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MONSTER FEST in association with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Australia presents BOAR nationwide screenings on Sunday June 17th 9pm.

Carved from the darkest recesses of Chris Sun’s twisted imagination, BOAR is an outback horror about a giant, brutal and blood crazed pig. Starring international genre legend Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and a veritable who’s who of Australian cinema, including the likes of John Jarratt, Nathan Jones, Ernie Dingo, Chris Haywood, Simone Buchanan, Melissa Tkautz, Roger Ward and more.

In the harsh yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before. Believed nothing more than a myth, a legend brought to life by a drunken local, the beast ventures closer to civilization, closer to life, and ultimately, closer to death. It’s brutal, it’s bloodthirsty, it’s BOAR.









Monster Fest Perth2


Monster Pictures’ Grant Hardie chatted to Heavy Radio’s Dave Griffiths about what the people of Perth can expect this weekend at Monster Fest Perth 2017.

Perth genre fans will get a taste of Monster Pictures’ annual Melbourne-based genre film festival Monster Fest this July thanks to the continued partnership with Event Cinemas to present MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW at Event Cinemas Innaloo on September 15-17th, 2017.

MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW is a mix of horror-centric highlights around the globe and will feature some select Australian and Adelaide premieres!

Opening our festival is the Perth premiere of Tyler MacIntyre’s brutally hilarious slasher TRAGEDY GIRLS, followed by the Australian Premiere of surreal sci-retro-tech horror SEQUENCE BREAK and the claustrophobic Spanish suspense-driven thriller THE GLASS COFFIN will also have its Australian Premiere. Following their acclaimed Lovecraftian feature SPRING, writer/directors Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson’s THE ENDLESS will have its Perth Premiere, making its Australian Premiere is Colin Minihan’s zombie apocalypse game-changer IT STAINS THE SAND RED while Italian horror maestro Dario Argento’s 1977 masterpiece SUSPIRIA will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a presentation of the all-new stunning 4K restoration.

Another 4K restoration making its Perth debut is David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, a window into the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer. Australian mockumentary and recent Fantastic Fest official selection, TOP KNOT DETECTIVE will have a hometown screening along with a filmmaker Q&A. In association with Umbrella Films, we are proud to present tribute screenings to George A. Romero with the undisputed 1985 classic DAY OF THE DEAD and Tobe Hooper with THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. 

Single Session Tickets
Adult $21
Concession $17.50

5 Film Multi-Pass
Adult $82.50
Concession $71.50

10 Film VIP Pass
Adult $132
Concession $110

Make sure you grab your tickets from www.monsterfest.com.au

The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Logo

This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘The BFG,’ ‘The Measure Of A Man,’ ‘Central Intelligence,’ and ‘The Wait’. This episode also contains interviews with Steven Spielberg, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Cabrera (Melbourne WebFest), Thomas Caldwell (MIFF), Jack Sargeant (Revelation Film Festival), Emma Vestrheim (Scandinavian Film Festival), Em Baker (‘Spoke’ ), Jason Burrows (‘The Member’), Nora Niasari (‘The Phoenix’), Jeff Hann (‘The Coffee Man’), Kier-La Janisse (Monster Pictures), Perri Cummings (‘Trench’) and Paul Anthony Nelson (‘Trench’).

If you’re a Melbourne listener of The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show make sure you take a listen this week if you would like to win a double pass to a special screening of ‘Swiss Army Man’ starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. The screening will be held in Melbourne on Thursday the 7th July. If you can make the screening and would like a chance to win the tickets just listening to this week’s show and answer the question Dave asks by sending us a private message at either our Facebook or Twitter page.

You can listen to The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show or download it for free from our Podcast Channel – Listen/Download here.

Monster Fest Fright Night

Monster Fest, Australia’s premiere cult film festival is proud to announce a weekly program of cult screenings at two of Australia’s finest cinema establishments, the brand new Lido Cinema in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn and the recently revamped, New Farm Cinema in the Brisbane inner-city suburb of New Farm.

MONSTER FEST PRESENTS: FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT will showcase a depraved cavalcade of the latest, greatest and rarest cult and horror cinema from Australia and around the globe.

There will be world premieres, local premieres, reruns of classic gems as well as rarities that may never have been seen on the big screen in Australia before.  Where possible the screenings will involve special guests, either live at the cinema or via Skype hookup – actors, directors, writers and artisans from every cinematic walk of life.

“This is perhaps the most exciting development in Monster Fest’s history” said Monster Fest National Marketing Director, David Leadbetter. “To have two of the most spectacular cinema’s in the country regularly screening some of the scariest, nastiest and downright depraved films ever made, all under the Monster Fest banner, is a dream come true and should have cult movie enthusiasts salivating like rabid zombies” he continued.

The full program of Friday Fright Night films is currently being finalised and will be revealed shortly.

“There are so many incredible films being released in this country that never get seen on a big screen, these Friday Fright Night screenings will change that and will give genre freaks like me a reason to live” said Monster Fest Presents Curator Ben Hellwig, “We want this to be an all out celebration of cinematic depravity and for it to lure the genre loving throngs of this country back to the cinema where they belong, cult, think cult cinema, think Monster Fest Presents” he continued.

The Friday Fright Night screenings will launch with the third installment of the most controversial film franchise in the history of cinema, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) and the star of parts 2 and 3, British actor Laurence R. Harvey, will be on hand to partake in Q&A’s and signings post screening.

Launch dates are as follows:
MELBOURNE: June 26 – Lido Cinema, Hawthorn
BRISBANE: July 2 – New Farm Cinema, New Farm

Friday Fright Night screenings will continue every Friday from launch.

Monsterfest Comp

Filmmaking mavericks of Australia take note!

