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The Missing Picture

Sharmill Films is proud to announce The Missing Picture, winner of the prestigious Un Certain Regard top prize among its four acquisitions from the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

The acclaimed autobiographical documentary by French-Cambodian director Rithy Panh uses clay animated figures to tell Panh’s recollection of the tragic events which lead to the deaths of his family, with first person narration by the filmmaker. Geoff Andrew in Sight & Sound praised the film as being “moving and remarkably resonant.”

Cannes Jury Prize winner Thomas Vinterberg presided over the announcement of the Un Certain Regard top prize, commenting:

“One of the finest achievements in filmmaking is to create unforgettable moments – moments that stay with us – as a collective memory – as a collective mirror of our existence…This selection was political, highly original, sometimes disturbing, diverse and first of all, very often – unforgettable.”

Vinterberg presented Rithy Panh with his prize, while Panh gave gratitude to the jury and all involved with the festival, as well as to cinemaphiles for supporting film. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The sole female director with a film nominated for the Palme d’Or in Cannes this year, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi draws inspiration from Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” for her third and semi-autobiographical feature,

A Castle in Italy. Bruni Tedeschi stars as Louise, an actress in her early forties who has retired from the screen, but when her aging mother (played by Marisa Borini, Valeria’s Bruni Tedeschi’s mother in real life) can no longer afford to keep their Piermonte estate, the family is faced with the end of an era and an uncertain future. Working with her frequent collaborators on the screenplay, Tedeschi’s writing and direction has been praised as “inspired” as she “holds all of the film’s myriad tangents in a delicate balance” (Variety)

Also entered for the Un Certain Regard prize in Cannes was My Sweet Pepper Land by Hiner Saleem, one of the top filmmakers in Kurdish cinema, who successfully combines humour and hope for the future of his people in his new film set on the Iraqi/Turkish border. Featuring “a luminous performance” by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (The Hollywood Reporter), My Sweet Pepper Land is a quirky ‘Wild West’ inspired drama in which war hero Baran (Korkmaz Arslan) finds himself at odds with his job as police chief in the capital city in peacetime.

In Cannes Sharmill Films acquired another alternate content title, the new documentary Reaching for the Stars about the English/Irish pop phenomenon One Direction.

Sharmill Films Director Natalie Miller AO said that it was “a very successful Cannes this year, not only for our company but we will have many good films to look forward to in the art house market.”

White House Down

Sony Pictures have just released a new featurette all about new film ‘White House Down’. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, James Woods, Jason Clarke and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It opens in Australian cinemas on the 5th September.

Supercoach Advisor

The Supercoach Advisor joined Roy and Dave G this morning on The Wednesday Motley Crew and he took a look at the following questions.

1. Should I hang onto Ollie Wines, or is there a good downgrade I can pick up for him?

2. Could you share some good tips of what to do during the ‘bye rounds’?

3. I’m looking to trade out Sam Rowe from the forward line, is Brent Staker a good trade or should I be looking to someone else?

Take a listen to how he answered the questions and make sure you also check out

Supercoach Advisor

The Supercoach Advisor joined Roy and Dave G this morning on The Wednesday Motley Crew and he took a look at the following questions.

1. From Ashy – Great work Matt, looks like I’m going to have to trade out Dale Thomas… who is he best person to bring in for him?

2. From Buzz – Hi Supercoach Advisor…. I just seem to have Charlie Dixon sitting on my bench. Is it likely he’ll be back this week, and if so will he score more points filling in for Zac Smith, or should I trade him?

3. From Kate – With Viney out for four weeks now who is the best midfield rookie to trade for him. Or am I better to do a shuffle and trade Viney out move Goodes to the midfield and bring in a cheap defender rookie?

Take a listen to how he answered the questions and make sure you also check out

Ava Inferi

Season of Mist last night issued the sad news that Ava Inferi has disbanded. Please read the statement of Carmen Simões and Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen below:

“As of today, we’d like to inform our fans and followers that AVA INFERI is officially over.

