Haute Cuisine (2013)

Haute Cuisine

Summary: Hortense Laborie (Catherine Frot) is a famous chef who lives in the Périgord region. To her great surprise, the president of the French Republic (Jean d’Ormesson) appoints her as his personal chef at the Élysée Palace. In spite of the jealousy of the main kitchen cooks, Hortense imposes herself thanks to her sturdy character. The authenticity of her cuisine rapidly seduces the president, but behind the scenes of power, obstacles are many…

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 25th April, 2013

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: France

Director: Christian Vincent

Screenwriter: Etienne Comar, Christian Vincent, Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch

Cast: Nicolas Beaucaire (Doctor Kramer), Louis-Emmanuel Blanc (Arnaud Ferrier), Nassim Boutelis (Abdel), Nicolas Chupin (Anthony), Jean d’Ormesson (Le President), Catherine Davenier (Madame Arvelet), Arthur Dupont (Nicolas Bauvois), Brice Fournier (Pascal Lepiq), Catherine Frot (Hortense Laboire), Hippolyte Girardot (David Azoulay), David Houri (David Epenot), Arly Jover (Mary),Manuel Le Lievre (Loic Fournon), Roch Leibovici (Olivier Moncoulon),  Richard Morgieve (Jacques Limozin), Pierre Moure (Guillame), Arthur Orcier (Jonathan), Herve Pierre (Perrieres), Laurent Poitrenaux (Jean-Michel Salome), Julien Renaud (Philippe), Charlou Reynal (Louis), Jean-Marc Roulet (Jean-Marc Luchet), Joe Sheridan (John), Steve Tran (Gregory)

Runtime: 95 mins


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Rating: 2/5

IMDB Rating:Haute Cuisine (2012) on IMDb