Monster Pictures, in partnership with Open Channel, JMC Academy, Mnemonic Audio, Canadian film sales company – Raven Banner and crowd-funding platform – Pozible are very proud to announce a joint film production initiative that is set to stir interest across the land…



Australia’s very first micro-budget, “Ozploitation” feature film challenge!

The challenge calls for teams to submit an idea for a micro-budget exploitation feature film, based around the theme of Cannibalism.

The best applicants will be invited to pitch their projects at Monster Fest Melbourne to a live audience and a panel of expert judges, with the winning project receiving script mentorship and development, production funds, a managed crowd-funding campaign, production support, distribution in Australia/NZ and the UK by Monster Pictures, international sales by Raven Banner Entertainment and a red carpet premiere of the finished film at Monster Fest 2014.

Neil Foley from Monster Pictures says of the initiative, “we want Monster Fest to be the premiere launching pad for new Australian genre and Micro-Nasties is all about consolidating that position. The partners we have onboard from development, financing, distribution to foreign sales, ensures filmmakers an exciting opportunity to approach a micro-budget feature with all bases covered, a rare situation indeed!”

Open Channel Executive Director, Marc Gracie comments “Open Channel is thrilled to be involved. Today, there are many more opportunities for filmmakers working on micro-budgets to explore stories outside the mainstream, to develop craft skills, and to connect with the global market. This is an amazing opportunity for emerging talent to take a risk and find their voice and most importantly, to get their film seen by paying customers around the world.”

Applications close 5.00pm Friday 11th October, with the pitching competition set to take place at Monster Fest Melbourne at Cinema Nova on the 25th of November.

Visit the Monster website at www.monsterpictures.com for more details.

Brace yourself Australia, things are about to get NASTY


Strongman Pictures Entertainment and Monster Pictures have announced the release of a new teaser video for the roller derby exploitation slasher flick, MurderDrome. The video coincides with the announcement that MurderDrome will have it’s premiere at Monster Fest in November this year and can be viewed below.

Monster Fest, the hugely successful genre film festival Monster Pictures launched three years ago (initially called the Fantastic Asia Film Festival), begins on November 21st in Melbourne. Full details of screening times will be available on Monster Pictures website in the coming weeks (www.monsterpictures.com.au).

MurderDrome describes itself as “a roller derby exploitation slasher extravaganza, featuring real, red hot derby girls, fighting supernatural evil, in a bevy of blood drenched beauty on 8 wheels!”. More details can be found on the film’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/murd3rDr0m3)

MurderDrome is distributed by Monster Pictures in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. The producers will seek to seal further deals for territories throughout the rest of the world at the American Film Market later this year.About MurderDrome
Roller derby dames take on supernatural evil. 
Cherry Skye just wants to skate, but the vengeful ghost of a killer has plans for her soul. Trapped between the wrath of love scorned and supernatural evil, Skye races towards The MurderDrome at breakneck speed. When she gets there there’s no guarantees anyone is coming out alive. Welcome to TheMurderDrome, it’s not a game anymore…

More information about MurderDrome can be found on Facebook,www.facebook.com/murd3rdr0m3 

About Monster Pictures
Monster Pictures is a Melbourne based distribution and production company that is dedicated to delivering the most energetic, unique, creative, innovative, provocative, bizarre, frightening, challenging, surreal, offbeat, absurd, twisted, demented, raunchy, cinema in the world today – the weirder, the wilder, the blacker, the sexier, the crazier, the dirtier, the funnier, the better.

More about Monster Pictures can be found at www.monsterpictures.com.au.


The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) have released a report outlining the reasons for their recent decision to ban the upcoming Monster Pictures release of director Franck Khalfoun’s MANIAC, starring Elijah Wood, from exhibition beyond “ bona fide film festival screenings” and those associated with tertiary film studies.

It would appear that the NZ OFLC take particular offense at the use of a devise within the film that shows the murders from the killers POV, suggesting that this device invites the viewers “vicarious participation” in the murders and could cause an “erosion of empathy” to those exposed to the film.

Monster Pictures reject this claim outright. Horror is a cinematic genre enjoyed by millions of healthy, well-adjusted people around the world – these people demand films that challenge and disturb them, it is the most basic tenet of the genre. To suggest, that exposure to a film such as MANIAC lessens the impact of real violence to these viewers or could somehow lead to incidence of real violence is preposterous and as far as we are concerned, is supported by no genuine evidence.

The NZ OFLC also suggest in their report that MANIAC would be “highly disturbing and shocking to children and teenagers, and indeed most adults.”,  Monster Pictures agree, so why then does the OFLC turn its back on its own rating system? which, in our opinion, very effectively rates motion pictures and also provides very adequate consumer advice to would-be-buyers. Our experience suggests that banning the film does little to deter viewers in fact it works to the contrary, adding to the notoriety of the film and encouraging illegal access to the film to people of all ages, without the benefit of rating or consumer advice.

The decision to restrict legal exhibition of MANIAC to film festivals and institutions of tertiary film studies would seem to infer that rank-and-file members of the public would be ill-equipped to deal with the horror depicted within the film. Again we reject this notion and believe it to be little more than a pompous slur on the intelligence of the adult cinema going population of New Zealand.

MANIAC was selected to premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film festival and as this would suggest, is a horror film of the highest quality. Elijah Wood is as disturbing, menacing and utterly compelling as any horror villain that has come before him in cinema history. Monster Pictures urge all adult New Zealanders who enjoy horror to attend the New Zealand International Film Festival screenings of the film, we also urge you to speak out in defense of your ratings system and against this very public slur by the NZ OLFC.

Monster Pictures will explore all avenues to have the decision revoked in New Zealand and will be releasing the film on DVD in Australia in October 2013.