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To any heavy music fan the name Phil Campbell should need no introduction. He rose to recognition with the almighty Motorhead before in 2017 teaming up with his sons and frontman Neil Starr to form Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons. November 13th will see the release of the band’s second album We’re The Bastards so we thought it was time to sit down and have a chat with him.

“I’m over the moon with it,” says Campbell laughing as I congratulate him on the album. “I am really pleased with it and I can’t wait until it is released next month so that everybody will get a chance to hear it.”

That leads me to ask him whether or not after all these years in the industry whether he still gets nervous when he has a new album coming out or whether excitement chases away the nerves. “I am certainly very excited about this one,” he says without even a beat. “I know it is a belter. It has thirteen new songs on it and it has the hugest, biggest production on it. There are great performances on it and great melodies so I am not nervous about it at all. All I really want to do is tour!”

“So far we have had really good responses from those that have heard it,” he goes on to say. “And you’re another one. But yeah last year we decided that we were going to put out an album for the end of 2020. So in January we got together in our studio and we had recorded some sound check ideas last year so we made them into some songs and then Todd turned up with five or six or seven songs so we put them all down. Then I had some songs and everybody had different ideas so basically by the end of February we were all rehearsed up and the songs were all in shape.”

Of course though best laid plans do to go pieces when a pandemic hits and for Campbell it was no different. “Then we had the major lockdown and all hell broke loose in March. Luckily we have our own studio though that Todd runs so we just put together the album there. One or two of us would go in with Todd at a time. We were all socially distanced there because we were in different rooms. We were in no rush to get it done… so that was how we put the album together.”


You can listen to the full audio interview with Phil Campbell below and We’re The Bastards will be available on November 13th through Nuclear Blast Records.




AMARANTHE have shared their declaration to the world: The Swedish metalheroes’ most epic album to date, “Manifest”, is out now!

AMARANTHE commented:
“So, we come to it at last! We are so very proud and happy to finally unveil ‘Manifest’ to the world, an album written with so much pure joy and enthusiasm, and yet very nearly did not see the light of day. When faced with the decision to record the album despite a world wide pandemic, the answer was the same as when we canceled tours that were supposed to promote the album: we HAVE to release this album in 2020! As our long-time listeners are well aware of, AMARANTHE believes in positive, energetic and uplifting music, and we feel that such sentiments are more needed than ever before! Easily our most confident and convincing album to date, this is music born out of pure passion and eagerness to create. This is our manifesto, and all our aesthetic aspirations made apparent – this is ‘Manifest’.”

Order Manifest here: http://nblast.de/AmarantheAU


After the heights that Amaranthe reached with their 2018 album Helix there many asking was it possible for the Danish/Swedish outfit to out-do themselves again. Well a lot has happened in that time. The award winners signed to Nuclear Blast Records and have now recorded Manifest… an album that even out does its predecessor.

“Well we did feel like we were on the right path with the previous album,” says vocalist Elize Ryd when I chat to her about Manifest. “When we released Helix we were very interested to see what people would see in it. At the time we were working on trying to find the core sound of Amaranthe and then we just continued from there.”

“After the release of the album we were like ‘hey this sounds really right,’” she says continuing. “But we also knew that there were a few things that we could change and we started to discuss those things and we decided to do things like lower the tuning so it sounded more heavy. We also wanted to simplify some of the song-writing and try to make it more personal. We really did get a confidence from releasing Helix and that really did help a lot because it gave us a boost. It gave us a confidence that we were able to use when we wrote and recorded Manifest.”

We laugh as we talk about Amaranthe’s heavier sound on Manifest. “I have been working with Olaf for fourteen years now and I have heard him play a lot of different guitars and I have to say that he really loves to experiment. That is the same for me when it comes to my voice. Whether it be with melodies or whatever I love to experiment and I also know what I like best when it comes to Olaf’s playing and I will specifically ask for that. I will be like “Olaf I want this kind of guitars” and this time we had that in mind when we were writing songs. We wanted to have songs that would allow groovier kind of playing.”

“If you listen to our music and past albums you will hear a different kind of playing on each album,” she says as we continue to talk about the band’s heavier sound. “The keys are always basically the same, although we did up some updates with Manifest because Yamaha gave us a really cool keyboard with some really cool sounds, but anyway with this album I think we just really inspired each other.”

Manifest is out on October 2nd through Nuclear Blast Records. You can listen to the full interview in our audio interview below.