“The decision was made by myself and Carmen some time ago now and as one can imagine, it has been a multitude of mixed feelings & emotions involved, but then again, what must be done…

“To some it may seem a tad ironic giving up when things start to happen for real (record sales, show offers, general interest has steadily increased) but as of now there is simply no will and interest in pursuing this path any further. It is important to follow one’s intuition, hence our joint and final decision on this matter.

“To put it short: the spiritual heaviness & the (occasional) negativity involved, the bad luck and obstacles that seemed to follow every step we took, the corner we closed ourselves in musically and conceptually etc. belongs to a different era for us. We simply need to break out and get the joy and inspiration back into our music.

“I still have the song skeletons for the 5th (double?) album in my hard drive though (about 30+, some done, some half-done songs) and maybe, just maybe in the future we will make these available (stranger things have happened). However we do not encourage anyone to hold their breath. The decision is as close to final as one can get.

“We want to thank our past and present band members, session members, Season of Mist, Twilight13 Media, NM Design and everyone we’ve worked with and/or connected with over the years. Much appreciated! And to our followers: You all helped making these 8 years a “different” pleasure. Thank you so much!

“We have 1 song left in our sleeve though: a Fado-inspired song sung in Portuguese entitled “Ao Teu Lado”, which you will get to hear some time in the near future. Watch out for that one!

“On a side note I can reveal that Carmen and myself will appear in a new project in due time, and be sure things are being prepared for it. However, this statement belongs to AI and AI only so more on the new path through a different channel at a more appropriate time.

“Thanks and see you all around,”

Rune & Carmen

All four albums of AVA INFERI are still available through the Season of Mist e-shop at mid-price!

Satellite Boy

AFI winner David Gulpilil joins Writer/Director Catriona McKenzie during National Reconciliation Week to discuss their heartfelt new film Satellite Boy.

The film tells the story of Pete (Cameron Wallaby), a 12 year old Aboriginal boy who lives with his elderly grandfather, Old Jagamarra (Gulpilil) in an abandoned outdoor cinema in the outback town of Wyndham. When a new development threatens their way of life, Pete embarks on a quest to save their home that takes him through the expansive beauty of Kimberley Country.

The film was the first feature film given permission to be shot in the stunning spiritual country around Wyndham and the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley region WA. Director Catriona McKenzie says “one of the reasons I wanted to film in the Kimberley is that the country is strong. It hums with stories. Satellite Boy is based on the understanding that one’s connection to country is an everyday, intimate relationship that refreshes you. It keeps you strong.”

David Gulpilil returns from his traditional Aboriginal lifestyle in North Eastern Arnhem Land with an intuitive performance. Since being chosen for the lead role in British director Nicholas Roeg’s 1969 feature film Walkabout, David has led a long and prominent career which was recognised in 1987 with the Australia Medal for services to the Arts. His film credits include Mad Dog Morgan; Storm Boy; Crocodile Dundee; Until the End of the World; Rabbit Proof Fence; The Proposition; and Ten Canoes.  In 2002, David won an AFI Award for his role in Rolf de Heer’s The Tracker.

Born in 1953 in Arnhem Land, David grew up in a tribal lifestyle environment called Marwuyu in an area north east of the world famous Kakadu National Park. He learned the traditional ways of a warrior in the Mandalpingu Tribe of north east Arnhem Land where his ancestors lived for thousands of years.

David’s unique upbringing and cultural heritage is central to each of his roles. Catriona says “directing David Gulpilil, one of Australia’s living legends, was an extraordinary privilege. He works on an extremely intuitive level and has a very quick understanding of what’s happening not only with his own character, but all the characters in the scene.”

Satellite Boy is Catriona McKenzie’s first feature film after a successful career directing television drama and short films.  She has an outstanding list of credits, including the Emmy nominated Dance Academy; the AFI Award winning My Place for ABC TV; Satisfaction for Showtime; and the multi-award winning documentary Mr Patterns for ABC TV.

Meet The Filmmaker: Satellite Boy Q&A
Thursday May 30, 6.45pm at Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton
Tickets on sale now from the box office or

Satellite Boy, rated PG, opens June 20.