Sine Nominated For Tropfest


A couple of weeks ago the highly influential short film festival Tropfest announced its December finalists. Among the sixteen nominees was Truncated Pictures’ Mr. Adrian Cabrié, who also works as a videographer with web video company Melbourne Video Production. Being selected as a finalist created good cause for celebration at the online video marketing office, where the company Director Mr. David Jenyns remarked, “We’re all incredibly proud of Adrian here at MVP and are cheering for his film Sine to get the global exposure it deserves!”

Two of the biggest challenges for those aspiring to achieve success in the film industry are project funding and exposure. Therefore, to have raised the cash necessary to film as well as be nominated to an internationally recognized event like Tropfest would seem a dream come true for any budding filmmaker.

“Everything has fallen into place for Adrian, but not without great effort,” remarks Mr. Jenyns of how the videographer was able to raise funds for his independent project. In September this year, Mr. Cabrié began a crowd funding project at where he was able to obtain all the necessary capital to purchase higher quality gear and shoot the film. Between social sharing, word of mouth, and an online press release about Mr. Cabrié, he was able raise the funds and complete the short film very quickly, but clearly without compromising on its quality. Mr. Jenyns believes that Mr. Cabrié’s film will be among “the very few, films at Tropfest which has been completely crowd funded.”

Being one of Australia’s top short film festivals, as well as the largest of its kind in the world, the nomination to Tropfest can be the turning point for an independent film company like Mr. Cabrié’s Truncated Pictures. Shortly after the Tropfest announcement, an online industry resource Cinemazzi picked up and reported about the finalists, providing brief summaries of each film, including Mr. Cabrié’s masterpiece.

Thanks to the Motion Picture Association and Australian Screen Association, if Mr. Cabrié is named the winner of Tropfest, he will not only obtain extensive industry exposure, he’ll receive a variety of other prizes such as a car, film gear and a trip to Los Angeles, California to meet with top executives. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime,” comments Mr. Cabrié’s employer at Melbourne Video Production, “and we all have our fingers crossed for Adrian.” To learn more about Mr. Cabrié’s nomination at Tropfest click here or view his other work at Truncated Pictures.

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