellington

Fans can access early bird tickets by signing up prior to pre-sale commencing here
Pre-sale starts Friday, May 13 at 11am local time.
General public tickets on sale Tuesday, May 17 at 11am local time.

Brimming with their trademark blazing guitar riffs and solos, soaring falsetto and immeasurable rock ‘n’ roll extravagance, The Darkness will be operating at their loosest and most extroverted frequency. 

Fans will be treated to new songs from the band’s new album Motorheart, along with slaying their award-winning, platinum-selling hit singles including ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ and ‘Love Is Only A Feeling’– a true spectacle to behold. 

With over three million concert tickets sold worldwide, four Top Ten albums, two hundred million streams on Spotify, five Top Ten singles and numerous industry awards and having toured with giants including Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard & KISS, The Darkness are one of the most successful rock bands of the modern era 

Many of The Darkness’ biggest songs are now staples of rock radio, sharing airtime with songs by their genetic forerunners, Queen, T-Rex and Cheap Trick. 

Justin Hawkins says of their imminent return, “Our last ill fated Antipodean excursion in 2020 was cruelly truncated. We’ve spent 2.5 years deflated. Our appetite for Rock has largely gone unsated. Well, for too long you have waited, to witness the atmosphere created, in the Uk, Ireland, Canada and the Unite Stated, by us, Rock’s most underrated. and I am truly elated to announce that we shall return in October to deliver our solid gold plated ROCK – see you there!”

Watch the Tour trailer video here

 Wednesday, Oct 12: Forum, Melbourne
Friday, Oct 14: Astor, Perth
Saturday, Oct 15: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Sunday, Oct 16:  Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tuesday, Oct 18: Kambri, Canberra
Wednesday Oct 19: Tivoli, Brisbane
Friday, Oct 21: Hunter Lounge, Wellington
Saturday, Oct 22: Powerstation, Auckland 
Early Bird Ticket Pre-Sale Starts Friday, May 13 @ 11am Local Time
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General Tickets On Sale From Tuesday, May 17 @ 11am Local Time


There has been a love affair between Australia and British hard rockers The Darkness ever since their debut album Permission To Land which was released back in 2003. Ever since then the band have sold out every tour they have ever done here and thanks to their 2019 album Easter Is Cancelled the band are now popular with the younger generation as well.

As I get the chance to sit down and chat to band member Rufus Tiger Taylor it is clear to hear the excitement in his voice. “I just can’t wait,” he says. “Every time we come to Australia we have such a great time. It is just one of the funniest places and obviously the shows are going to be really great and it is always fun to look at the Oz schedule in terms of days off because as a band we like to do the occasional bit of surfing and mainly a little bit of tennis… and that can get pretty heated.”

That news got us into a rabbit-hole as we discussed the various great places there are to surf in Australia. “I actually learnt how to surf in Byron Bay,” he explains. “That was years ago and that is a great spot, but sadly I don’t think we are playing Byron this time. But I also love the chance to surg at Bondi as well.”

The band are also very much aware of the strong fan base that they have here and Taylor is quick to admit that they are another of the reasons why they love to tour here so often. “They are just brilliant,” he says when we discuss the fans and how they always seem to sell out their Australian shows. “They are brilliant every single time because they know how to have a good time. Everybody is always up for it and there is never any dickheadery, if that is even a word, but everyone always seems to be on the same level and Justin just seems to order and they do. They are just a great crowd, always have been and that is why we are so excited to be doing this. Especially now that the new album is out because we have seen a lot of growth for us in Australia since the album came out.”

Taylor is certainly onto something there. Easter Is Cancelled is an album that seems to have put The Darkness on the map with a whole new generation of Australians. Not only do the album do well in the charts but the big single “Heart Explodes” also found itself on a lot of different radio stations play lists. “It really has been great,” says Taylor reflecting on it. “You know when you write an album that is pretty much a journey album, and also a concept album, you don’t imagine that you are going to nail it for everyone. Normally with that kind of album everybody seems to have a different opinion.”

“But this seems to have been unanimously accepted,” he continues. “That is really cool. We all had our different picks of what songs we thought would do better and mine was “Heart Explodes” so that was really good.”

It is obvious that Easter Is Cancelled is an album that the band are proud of so there is little wonder that they plan on playing it from start to finish during their Australian tour. “We are playing the whole thing,” he says with pure joy in his voice. “We were so proud of Easter Is Cancelled we were just like, fuck it lets do the whole thing from start to finish exactly the way that it is on the album. We decided to do that because we really like it and it is an exciting step and adds a lot more drama to it especially with how hard some stuff is to play, but we love a little challenge. We do absolutely everything ourselves on stage so it is rewarding as well.”

