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Pork Pie4

Director Matt Murphy took on an ambitious project when he decided to make the film Pork Pie. Not only is he remaking one of New Zealand’s cult classic films but his father was the director of the original film. Dave Griffiths sits down and chats to Matt to find out how hard it was to remake the film with the family connection and also how difficult it was to film such an action packed film.

You can listen to or download our Matt Murphy interview right here.

Get The Girl

With comedy-crime-horror Get The Girl about to be released in Australia on DVD/VOD (March 22nd) Dave Griffiths decided to have a chat to the film’s director Eric England. Eric chats to us about what is was like making a film that jumps so many genres and how important it was to find the right leading man.

You can listen to or download our Eric England interview right here.

Nancy Rizk

Actress Nancy Rizk stops by to talk to us about not only production that is she is currently in… but. Nacy chats to us about new television series Emergency L.A., Counter Play and her new feature film She’s Not So Ordinary.

You can listen to or download our Nancy Rizk interview right here.

Justin Kelly

Filmmaker Justin Kelly is a guest of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. He has two films screening in the festival – the true life story I Am Michael, which was chosen to open the festival, and King Cobra, a true story of murder set against the backdrop of the gay porn industry, which has been described as “the Boogie Nights of gay porn.” Greg speaks to Justin about what appealed to him about these two true stories, about working with James Franco who stars in both films, and about his responsibility towards the real life characters who are still alive.

You can listen to or download our Justin Kelly interview right here.

FeatureThe Family2

The Family explores the history of the strange abusive sect established by former yoga teacher Anna Hamilton-Byrne in Ferny Creek in the 1960s, and which flourished at a property in picturesque Lake Eildon in the late 1960s. In this comprehensive documentary director Rosie Jones gives us some chilling insights into the sect. As part of our MIFF 2016 coverage, Greg spoke to Rosie about the challenges of putting together this documentary.

The Family screens at the cinema Nova from February 23.

You can listen to or download our Rosie Jones interview right here.