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Darling James returns with the first taste of new music he’s been constructing with teaser track ‘Didn’t Get It Right’. The Melbourne based artist, aka James O’Brien, flirts with melancholy on a track ornamented with sweeping synth, the lilting strings of a Zither and his clear, distinct vocal delivery.  

On his first release in 18 months, Darling James poses the question “Have you ever kept a tally of everything you’ve said but didn’t mean to?”. Partly confronting, partly cathartic, ‘Didn’t Get It Right’ makes inquiries many avoid, prompting us to examine our decisions and responses. While the lyric paints a picture of regret and self-consciousness the instrumentation offers a kind of redemption through a shimmering, hypnotic, zither motif which trickles over an ominous Stranger Things-esque synth bass. The polished production seamlessly wraps around an old-world song structure, building to a triumphant guitar crescendo. Every note here is deliberate and quietly calculated in true Darling James style.

Outside of Darling James, O’Brien has lead a colourful career so far, (co) fronting seminal Melbourne-via-Brisbane stalwarts The Boat people, writing a break-out hit with powerhouse pop duo YesYou, touring extensively with Machine Translations and working in Kate Miller-Heidke’s live band. He’s graced national stages including Splendour In The GrassWoodford Folk Festival, Sunset SoundsBig Day Out and Southbound Festival.

Darling James’ debut EP Theory of Mind, released in late 2016, saw the multi instrumentalist earn rotation adds to triple j and Double J, gain over 120,000 streams onSpotify for lead single ‘Ultimatum Talk’, sell out hometown shows and play supports withOlympia, The Church, Dan Kelly and Ella Hooper.  ‘Didn’t Get It Right’ brings with it the promise of new music, songs draped in Darling James’ urgent lyricism, intricate and deliberate instrumentation, and pristine production.


Next week, Jet embark on their first national Australian tour since reuniting to support Bruce Springsteen in 2017.

2018 also marks the 15th anniversary of the release of their seminal debut album, Get Born. To celebrate the amazing milestone, today Mushroom Group’s Bloodlines label is proud to release the high-octane live recording: Get Born Live.

Recorded at the iconic Forum Melbourne back in 2004 and never previously released on CD, this is a must-have for all Jet fans and lovers of Aussie rock & roll!

The 14-track digital and CD versions also come complete with two high octane covers: The Monkees’ ‘Sweet Young Thing’ and ‘That’s Alright Mama’, the latter penned by bluesman Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup, and famously performed by both Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

For the vinyl fans, the 180 gram old skool black vinyl disc contains 12 killer live originals and will be signed by the band (if pre-ordered at any of the bands’ upcoming Australian shows).

Jet are one of Australia’s greatest and most successful rock bands, with over six and a half million records sold worldwide and multiple Gold singles across their career.

Brothers Nic (vocals) and Chris Cester (drums), Cameron Muncey (guitar) and Mark Wilson (bass) enjoyed dizzying global success with the release of their 2003 debut long-player, Get Born.

Also celebrating their 15th year anniversary is iTunes, who used the lead single from that album in their global TV campaign to drive Apple’s infamous 2003 iPod commercial, which landed ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ at #1 on triple j’s Hottest 100. Together with huge follow-up hits ‘Cold Hard Bitch’‘Get Me Outta Here’‘Look What You’ve Done’ and ‘Rollover DJ’, it pushed Get Born to sell an amazing 3.5 million+ copies worldwide in its first 12 months.

Get Born Live tracklist:

  1. Get What You Need
  2. Last Chance
  3. Rollover DJ
  4. Sweet Young Thing *
  5. Lazy Gun
  6. Radio Song
  7. Look What You’ve Done
  8. Hey Kids
  9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  10. Cold Hard Bitch
  11. Get Me Outta Here
  12. Take It Or Leave It
  13. Move On
  14. That’s Alright Mama *

* not included on vinyl version

Get Born Live
Out now through Bloodlines
Available for streaming and purchase here


MAY & JUNE 2018

Presented by Triple M

Tue 29 May | NEX | Newcastle, NSW
Wed 30 May | Metro Theatre | Sydney, NSW
Thu 31 May | Enmore Theatre | Sydney, NSW | SOLD OUT!
Sat 2 June | UC Refectory | Canberra, ACT
Mon 4 June | The Tivoli | Brisbane, QLD
Thu 7 June | Metro City | Perth, WA
Sat 9 June | Thebarton Theatre | Adelaide, SA
Mon 11 June | Forum Melbourne | Melbourne, VIC | SOLD OUT!
Tues 12 June | Forum Melbourne | Melbourne, VIC


MONSTER FEST in association with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Australia presents BOAR nationwide screenings on Sunday June 17th 9pm.

Carved from the darkest recesses of Chris Sun’s twisted imagination, BOAR is an outback horror about a giant, brutal and blood crazed pig. Starring international genre legend Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and a veritable who’s who of Australian cinema, including the likes of John Jarratt, Nathan Jones, Ernie Dingo, Chris Haywood, Simone Buchanan, Melissa Tkautz, Roger Ward and more.

