[MUSIC INTERVIEW] R3VO – Artificial Pleasure Interview

The German alt-rock/prog metal band R3VO have just released the new single “Artificial Pleasure” on June 8.

Since their 2021 single “Paranoia,” R3VO has adopted a grittier yet more refined sound with “Artificial Pleasure.” The new song avails itself of heavy sections, psychedelia-influenced choruses, and an intimate outro. The band notes:Artificial Pleasure is an introspective journey on the topic of undergoing addiction.” 

R3VO is the project that should be on your radar. The Alternative Rock/Progressive Metal band has made a name for itself after their continuous appearances in Berlin’s underground scene. Influenced by powerhouses such as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Muse, and Guano Apes, the four-piece is a combination of technical ability and raw energy. Sonically they are recognized for their use of catchy guitar riffs, dramatic vocals, and the irresistible grooviness of the drum and bass duo.