When I spoke to Mark Morton a few months ago about their brand new album he was excited and couldn’t wait to get out onto the road and tour it. 2020 had other ideas though and live gigs as we knew them are now a pipe dream. Don’t think that is going to stop Lamb Of God from delivering their new works of art to the world though because the band have decided to return back to their home town and stream the performances out to the world.

One show will see the band play their new self-titled album in full while the other will see them play through their Ashes Of The Wake album from start to finish. It is a format that has Morton excited. “It is really exciting, man,” he says with a laugh. “It is just great to be able have a way for our fans to access us and for us to reach our fanbase. There are people out there who want to check out the new album in a new exciting way… I guess you can call it a new way.”

“They will also have the chance to revisit the Ashes album as well,” he continues. “That is exciting as well because that album is kind of revered  by fans of the band. They see that as a classic from us. So it is just cool to be able to engage and have something to deliver during a time like this. It’s a pandemic and everybody feels challenged by that so this is a chance for the industry… not even just the band… to rebound and respond in anyway that gives the fans a chance to respond, it is a little bit empowering.”

You can listen to the full audio interview above.

For more information including tickets and merch bundles, visit at:



It was the year 2000 and people had finally realised that the world was not going to end simply because the calendar had clicked over. During the half-way mark of that year a Swedish band dropped an album that would become a perennial favourite for a lot of heavy metal bands. That band was In Flames and that album was Clayman. Now as the band prepare to release a special 20th Anniversary edition of the album and celebrate 30 years together as a band we get a chance to sit down with guitarist Bjorn Gelotte to discuss it.

“I’m not very romantic about the past,” says Gelotte as we discuss what it has been like to sit down and reflect on the milestones that are coming up. “I’m very much about living in the now and looking forward to the next tour and even looking to the next album. Of course there has been a bit of a pause to reflect on some things but it was only when we started to work on this re-issue or really a celebration of Clayman that we started to really think about the questions that people were asking that we hadn’t really thought about for twenty years and then we really got into that mind-set.”

“Normally most of the time we are writing, or touring or we are recording,” he says continuing. “So for us it has felt like one big journey but it has been interesting to actually stop for a bit and look back… we’ve literally had a chance to remember.”

As we take those thoughts apart, we discuss what the journey has been like for In Flames as they toiled hard in their home country of Sweden before making it onto the world’s heavy metal scene. “It has been the most fun that I have ever had,” he says after thinking for a moment. “I have met some of the coolest people I have ever met while doing something that I really love. At that age (Gelotte was 19 when he joined In Flames) I would never have thought that it was going to last. It was always something that I wanted to do and it will be something that I think I will continue to do until the end of my days.”

“But I am not naive,” he says continuing. “You never know if you are going to succeed or if you are going to make so many records. We have always worked really hard but we have also had a little bit of luck when it was needed and obviously we made a lot of right decisions. It was also something that I wanted to do so it was never something that I doubted that I would do… it is hard to explain it.”


Clayman (20th Anniversary Edition) will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on August 28th.



For a generation of people this year is one of the most unusual times that they will ever have in their lives. Now Canadian death metal merchants Kataklysm have delivered an album that is basically a soundtrack for the period of time we are in.

As I discover while chatting to frontman Maurizio Iacono that was not the design. He is as surprised as anyone at just how well this album encompasses what we are all experiencing. “Exactly, have you seen what is going on around you?” says Iacono with a strong laugh as we talk about the album’s soundtrack feeling. “The record was actually written last year, we actually started to write it about August of last year. We worked through for about four or five months and then by about December it was done.”

“I don’t know, man. I felt very filthy and very aggressive and I had a very dark outlook on things,” he continues as we begin to explore the topic even more. “That was last year so imagine now. I was feeling pretty shitty and I felt like I wanted to take the reins on this album and wanted to take it where it needed to go. I talked to my guitarist J.F. who is also the producer of the band. I told him to come up to Chicago, where I was living at the time and I said ‘I want to get this done… but I have a direction.’ Then when we started working on it we just went back and forth, because he is from Texas, and as we did that it just flowed like water… it was really easy as far as the idea went. Of course we worked hard on the album but it was just one of those things I needed.”

Hearing that the discussion turns to just how important song-writing is to Iacono. “I see song-writing as a therapeutic thing,” he says. “I needed this for therapy and I just went in there like it was a punching-bag and we made this record.

