Artist: 12Gauge Rampage

Album: Unleash The Rage

Date Of Release: 2021

Label: Grindhead Records

Track Listing:

  1. 12gauge Rampage
  2. Unleash The Rage
  3. Dead In A Hot Tin Shed
  4. #Killedmorecuntsthancovid
  5. Longnecks And Dole Cheaques
  6. Your Fkn Mate
  7. Breathe In And Bleed Out
  8. Wouldn’t Even Piss On Ya
  9. Blowtorch Torture
  10. Body By The Billabong
  11. Mad Dog Morgan


You won’t get any more Aussie than 12Gauge Rampage. Hailing from the Blue Mountains, rehearsing in a tin shed and singing about longnecks and Australia’s forgotten hero Mad Dog Morgan… yep this is as Aussie as. And the best part about this trio? They go hard and have just delivered an album that is not easy to forget.

These guys latest album, the aptly titled Unleash The Rage, is one of the heaviest albums that you are likely to hear in 2021… this one will even have the dreaded Covid-19 shaking in its boots.

You know you are in for sheer brutality with this album when it begins with the sounds of a literal 12 Gauge rampage, people whimpering, shots, people screaming, this is the perfect lead in to the brutal and unrelenting title track which very, very quickly wins over any hardcore fan.

So many albums that I have heard this year are guitar heavy but that certainly isn’t the case. Sure the guitar shines through at time on ‘Dead In A Hot Tin Shed’ and ‘Wouldn’t Even Piss On Ya,’ but for the most part this is an album driven by the drums… and with this time of death grindcore you better believe the drumming is fast and lethal.

The other standout here is the vocals – from the opening roar of ‘Longnecks And Dole Cheques’ through to ‘Breathe In Bleed Out’ which sees the two styles of vocals work exceptionally well together, this is an album that showcases some of the best heavy vocals you are ever likely to hear. The standouts here for me are ‘Your Fkn Mate’ and ‘Body By The Billabong’ and this album shows why 12Gauge Rampage are one of the leading hardcore bands in Australia at the moment.

Rating (out of 5):