Jerry Seinfeld Confirms Seinfeld Reunion


Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton that a Seinfeld reunion is on the books… kind of. He confirmed he is working on a secret project and it contains Jason Alexander playing George… here are the questions he answered.

Was it filmed?
“Yes it was. It was filmed.”

Were other Seinfeld characters involved?
“Yes there were.”

Was it a short-form or a long-form filming?
“It’s a short-ish form.”

Was Jason Alexander playing George or himself?

Was Larry David involved?
“He was involved.”

Was he on camera?

Was his voice heard?

When will we see this?
“Very, very soon.”

Was this a one-and-done or will there be more?
“I think it’s one-and-done.”

Is it longer than 60 seconds?

Was Jason surprised to get the phone call for this?
“No, he remembers that he played that character for many years. He was not surprised that he was asked to play George.”

This filming, was it all done at the table?
“No, there were other locations.”

Seinfeld’s apartment?