Dave Griffiths’ 2015 Best Movies List

Well the time is here ladies and gentlemen for us to all take a look at what were the best movies of 2015 – Dave Griffiths kicks us off with his ‘2015 Best Movies’ list.


1. The Diary Of A Teenage GirlThe Diary Of A Teenage Girl

I like my movies offbeat, daring and a little bit different and the story of a paedophile and his victim told like a teenage romance certainly did that. Brilliant performances all round by the cast.


2. Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy

John Cusack and Paul Dano were brilliant in this sad tale of Beach Boys’ member Brian Wilson… both should attract Oscar nominations. You’ll never listen to The Beach Boys’ music the same way after watching Love & Mercy.


3. Wild


Reese Witherspoon steps up to the plate as her performance single-handedly makes a film about walking through the wildnerness a memorable film.


4. Good Kill

Good Kill

Ethan Hawke bounces back with an intense film looking at what the introduction of drone-warfare is doing to members of the modern day Air Force. Ethan Hawke’s best movie in years – brilliant screenplay and powerful message.


5. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)


Birdman makes the list and is was released in Australia in 2015… sensationally filmed and Michael Keaton reminds everybody what he is capable of. Emma Stone was under-praised for her performances as well.


6. La Isla Minima (Marshland)


Gritty crime drama that kept you guessing from start to finish. One of the best screenplays of the year.


7. Sensoria


Best horror movie of the year hands down. Sensational psychological thriller that announces director Christian Hallman as a filmmaker to watch.


8. Southpaw


One of the few films I had multiple viewings of this year and still had my interest on the 3rd or 4th viewing. Contains one of the biggest twists in a movie all year and while some might disagree was better than Creed. I’m surprised there has been no talk about Gyllenhaal and Oscar nominations.


9. Zero Motivation

Zero Motivation

The funniest comedy of the year. This little known Israeli film had hints of M*A*S*H* as it explored the very serious topic of how women are treated in the Israeli army. Dark comedy at its best.


10. Knock Knock

Knock Knock

One of the most daring movies of the year. Eli Roth doesn’t hold back as he delivers a suspense thriller with bite.


And some films that narrowly missed my Top Ten:

Irrational Man, Landmine Goes Click, Soaked In Bleach, Joy, We Are Your Friends, Foxcatcher, Testament Of Youth, The Green Inferno, American Sniper, The Gift, American Ultra, Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, Kingsman: The Secret Service