In the harsh yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before. Believed nothing more than a myth, a legend brought to life by a drunken local, the beast ventures closer to civilization, closer to life, and ultimately, closer to death. It’s brutal, it’s bloodthirsty, it’s BOAR.










South Australian rockers Indiago have returned with their new single Gusto; a warm blend of ambient guitars and huge sound to deliver a breath of fresh, rocking air.

Off the back of their independent release Loose Change last year, their new trackGusto is a testament to the complexity and diversity of the young band’s songwriting.

After heading back to their Adelaide Hills-based studio, managed by new addition to the band, Matt Cooper, the four young lads have emerged with one of their most uplifting and soulful songs to date.

“We’ve been through a lot of changes over the past twelve months,” says frontman Will Solomon.

“I think this is a perfect example of where we’re at musically, and the song stands as adedication to those who’ve stuck with us.”

The smooth, warm tones of Solomon’s hollow-body guitar open up the song beforediving into a driving bass and drums section by Matt Cooper and Shane Cox. Soulful, delicate vocals cut across the mix, helping to mould the first verse.

After a catchy, pre-chorus vocal lick, the song returns to the opening guitar riff before bounding into a fast-paced second verse and, finally, opening out into a huge, anthemic chorus.

You can discern elements of early Kings Of Leon, alongside the massive sound of Gang Of Youths and Foo Fighters, which comes as no surprise as they’re among some of theband’s biggest influences.

“There’s this idea of someone sticking by your side, regardless of the outcome, free of selfishness, and full of encouragement,” says frontman Solomon.

The song stands as a tribute to the band’s longtime supporters and a testament to what these boys are capable of.

Gusto hits all the right notes as a rocking tune with a heartfelt message that all listeners can relate to.

Since Phil Lewis began his musical career in the late 80s, he’s brushed shoulders and played with some of the most well-known rock stars, some still on the scene today. As the singer for glam rockers LA Guns, the music he’s released has had a massive impact on those that were on the scene when he started out, and still inspires many today – of course, not everyone is going to love what LA Guns do. “I get a lot of compliments, I’ve been slagged off a bunch of times too,” he says, his English accent balanced with an American twang. “It’s always nice when people say nice things about you but the public can be fickle – they’ll love you one day and they’ll hate you the next.

“I’ve been in both sides because I have been doing this such a long time now, it’s inevitable I would see all kind of aspects. It’s still a great job I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing and I don’t know how I feel personally, about my influence honestly – you’d have to ask them I suppose.”

Though Lewis isn’t based in Los Angeles anymore, hanging out on Sunset Strip played a massive part in propelling his career in those early days, though those of us who’ve weathered the streets that so many stars have stepped are often disappointed with what we find. “People have an expectation for it to be like it was in 1978 and it’s not, it’s not even like it was in 1988,” Lewis says firmly. “It’s a bit of a shadow of its former self to be honest with you – venues closing down left right, the West Hollywood scene, the Sunset Strip scene, is roughly 10% of what it used to be and I can understand how that might be [a] disappointment for people but that’s the reality of it.

“I’m in Vegas now, just down the road by LA standards, because I couldn’t bear how populated LA’s become. The density of people, it got to me. It wasn’t like that when I first moved out. It’s just filled with people that really have no business being there. People like the weather, they like the lifestyle or whatever, but it’s just so overpopulated, so expensive. It’s hard to do anything – it’ll take you an hour in Hollywood to drive ten miles. I couldn’t bear that.

“I know we [LA Guns] are very much diplomats for Los Angeles, Southern Cali, that whole Hollywood scene, but I agree, it’s nothing like it used to be. It always was fake, let’s be very clear about that. It’s a shallow town, you just scratch beneath its shiny, gold surface and its rusty tin underneath it, and it always has been that’s just the nature of LA, it’s a bit of a whore.”

Groups like LA Guns ultimately had to break through the greasy film that covered Los Angeles to get out and perform elsewhere – and now, they’re here. LA Guns are on Aussie shores with the “original” lineup, a roster that sees Lewis reunited with founder and bandmate Tracii Guns. “Yeah me and Tracii – we’ve never played there together – we’ve both been very in separate projects so this’ll be a first for us,” says Lewis. “There aren’t many new firsts we haven’t done so we’re really looking forward to it. It’s good to be in LA Gus right now.”

Still experiencing firsts some 25 years into their career, Aussie fans can expect a fresh injection of life into classic LA Guns repertoire, all because of one element that exemplifies their bond – chemistry. Chemistry between players, musicians, is very important, fundamental,” says Lewis. “Even though you can have two guys playing the same guitar part, the same song, it’s gonna have subtle influences that are actually quite different.

“Tracii, his playing, his style when we work together, he puts a flame up my arse. He makes me work harder than anyone else, than any other guitar players. There’s just something about the chemistry between me and him when we’re together and that we bring out in each other, that’s very unique and I haven’t felt that with anyone else.

