The Trotskies – The Trotskies EP (2013)

The Trotskies

Year: 2013

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Running
  2. Vis A Vision
  3. Home
  4. Don’t Leave Me Out

Subculture Media The Trotskies: The Trotskies EP Review:

Band quite often throw out the “we sound like Joy Division” line, few ever live up to it and it very often gets a music journalists’ hopes up only then to leave them dashed on the floor after the album doesn’t live up to expectations. That however can’t be said for Melbourne five-piece The Trotskies, when these guys say their debut self titled EP sounds like Joy Division it’s a badge they can wear with pride.

What really hits you while listening to the EP is that this really is a band that separates themselves from a lot of the clichéd and cheesy pop rock that goes around. This is an album that is so good that it sounds and feels like you should be listening to back in the 70s and 80s back when bands like Joy Division were first making these sounds cool.

Opening track ‘Running’ certainly sounds like it hails from a dark run-down London apartment in the 1970s while it haunting sound certainly makes it a stand-out. ‘Vis A Vision’ is just smooth rock at its best while ‘Home’ is an absolute standout that you can’t help but listen to over-and-over. The EP closes with ‘Don’t Leave Me Out’ another great track that makes you want to message The Trotskies and say “hurry up with an album, don’t leave me hanging with a four track EP.”

This is a stunning debut from The Trotskies and it is easy to see that this is a band that we will be hearing a lot from in the future.


Rating (out of 5):