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Following the successful UK release of Julian Richards award winning horror REBORN, MVD have announced that the US DVD and Blu-ray release will be July 14th, with Raven Banner  preparing to release in Canada on March 19th.

Screening at 54 festivals and winning 15 awards REBORN stars Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), Michael Pare (Streets Of Fire), Chaz Bono (Three From Hell), Rae Dawn Chong (Commando), Monte Markham (We Are Still Here) and Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show) in a contemporary Frankenstein story about a stillborn girl brought to life by an electrical storm and abducted from hospital by a morgue attendant. On her sixteenth birthday, empowered with the gift to manipulate electricity, she escapes her captor and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

UK fans can by buy the DVD from May 11th when it will become available at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, HMV and Amazon.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN DEADWOOD, the new revenge western feature starring Robert Bronzi (recent hit DEATH KISS) and Michael Pare (STREETS OF FIRE), is released on DVD Tuesday, November 19.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN DEADWOOD concerns a notorious gunslinger who is slipped a slow-acting poison by an heiress and told he has three days to track down and rescue her sister, who has been kidnapped by a band of hoodlums and holds the antidote.  Rene Perez directs from his screenplay, with Jeff Miller (THE TOYBOX) also contributing.

Bronzi plays the gunslinger.  Pare plays the main villain.  The cast is rounded out with Karin Brauns (PLAYING WITH DOLLS series), Lauren Compton (CLOWNTOWN), actor-model Chris Matteis, J.D. Angstadt, Jose Varela Garcia, Justin Hawkins, Tony Jackson, and Sierra Sherbundy.

The movie was filmed in California as well as in Western Leone, near Almeria, Spain, site of much of the filming of the famous Sergio Leone/Charles Bronson western ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST.

Miller (who produced the recent DEATH KISS, which Perez directed, as well as the recent thriller  THE RUSSIAN BRIDE) is producing with Ronnie D. Lee (THE TOYBOX, OUIJA HOUSE) through their companies Millman Productions and Ron Lee Productions, respectively.

“If you liked DEATH KISS, you’ll love Bronzi again delivering his brand of justice,” says Miller.   “We filmed at recognizable locations where Bronson stood 50 years ago on the classic ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, and I can’t wait for fans to check out this latest chapter in our series of films with Bronzi.”

ONCE UPON A TIME IN DEADWOOD is released November 19th on DVD.  Uncork’d Entertainment is handling distribution in North America and international sales.

For more information and updates, please visit the film’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/onceuponatimeindeadwood .

Genre sales specialist Jinga Films has closed a US distribution deal in Cannes with Vertical Entertainment for Julian Richards electro-kinetic meta-horror REBORN. Vertical is planning to theatrically release REBORN in at least 10 markets including New York and Los Angeles, concurrently with premium placement on all VOD platforms and Home Video outlets.

Starring Barbara Crampton (Re-animator), Michael Pare (Streets Of Fire), Chaz Bono (American Horror Story), Rae Dawn Chong (Commando), Monte Markham (We Are Still Here) and introducing talented newcomer Kayleigh Gilbert, REBORN is a contemporary Frankenstein story set in Los Angeles, about a stillborn baby girl brought back to life by an electrical storm before being abducted from hospital by a morgue attendant. On her sixteenth birthday, empowered with the gift to manipulate electricity with her mind, she escapes her captor and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her. 

A nostalgic celebration of classic paranormal horror such as CarrieThe FuryThe Omen andChristine,  REBORN received its World premiere at FrightFest in UK and has since screened at over 20 festivals worldwide, winning six awards including Best Sci-Fi Feature at Another Hole In The Head, Best Horror Feature at Mad Monster Party and Best Director at Fantasporto.


In preparation for next weeks European Film Market in Berlin, Jinga Films is providing a sneak preview of the sales trailer for Julian Richards (The Last Horror Movie) new paranormal horrorREBORN starring Barbara Crampton (Re-animator), Michael Pare (Philadelphia Experiment), Chaz Bono (American Horror Story), Rae Dawn Chong (Commando) Monte Markham (We Are Still Here) and introducing talented newcomer Kayleigh Gilbert.

