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The Gilded Cage

Summary:Maria and José  emigrated from Portugal 30 years ago. Ever since, they have lived in the modest ground floor lodgings of a chic apartment building in Paris, raising their now adult daughter and teenage son, and becoming utterly indispensible to all around them. When José learns he has inherited the family winery and the couple’s dream of returning to Portugal is now possible, they are elated – but struggle with how to tell those around them. However, word of the big news spreads anyway, and soon their family, neighbours, friends and employers are scrambling behind the scenes to find ways to prevent them from leaving….

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 12th December, 2013

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: France

Director: Ruben Alves

Screenwriter: Ruben Alves, Hugo Gelin, Jean-Andre Yerles

Cast: Ruben Alves (Miguel), Rita Blanco (Maria Ribeiro), Barbara Cabrita (Paula Ribeiro), Cecile Cassel (Romane), Bertrand Combre (M. Bertrand), Jacqueline Corado (Lourdes), Nicole Croisilli (Mme Reichert), Rosaria Da Silva (Concierge Rosaria), Sergio da Silva (Manuel), Joaquim de Almeida (Jose Ribeiro), Ludivine de Chasteney (Mme Bertrand), Sissi Duparc (Paula), Lannick Gautry (Charles Caillaux), Roland Giraud (Francis Caillaux), Chantal Lauby (Solange Caillaux), Jean-Pierre Martins (Carlos), Pedro Miguel Pauleta (Pauleta), Alex Alves Pereira (Pedro Ribeiro), Manuela Pinheiro (Concierge Manuela), Yann Roussel (Monsieur Zu), Alexandre Ruscher (Malo), Paul Ruscher (Milo), Maria Vieira (Rosa)

Runtime: 91 mins



Greg King: Stars(3)

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