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An exciting new film festival arrives in Melbourne this year with the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival taking place from the 9-11th of July. Over the next few weeks we will take a look at various films playing at the festival.

Today we chat to Melbourne’s own Em Baker whose documentary ‘Spoke’ is screening at the festival. ‘Spoke’ is a fascinating look at Em’s journey riding from San Francisco to Florida, a journey made more dangerous by the fact that the United States is one of the most dangerous developed country for cyclists to ride in.  In our interview with Em we talk to her about the dangers associated with her journey and why she decided to embark on such an epic adventure.

You can listen to or download our Em Baker interview right here.


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The Member

With Australia deep into an election campaign a brand new comedy series called ‘The Member’ has just been released. This fictional comedy show follows the election campaign of Miles Holbeck – an inept guy who is hell-bent on becoming a politician. Dave Griffiths caught up with the man behind ‘The Member’ and Miles Holbeck – Jason Burrows to find out everything there is to know about this great new series.

You can listen to or download our Jason Burrows interview right here.

If you want to watch ‘The Member’ online you can watch on Jungle’s Youtube page.


Trench is a “girl powered mystery” shot like a 40s film noir. Writer/director Paul Anthony Nelson has finished shooting the film, but needs extra funding to finish off the final edit and post production work. He has started a crowd funding campaign to raise these funds. Greg spoke to Paul and his co-producer and co-writer Perri Cummings about the film and their plans for Trench.

You can listen to or download our Paul Anthony Nelson/ Perri Cummings interview right here.

2016 Revelation Film Festival Header

The Revelation Film Festival runs from July 7-July 17 in Perth. The opening night film is Jean Marc-Vallee’s Demolition, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. There are lots of features and documentaries screening during the festival, many of which are Australian premieres. Greg spoke to festival director Jack Sargeant to find out more.

You can listen to or download our 2016 Revelation Film Festival interview right here.


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Californian deathcore band Carnifex are about to launch their sixth album – Slow Death – on August 5th so Dave G sat down with their lead singer Scott Lewis for an interview. Scott tells us about the hard work that went into Slow Death and why he feels that Carnifex have outlasted so many of the bands that jumped on the deathcore bandwagon.

You can listen to or download our Carnifex interview right here.


Popcorn Conspiracy

Welcome to the first episode of our Popcorn Conspiracy podcast. Dave G and Kyle are two film lovers that love to get together, watch films and then discuss them – now we record them and place their chat on the web for everybody to hear.

Seeing Milo Cawthorne is in Melbourne at the moment this week the boys take a look at Blood Punch and then move onto one of the latest releases from Monster Pictures – Hellions. Yes it’s an all horror affair for our first Popcorn Conspiracy podcast.

You can listen to or download this episode of our Popcorn Conspiracy podcast right here.

Popcorn Conspiracy

You know that great feeling when you’ve seen a good film and then you sit down and chat to your mate about it? Well that is exactly what Popcorn Conspiracy is. Before they were film journalists Dave Griffiths and Kyle McGrath were just two film lovers that would watch a movie and yack about it, and now they do that, record it, box it up and call it Popcorn Conspiracy. From the latest films at the cinema, to the latest on VOD/DVD/Blu-Ray and sometimes even the odd film they’ve pulled off their shelf for a watch, the boys will always give an entertaining and in-depth look at any film that choose to have a chat about.


You can listen to past episodes of the Popcorn Conspiracy podcast below.


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Margaret Pomeranz

As part of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s (NFSA) bid to restore some of the most iconic films made throughout Australian cinematic history the NFSA have just launched a Pozible campaign to help restore Jocelyn Moorhouse’s first film ‘Proof’ which also launched the careers of Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe.

As an Ambassador for NFSA Margaret Pomeranz sat down with our very own Dave Griffiths to not only talk about the restoration project as a whole but also why ‘Proof’ has been selected as the next film to restore. IF you wish to donate to the campaign you can do so here.

You can listen to or download our Margaret Pomeranz interview right here.