Set in Los Angeles, REBORN is a contemporary Frankenstein story about a stillborn baby girl who is brought back to life by a morgue attendant. On her sixteenth birthday she escapes her captor and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

REBORN received its world premiere at FrightFest in London and its US premiere at Another Hole In The Head in San Francisco where it won Best Sci-Fi Feature.

In late February REBORN will receive its Portuguese premier at Fantasporto where it has been selected to screen in competition alongside Richards other recent horror film DADDY’S GIRL. Several US festivals have been booked for February / March so do keep your eyes peeled for more announcements soon.

REBORN – Trailer from Jinga Films on Vimeo.

Summary: When former black ops operative Tom Steele and his partner Manning are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners. Before long, an elite force of mercenaries assault the prison in search of the new arrivals. As the true identities of the women are revealed, Steele realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger than he had imagined.

Year: 2012

Australian Cinema Release Date: N/A

Australian DVD Release Date: 7th November 2012

Country: United States

Director: Keoni Waxman

Screenwriter: Richard Beattie

Cast: Steve Austin (Manning), Lauro Chartrand (Nathan), Bren Foster (Bradley), Gouchy Boy (Roach), Teach Grant (Max), Toby Levins (Davies), Aliyah O’Brien (Charlotte), Michael Pare (Chris Blake), Ian Robison (Warden Samuels), Sharlene Royer (MP Three), Zak Santiago (MP Fields), Steven Seagal (Tom Steele), Kimani Ray Smith (Ceasar), Steph Song (Samantha), Richard Stoh (Terrence)

Runtime: 98 mins

Classification: MA15+

Dave Griffiths’s ‘Maximum Conviction’ Review: If you’re looking for a good B Grade (okay maybe that should be C or D Grade) action film, then you can’t go past straight-to-DVD Maximum Conviction, which might not necessarily be gold but will certainly cure your cravings.

Maximum Conviction sees a crack squad led by Tom Steele (Steven Seagal – Born To Raise Hell, TV’S True Justice) and his partner, simply referred to as Manning (Steve Austin – Tactical Force, Knockout) sent in to a military prison with the orders to decommission it. However, things start to go wrong when two female prisoners, Charlotte (Aliyah O’Brien – A Killer Among Us, TV’S Eureka) and Samantha (Steph Song – Befriend And Betray, TV’S Endgame) arrive for ‘one night’.

As Steele and Manning prepare for the decommission and the transfer of the last remaining prisoners, which includes some high-risk prisoners, things start going really wrong. Steele becomes convinced someone is hatching a plan when he discovers a hidden message, Manning becomes wrapped up with a faulty rubbish track and Samantha begins telling guards that she has been wrongly imprisoned and that she is actually a Government agent. Everything soon starts becoming a lot clearer when the prison is raided by a group of ‘bad guys’ led by Chris Blake (Michael Pare – The Philadelphia Experiment, Snapshot ).

Director Keoni Waxman (Anna Nicole, TV’S True Justice) certainly seems to know his way around an action movie. For the most part the action sequences work quite well, although the tight budget means that many are just either shoot to kill or hand to hand combat, there is nothing that would have cost a lot to have filmed.

Likewise screenwriter Richard Beattie’s (Dark Universe, TV’S True Justice) script takes the low budget into account as well. Although he does give the film it’s major plus side, the rather intriguing storyline that revolves around whether or not Samantha is in fact a government agent. It’s just a pity that Beattie seems to return back to the same one liners so many times throughout the film.

Acting wise the huge surprise is Steve Austin who certainly seems to be one of the better wrestler-turned-actors. Sure he isn’t exactly performing Hamlet here but his performance is in fact credible. A minor disappointment however is Steven Seagal who seems to drag down some of the action sequences… his age is really catching up to him.

If you’re a diehard action fan you will enjoy Maximum Conviction just don’t expect anything great.

Other Reviews By Subculture Writers: http://www.helium.com/items/2389480-maximum-conviction-review

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

IMDB Rating:Maximum Conviction (2012) on IMDb