[MUSIC NEWS] BABIRUSA Release New Single

Babirusa have been on the announcement and hype train for new single ‘Mandatory Malevolence’ for the past month, and now it is HERE. They have amassed an army of pig-warriors, steadfastly supporting the band and poised to throw down to the brutality that Babirusa have created.

The brand new single can be purchased/streamed/pre-saved now at https://ffm.to/mandatorymalevolence!

As with their previous record Humanoid, this single focuses on a sentient Artificial Intelligence, albeit a different being from last time. “The AI featured in this song and eventually, our upcoming songs, comes to realise that most of the problems it was created to solve are caused solely by humans themselves. After creating a fabricated world without these problems, an anomaly arises to tamper with its solution. Thus, the AI concludes that all of humanity who lives, and has ever lived, must be punished, including its own creations.

The band have been hard at work in the background, putting this single together earlier in the year and DIY-booking and planning this tour and more. The current/new line-up is: Rheese Peters – Vocals, Brodie Servin – Vocals, Dean White – Guitar, Jack Rynswoud – Guitar, Josh Blade – Bass and Rangi Barnes – Drums. They recently announced their tour in September with Analepsy (Portugal) and are supporting Within Destruction (Slovenia) & Signs of The Swarm (USA) at The Brightside in Brisbane on June 9th.

For a band so intensely heavy, triple j and media alike have rallied around the band and they have formed a rabid fanbase, racking them up over 800k streams on Spotify alone. Tommy Faith from triple j unearthed said that Babirusa are “Deathcore done so well, replete with the pig squeals to really take it over the edge. Manic, mad and so so heavy. Babirusa coming through with something truly merciless in the form of Abomination.

Revolver Mag said of Babirusa in their Beyond Breakdowns and Pig squeals: 10 rising bands pushing deathcore forward article: “The Australian unit — sporting two vocalists, one shrieker and one bellower — play songs with tech-deathy drumming and moments of guitar heroics, but also tons of mosh-worthy flavor, never falling victim to masturbatory craftsmanship.

Babirusa are out on tour with Analepsy in September and tickets are on sale now at http://www.babirusaband.com.au – and their single Mandatory Malevolence can be purchased/streamed on Friday June 3 at https://ffm.to/mandatorymalevolence.