“To have that partnership with somebody that who music just flows through his veins 24/7, he lives and breathes guitar music and it’s great, especially after a hiatus of well over 15 years. There’s something hard to put into words, but it’s a chemistry.

– words by Anna Rose



Based in Sydney, Australia, Anna Rose is a music writing junky with a penchant for rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal, hard rock and all those tasty little subgenres in between. A classically trained musician who turned to the dark(right) side in her teens, Anna Rose has traipsed the world on a mission of self- discovery and musical gems. She has written live reviews, album reviews and conducted interviews for multiple music publications across Australia including HEAVY Magazine, Hysteria Mag, Rogue Inc. the BRAG, Scenestr and Beat Magazine, as well Canada’s Pure Grain Audio. Next stop Subculture, tomorrow, THE WORLD!

The Sword know no boundaries. JD Cronise [vocals, guitar], Kyle Shutt [guitar], Bryan Richie [bass], and Santiago Vela III [drums] take their own conception of heavy psychedelic rock beyond the realms of perception. You feel the pounding in your ears and you feel that vibration in your diaphragm, but this is an attack that is wholly joyous and uplifting.

Basking in the glow of the outstanding 5 star reviews for their latest album ‘Used Future’, The Sword bring their sonic journey in from the outer reaches of the galaxy to a city near you.

Inspired by classic rock originators such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, ZZ Top and classic eraMetallica, the Sword have forged their own identity melding buzzsaw guitars, 60’s garage, 70’s psychedelia and a decent dollop of sludge with lyrics exploring mythology, science fiction literature and introspective philosophy. The result is a spellbinding concoction of gut wrenching bliss.

Check out ‘’DEADLY NIGHTSHADE’’ Single: HERE

The Sword bring beauty and brutality evocative of rock’s golden age, but with a consciousness and bravura devastatingly shaped by these hammers of the gods for the 21st century and beyond.


There are very bands over the years that have been so different that their work has pretty much placed them in a genre of their own – but that has certainly been the case for American modern progressive metal innovators The Contortionist. Their last album Clairvoyant had music journalists and lovers scratching their heads on what to class them as… the end result was a genre of their own.

Now The Contortionist is teaming up with UK djent-metal pioneers SikTh for a tour of Australia and HEAVY Mag was able to catch up with guitarist Cameron Maynard ahead of the tour.

“I think I can talk for everybody in the band when I say that we love coming to Australia, “ says Maynard. “It’s exotic but reminds me of the States, everybody speaks English and there is this kind of cowboy machoness that I see in the States a lot to… that’s why it is similar. It just feels like we are in California the whole time and that’s great, but yeah we are very, very excited. Every time we come down to Australia, and we don’t do it very often, but we love coming down there and this time is especially great because we have got SikTh, and a little bit of information that you may not have known but The Contortionist, especially Robbie and I we were very much influenced by that band – the structures, the melodies, their guitar riffs, things like that, we have certainly taken an direct influence from that. It is surreal for us to be going down there and playing a show with them.”

I ask Maynard whether that means they are a little bit in awe of what is happening with this tour or whether it means in a way they have ‘made it.’ “It’s a good feeling,” he says really thinking. “We used to get butterflies and anxious about how we were going to do things, but I think especially with this tour it is something that we are excited about and we just can’t wait to get down there and do it. Like-minded people getting together to play music, I can’t get much more perfect than that really.”

The Contortionist hits Australia with SikTh very soon. All details are below.


Twelve-year-old Eli unknowingly stumbles upon the frightening carnage of a massacre and finds a discarded futuristic super-weapon. Recently released from prison, Eli’s older brother Jimmy realises he can’t escape his criminal past when an ex-associate threatens to kill him and his family. In a misguided attempt to protect his loved ones, Jimmy makes a fatal mistake and must go on the run with Eli to save their lives.

With danger at every turn, it seems the only thing keeping the pair alive is Eli’s mysterious new gun. Eli soon discovers he has a strong connection to the weapon and the two otherworldly strangers following their path of destruction.


Release Date: August 30

Starring: Jack Reynor, Zoë Kravitz, Carrie Coon, Dennis Quaid, James Franco, Michael B. Jordan

Directed by: Jonathan and Josh Baker

A low-fi, live reading of a famous screenplay (that we can’t name for legal reasons) by some of Melbourne’s best comedians!

Every month a classic film script performed live by comedians with crappy production values and possible musical accompaniment.

Hosted by Nick Caddaye (The Terminativity, The Anarchist Guild Social Committee, Late Night Letters & Numbers), this month’s show is a classic originally released in 1980!

This month’s cast is a who’s who of the alternative Melbourne Comedy scene, featuring a selection of award-winners and nerds alike!


The Spotted Mallard opens at 6pm for dinner, show starts at 8pm.

FREE ENTRY – but reserve your table via the link right here