[FILM REVIEW] SISI & I Review (2023)

Summary: Countess Irma finds Empress Sisi in Greece, away from the etiquette of the court. They live in freedom, but no matter how much Irma and Sisi resist, in the end they are left with only one fatal path that will bind them together forever.

Year: 2023

Cinema Release Dates:  TBA

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Director: Frauke Finsterwalder

Screenwriter: Frauke Finsterwalder, Christian Kracht

Cast: Ravi Aujia (Doctor Bose), Anthony Calf (Earl Spencer), Sibylle Canconica (Maria Countess of Szatary), Tom Rhys Harries (Smythe), Sandra Huller (Irma), Sophie Hutter (Ftizi), Angela Winkler (Ludovica von Bayern), Susanne Wolfe (Sisi)

Running Time: 132 mins

Classification: TBC (Australia), TBC (Thailand), TBC (UK), TBC (USA)


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