Bands Announced For Munsterpalooza

Monster Fest 2015

The last few years has seen Monster Fest become Australia’s premiere horror film festival. Well this year Monster Fest is back bigger and better than ever… plus they have something to offer to music lovers as well as cinephiles.

As part of the first wave of announcements Monster Fest, which will be held at The Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn from the 26th-29th November, was the fact that a big part of this year’s festival will be Munsterpalooza, which is pretty much a rooftop concert hosted by the legendary Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster in the hit television series The Munsters.

The bands announced to be performing at Munsterpalooza are Melbourne rockabilly outfit The Mighty Kings, punk rockers Murder Rats and the band that have best described as The Misfits vs The Ramones – Coffin Carousel. The unique thing about this concert, aside from the presence of Butch Patrick is of course that this will be held on the rooftop of one of Melbourne’s newest cinemas The Lido in beautiful Hawthorn.

Another band that has been announced to play at Monster Fest this year are the very unique The Tarantinos. A band who have made a name for themselves playing the tracks that have made the soundtracks of Quentin Tarantno movies like Pulp Fiction a must have for every music lover’s collection over the years. The Tarantinos will be playing at the Monster Fest closing night party which will follow one of the first Australian screenings of Keanu Reeve’s new film Knock Knock.

If you need more information about this year’s Monster Fest and Munsterpalooza just check out the . Tickets for Musterpalooza are $50 and are available from the same event page.