Star Wars Convention Hits Melbourne

Star Wars Convention

First Contact Conventions and Fan Boy Moments is pleased to announce Galaxy Fest: Star Wars. Galaxy Fest is a Melbourne based Star Wars celebration, which will allow fans to get up close and personal with the cast and crew of the Star Wars universe. Special Guests will include: Peter Sumner (Star Wars, A County Practice, Play School), Matt Doran (The Matrix, Attack of the Clones), Matt Rowan (Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith) and Glen Sherridan (3D scanning and prop dresser on Attack of the Clone). Comic book legends Tom Tylor (Star Wars: Invasion, Rebellion and Legacy, Knights of the Old Republic) and Colin Wilson (Star Wars Invasion 1-3, Star Wars Blood Ties, Star Wars Darth Maul) will be appearing on the Saturday only.

Galaxy Fest isn’t a convention, nor is it a festival, but a hybrid of both – a celebration of all things Star Wars. The event will comprise of various sessions including: Q&A and autograph sessions, fan panels, interactive Jedi meditation, fan films and cosplaying workshops, discussion, interactive costumes and prop displays, a model building competition, kid activities and a live recording of the This is not the Podcast you’re looking for podcast. Galaxy Fest: Star Wars will also host the largest Star Wars memorabilia display that’s ever been available in Australia.

 “The convention scene in Australia has exploded over the past few years. While it’s a great thing, but with an inflation of the numbers you do lose that special sense of community. Galaxy Fest aims to cater for those people who want to belong to a community and not just be a number in a queue. We might not be the biggest convention, but pound-for-pound we aim to be the most interesting and personable one.” – Chris Brennan, Convention Director.

Galaxy Fest: Star Wars details:
Day One: Sat the 23st of August – Melbourne
10am – 5pm   VENUE: Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg, VIC, 3072
Day Two: Sun the 24st of August – Melbourne
10am – 5pm   VENUE: Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg, VIC, 3072

Tickets can be purchased from They will be also available at the door.