“That obviously takes out forty-five minutes of the total set,” he says continuing to talk about what Australians can expect from their show this time around. “Then we have what we call the party set and we really just chose our favourites. Whatever is really working and has a flow together. Everything has to fit together, we do put our set lists together really seriously. Like at the start of the European tour we were doing “Black Shuck” at the start of the encore and it just wasn’t really landing, and we had to look at where we put it, is it the end or does is work better as an opener? But we already have a hell of a opener.”

No matter the order of the songs The Darkness are going to give you a tour to remember so make sure you grab your tickets right now.



The full breadth of The Darkness’ legendary rise to the top, spectacular slide to the bottom and steady climb back up the greasy pole of rock’n’roll is soon to be laid bare in glorious detail. Currently in production is a philosophical, darkly humorous and deeply personal documentary of The Darkness’ comeback, due for release in 2018.

The documentary is being created by world-renowned photographer and filmmaker Simon Emmett (Jay Z, Matt Damon, Helen Mirren). He has recorded over 250 hours of footage to date, capturing the past, present, hopes, dreams and inner mental turmoil of The Darkness. Until July 31 2017 the film is garnering funding through Indiegogo, with a variety of exclusive pre-order items here.

As Justin explains, “As soon as ‘Permission To Land’ was wrapped up I already knew it was going to be a mega smash. But I also knew that the second album would not be, and that we’d split up, and I knew we’d come back together and I knew the comeback would be fabulous. The fabulous element of the comeback hasn’t materialised as yet, but it’s all a work in progress. To be frank – the story of The Darkness is: years of perspiration, overnight sensation, over-saturation, temporary separation, reunion elation, career renovation, ‘Pinewood Smile’ creation!”

England’s most distinctive, multiple award-winning, platinum-selling, hugely entertaining rock gods – and one-time saviours of rock’n’roll turned national pleasures – The Darkness are back with their fifth album Pinewood Smile, due for release on October 6  through Cooking Vinyl.

Marking the announcement the band have today unveiled the spectacular album opener All The Pretty Girlsacross all streaming platforms. It’s also available for download with pre-orders of the album for the instant gratification of fans.

All The Pretty Girls is a glorious, hard-rockin’, autobiographical anthem intellectually examining the fact that when you’re a rock star you get a lot of attention from ladies and discussing the ethical conundrums that come with that.

As Justin Hawkins so eloquently sings with trouser-splitting vocal magnificence; “All the pretty girls, like me for who I am / All the pretty girls, when the record goes platinum / Plenty of action, massive attraction, when you’re selling out stadiums / All the pretty girls… and their mums”. Hard-hitting social commentary, right there!

Addressing the forthcoming album and The Darkness’ undoubted relevance in 2017, Justin asks, somewhat rhetorically of the world at large, “Why should anybody care? Because if you don’t, we’re fucked!! History will remember us as the apathetic generation who negligently ushered in a dreadful dystopian age that may or may not come to be known as ‘The Rise of the Arseclowns’. We cannot allow this to continue! You may not give a shit about Brexit or Trump, but PLEASE… give a shit about The Darkness otherwise the last bastion of cultural sensibility will fall and our airwaves will be polluted by meaningless pop purveyed by arseholes and morons… Oh wait!”
Returning to save our airwaves from mediocre, auto-tuned tweens and that awful, throbby EDM shite, the album Pinewood Smile finds The Darkness on electrifying form, delivering some of the most sharp-witted, infectious, humorous and downright brilliant songs of their career.

In addition to the cerebral treatise of All The Pretty Girls, the album boasts the swashbucklingBuccaneers Of Hispaniola, the expletive-strewn howl of frustration that is Southern Trains, the hugely emotional Why Don’t The Beautiful Cry?, the globally anthemic Japanese Prisoner Of Love, and the ode to pumping out smash hit after smash hit Solid Gold, which finds The Darkness addressing the turbulent nature of the music industry and how they have enjoyed its flamboyant highs and spectacular lows.

Written in Putney, recorded in Cornwall and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse), the compositions have all the crucial elements of classic Darkness fare, but with added layers for the ears to peel away at… like a sonic onion but a lot tastier. It also features the drumming and vocal talents of gorgeous new band member Rufus Tiger Taylor, son of Queen legend Roger Taylor, who shares vocal duties with Justin on two of the tracks.