As we talk more about it Iacono happily talks about the ‘ideas’ that we really wanted to have come through on Unconquered. “I was having some experiences,” says Iacono slowly. “And those experiences were of a personal nature also in a business aspect. It was just all very negative and I had built so much anger inside of me that I just needed to release it and that was the idea was behind that. That idea was to go into lyrical content and this album is very Machiavellian, it is very Count of Monte Christo. It is like you are getting into a position where you are going to be hit and then you plan your revenge… that is very much what the album is about. Then there are also some songs on here about the aftermath… they are more reflective and sentimental. They have a very different approach. The album itself does have a very uplifting and positive message in the end.”




BENEDICTION are without a doubt one of the few remaining originals in the death metal scene and have achieved legendary status through various albums over the years. Until today they love what they do and always do their job without compromise – on record and on stage. After more than 30 years in the business and 12 years after their last album Killing MusicBENEDICTION are now back with one of their best releases and play once again in the Death Metal Champions League. The first single/video ‘Rabid Carnality‘ can be streamed everywhere from today on and is also the kick-off for the presale of the new album Scriptures (produced by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio in England). It will be released digitally, on CD and in different versions on vinyl.

Watch ‘Rabid Carnality‘ Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wMKHP2sdFs

The new album Scriptures sounds 100% like BENEDICTION: they blend death metal with a “f*ck-off punk rock attitude”, heavy metal riffing and a groove that hardly any other band can perform like this. Dave Ingram’s “signature-growls” and powerful lyrics enhance the tonal framework so that you can hear after a few notes that you are listening to BENEDICTION. As usual the tracks vary from slow and heavy to fast and intense, from shorter “in your face” numbers to epic masterpieces.

The artwork fits perfectly to BENEDICTION and awakens an immediate desire in the devoted Old School Death Metal fan to enjoy the new album. It was created by Birmingham artist Simon Harris and is reminiscent of the iconic artwork of the first albums. Without a doubt it will fit very well in every vinyl collection next to “Subconscious Terror”, “The Grand Leveler” or “Transcend The Rubicon” and will be appearing on shirts and posters in the future.

All in all, Scriptures is an album from scratch, where everything is just as it should be. A jewel in the catalogue of a band that has been present from the very beginning and – freely based on one of their most popular songs “We bow to None” – has always remained true to themselves and their fans.

BENEDICTION are BACK! And they are better than EVER!

LAMB OF GOD marked the release of their highly anticipated eponymous album, out now via Nuclear Blast Records, with a video for the album’s fourth single, ‘Gears.’

Guitarist Mark Morton states: “The time has finally arrived! We are absolutely thrilled to have released our new, self-titled album today. We’re all so proud of this collection of songs and feel like they rival some of our best work. As a band, we have a reawakened energy and a renewed creative spark that is evident in these songs and pulses through the entire album. Everyone involved in this project is beyond anxious for the world to hear it. We hope you enjoy it and we thank you for your support.”

The fact that the band’s eighth studio effort would warrant ‘self-titled’ status is a testament to the band’s pride and satisfaction with these songs and this period in their creativity.

Order ‘Lamb Of God’ on a variety of formats, here: https://nblast.de/LoGAU


SUICIDE SILENCE will be “virtually” everywhere throughout the month of July with a 39 date “Virtual World Tour” running July 2 – July 30 that spans 14 countries & 5 continents. Each geo-gated stream will be approximately an hour & a half in length and will include a professionally filmed multi-camera live performance with full chat integration, market-specific mixed media & an extensive post-performance Q&A. Initial dates are now on sale at this location for $10 each & are only available to those within a specified market radius.

All ticket purchasers will gain access to an Exclusive Merch Collection that includes an official tour shirt as well as a number of other items that will never be sold elsewhere. The band will also be sending a 15% off discount code to every person who purchases a ticket within the first week that their market is on sale that can be used on these exclusive items as well as every other item at SSArchives.com through the end of July.

The band comments, “The time has come! We’ve teamed up with Nuclear Blast & BandsInTown on this tour & we’ll be streaming 39 shows throughout the month of July with tickets for the first batch now on sale! While each show will revolve around a specific city, we’ve decided to open up the tickets statewide in the US & to entire countries when it comes to foreign markets. Be sure to get involved on social media by requesting specific songs in your market & requesting markets you’d like us to add in the future. These live streams will be full-on Suicide Silence fan experiences that will never been be re-streamed or shown ever again. Come join the party!”

SUICIDE SILENCE announced the second batch of dates for their previously announced “Virtual World Tour” that includes unique sets, exclusive merchandise & custom experiences in each market.