Close Counters Release EP

Close Counters

From Tasmania, Australia comes the debut self-titled EP from 17 and 19 year old electronic duo, Close Counters.

Finn Rees and Allan McConnell got together in 2013 where they began experimenting with various instruments, sounds and production techniques, and it didn’t take them long to realize the worthiness of this new alliance.

Vibing on the sounds of DisclosureFlying Lotus and Hermitude, Close Counters continued to explore a wide range of dynamic sampling, analog synths and a diverse assortment of sounds, ultimately giving birth to their four-track debut release.

Close Counters EP showcases three outstanding original recordings; ‘Fluctuate’ featuring Tasmanian vocalist Brooke Jones, ‘Don’t Run Away,’ and latest single ‘Can’t Complain’ featuring Tasmanian rapper, Promise.

Taking up the fourth position on the EP is a Close Counters remix of a track called ‘Blood,’ originally recorded by a Tasmanian indie-rock band known as LEWES.

Accompanying the EP is this music video for their previous single ‘Fluctuate,’ filmed on location at Hobart Art Gallery, by the duo’s good friend, Jack Short.


Close Counters EP is available now through iTunes: