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Australian country music starlet Bridget O’Shannessy has chosen the path of hard work and true-blue fortitude in her new single Long Dirt Road; a song about committing to a life of music, no matter the trials that she faces.

Bridget O’Shannessy has taken the Long Dirt Road to rediscover herself and create a new, refreshing sound in this latest single.

“I’m so proud of Long Dirt Road, I’m looking at it as a rebirth of my sound and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Everyone’s been working really hard and it’s finally going to be out in the world,” said Bridget.

Following her path into music, Bridget has been experiencing life to its fullest from fashion shows to stadiums to beautifully crafted music videos, she’s taking everything life throws her way and crafting unexpected tunes.

“I wrote Long Dirt Road about the journey of someone’s life. The road I chose is music and I’ve been lucky enough to experience some really unique twists and turns because of it; fashion shows, stadiums, music videos. Things that not everyone can say they’ve done.”

With her band by her side, they created the latest ballad Long Dirt Road which all began from a single strumming pattern.

“In rehearsals with my band, occasionally we’ll get side-tracked by something someone’s playing and go off on a jam session tangent. I started playing the strumming pattern you hear in the hook and next thing you know we were all playing the whole song.”