Sydney alternative outfit Dip have given Australia the first taste of their soon to be released EP when they dropped their new single Fire Escape. Excited about the release band member Dil Harre recently sat down to have a chat with Dave Griffiths about the track.

Vocalist Dil Harre explains, “the chorus ‘sometimes I wish the world would explode so we could all die together’ was a one line poem I wrote that had this lovely irony: the happiest ending we could wish for is to all go together so we don’t have to miss each other.

“The reason I chose that line for a chorus is because it is the most absurd line in the song, and last year when we were writing it, the world was in an absurd place, yet pop artists were releasing these inspirational COVID singalong videos that were at total dissonance with how everyone was actually feeling. We like the idea of making our chorus ridiculous mantras that feel real, and contain an honest and obscure truth.”

Take a listen to the full interview right here: