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The Good The Bad The Ugly

This week Greg, Adam, Dave and Nick take a look at new releases A Place For Me, The Call, Snitch and BrokenThey also have a look at who are the best modern day directors, they also chat to cult film fanatic Zak Hepburn about the forthcoming Cultastrophe at Cinema Nova in Melbourne. This episode also includes interviews with Abigail Breslin and Michael Eklund.

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A Place For Me

Summary: Three years past his divorce, veteran novelist Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) can’t stop obsessing over his ex-wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly), who ignominiously left him for another man. Even as his neighbor-with-benefits, Tricia (Kristen Bell) tries to push him back into the dating pool, he remains blind to anyone else’s charms. Meanwhile, his fiercely independent collegiate daughter Samantha (Lily Collins) is publishing her first novel while recoiling at the very thought of first love with a diehard romantic; and his teen son Rusty (Nat Wolff) is trying to find his voice, both as a fantasy writer and as the unexpected boyfriend of a dream girl with unsettlingly real problems. As each of these situations mounts into a tangled trio of romantic holiday crises, it brings the Borgens to surprising revelations about how endings become beginnings.

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 16th May, 2013

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: USA

Director: Josh Boone

Screenwriter: Josh Boone

Cast: Kristen Bell (Tricia), Spencer Breslin (Jason), Lily Collins (Samantha Borgens), Jennifer Connolly (Erica), Rusty Joiner (Martin), Stephen King (himself), Greg Kinnear (William Borgens), Logan Lerman (Lou), Liana Liberato (Kate), David Morris (Rodney), Glen Powell (Ryan), Amber Sheets (Danielle), Alex ter Avest (Becky), Barbara Weetman (Diane), Nat Wolff (Rusty Bergins), Zeeko Zaki (Gus)

Runtime: 97 mins



Greg King: Stars(2.5)

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Average Subculture Rating (out of 5): Stars(2.5)

IMDB Rating: Stuck in Love (2012) on IMDb

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