[FILM NEWS] DASHCAM To Be Released In Australian Cinemas

MONSTER PICTURES in association with Signature Entertainment will release the latest Blumhouse Productions horror DASHCAM in Australian Cinemas from this Thursday, June 30.

With a screenplay penned by Rob Savage, Gemma Hurley & Jed Shepherd, the writers of Shudder’s 2020 breakout horror HOST and directed once again by Savage, DASHCAM will do for night drives what JAWS did for beaches back in 1975.

Weary of pandemic life, Annie (Annie Hardy) makes a surprise, unwelcome visit to her old bandmate, Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel), stealing his car and taking over his food delivery gig while live-streaming outrageous antics for internet fans. But when she accepts an unusual job, driving a sketchy, frail woman to safety, she’s entangled with an evil she could not have imagined. Now, Annie and Stretch find themselves fighting for their lives against a supernatural creature intent on making Annie its new host.