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Sandra Bullock

It must be an exciting time for an actress when she is sent a script to read, it must even be more exciting when the script she is sent is one for a blockbuster film that may change her career forever. For that reason, it is almost unfathomable how an actress can read a blockbuster script but then decline the role. But is has happened, so let’s take a look at the actresses who have turned down blockbuster roles.

Nia Long – Nia who? Yes sometimes a decision that an actress can make about her career can be the difference between one day getting a star on a Hollywood pavement or career suicide. Back in 2000 when the producers were putting together a dream cast for the big screen adaptation of “Charlie’s Angels,” they had one actress say no to a role that would have seen her acting in one of the biggest action blockbusters of all time alongside the likes of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Actress Nia Long was actually approached about playing the role of Alex Munday, but when she turned it down to be in “Big Momma’s House” the role instead went to Lucy Liu. The decision was pretty much career suicide for Long who, since “Big Momma’s House,” has pretty much been restricted to doing just television roles.

Sandra Bullock – Okay, so Sandra Bullock has enough brownie points in her bag to show that it probably didn’t matter that she passed on a movie role once, but there is another actress out there who is very thankful that she did. Back in 2004 when legendary director Clint Eastwood was putting together the cast for boxing flick “Million Dollar Baby,” the role of Maggie Fitzgerald was actually offered to Sandra Bullock first, but she declined the role saying she couldn’t work with Eastwood. Instead, the role went to Hilary Swank who had impressed everybody with her performance in “Boys Don’t Cry” five years earlier. Swank probably still thanks Bullock for the opportunity because playing Maggie saw Swank pick up an Oscar.

Jada Pinkett – Can making bad decisions about movie roles run in the family? It’s common knowledge that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in “The Matrix” but his wife Jada Pinkett also made a terrible decision about a role as well. Getting offered a role in a franchise based on a comic book is now like a badge of honor, but back in the year 2000, it was less so. It is perhaps only a little surprise that Pinkett was not quick to snap up the role of Storm for the “X-Men” film when it was first offered to her. Pinkett turned down the role and instead it went to Halle Berry, who used it to catapult her career into a new atmosphere of stardom.

Michelle Pfeiffer – “Pretty Woman,” love it or loathe, it but it is still one of the most watched films of all time. It was also the film that introduced the world to Julia Roberts and made her a superstar. Yes, it was Roberts who played the role of fun-loving escort, Vivian Ward, in this Cinderalla story. At the time Roberts was a virtual unknown with “Steel Magnolias” being the only film of note under her belt. She should consider very lucky to have won the role in “Pretty Woman,” because the role was first offered to Michelle Pfeiffer who was hot property after just working on “Dangerous Liaisons.” Pfeiffer turned down the role and Roberts used it to become a star.

Demi Moore – Yes, it maybe news to all of you out there that ever decided to hit the pause button during a certain scene in the erotic thriller “Basic Instinct,” but it almost wasn’t Sharon Stone who took the lead role opposite Michael Douglas. When director Paul Verhoeven was first putting together the cast for “Basic Instinct,” his first choice of leading lady was in fact Demi Moore who was the toast of Hollywood after her lauded performance in “Ghost.” When Moore said no to the role of “Basic Instinct’s” relative vixen, Catherine Tramell, the role was instead offered to Sharon Stone who was mainly known for her role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall.”

Some may say that their decision was wise, some may say that their decision was one of the stupidest decisions they ever made in their lives. But for one reason or another the woman above all said no to a blockbuster. Thankfully, not too many have lived to regret to the decision.

Ashton Kutcher

While he may have more than a few haters out there, it is not hard to see that Ashton Kutcher is the face of the new generation. Not only was he one of the stars of the hilarious “That 70s Show” but he was also the brains behind “Punk’d” which was a television show that surfaced at the beginning of the new wave of reality television shows. It literally was a show that changed the face of television.

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on the Feb 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His father, Larry M. Kutcher, was a factory worker and his mother, Diane, was an employee of Procter & Gamble. Kutcher didn’t always have a happy childhood. There was constant worry about his seriously ill twin brother, Ashton once contemplated suicide so that his brother could have a heart transplant, the fact that his parents divorced when he was just sixteen and he was arrested after breaking into his high school. This crime resulted in him being viewed in a negative light by his local community and he said it was that fact that made him “settle down.”

While studying at Clear Creek Amana High School, Kutcher found that he had a passion for school theater and was soon appearing in a number of plays. However, he put his interest in acting on hold after graduation and decided to attend the University of Iowa where he majored in Biochemical Engineering. He hoped by following that career he would find a cure for his brother. But Kutcher soon found that an academic lifestyle was not for him and, after a struggle to make ends meet, found himself entering modelling competitions.

After winning the “Fresh Faces of Iowa” competition, he moved to New York and signed with the Next modelling agency. Despite the fact he was soon working in Paris and Milan for Calvin Klein, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and chase an acting career.

The beginning of Kutcher’s acting career would have most aspiring actors green with envy – the first job he landed was that of playing Michael Kelso in hit sitcom “That 70s Show” – it was the role that made him famous.

While his work on “That 70s Show” made him a household name, it also led to a number of film roles. After appearing in the trashy “Coming Soon,” he soon found himself appearing in more credible films including “Reindeer Games,” “Dude Where’s My Car?’ “Texas Rangers,” “Just Married,” “My Boss’s Daughter” and “Cheaper By The Dozen.” However, it was his starring role in the twisted “Butterfly Effect” that showed that Kutcher was now a force to be reckoned with at the box office.

After “That 70s Show” wrapped production, Kutcher tried his hand at serious films like “Bobby” and “The Guardian” before finding his niche in romantic comedies such as “What Happens In Vegas,” “No Strings Attached,” “Valentine’s Day” and “New Years Day.” His latest attempt at serious cinema has paid off though, with his Steve Jobs’ biopic “Jobs” garnishing great reviews from critics.

Kutcher has also recently made a successful return to the small screen after he controversially replaced Charlie Sheen in “Two And A Half Men.” Fans of the series took some time to get used to his Walden Schmidt character but it seems, at last, he has won them over.

The rise in popularity that Kutcher has experienced over the years has also seen him become a target of the paparazzi. There was a time that whenever Kutcher went out with his best mates, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama and Topher Grace, they were constantly hounded by the press. Today though, magazines are more interested in Kutcher’s dating life. His ten year relationship with the older, Demi Moore (they were married from the Nov. 17, 2011 until Dec. 21, 2012) was constantly on magazine front pages, and nowadays paparazzi members are always trying to get shots of him and his new girlfriend, actress Mila Kunis, who he has been friends with since they starred together in “That 70s Show.”